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Title: Sharing the Bed
Fandom: Hetalia
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Overly affectionate Prussia and France?
Summary: France wants to sleep with Germany too.
Notes: Soft, random ficlet from months ago I apparently did not post. Both France and Prussia are incredibly touchy-feely over Germany and always fight over him.

"France, what are you even doing here?" Much to his surprise, it wasn't Germany but Prussia that yelled at the French man at the edge of the bed.

"How mean, Gilbert! I wouldn't have thought you would try to kick me out of this-"

"You can’t sleep with us!" Prussia asserted in a short fit. In between the two bickering men, Germany sighed at the stress of both his brother and France trying to sleep with him instead of using either of the guest bedrooms.

"Why should you get to say if I can or not? What about poor Ludwig right here? Can't I stay?" France now laid down on top of the covers right next to Germany, giving him a pleading gaze.

"West, you can't let him! He's totally uncool, all he does at night is stick to you like a piece of gum- that's on your ass." Prussia argued, using knowledge from previous experience.

"That's not fair, seeing how you would sleep practically on top of me!" France bit back as they further descended to arguing about the past again. Germany groaned at the thought of how much sleep he would lose every time this would happen.

"Well, I'd let Italy stay with us, so there's no reason not to say no." Germany muttered. After the joys of celebration and moans of irritation the two settled down and finally slipped under the covers.

"Keep your hands above the waist, Stinkbreath." Prussia threatened in a low whisper.

"Who's the one with his hands on Ludwig's ass?" Germany agreed to this as well as he shared a glare at Prussia until he removed the offending appendages to Germany's back, side to side with France's own.

Germany, of course, adapted quickly to tolerate the four arms all touching and the two other bodies  sticking to him. Of course, this was much more invasive than when Italy would sleep with him because he wasn't being molded into spooning with France and Prussia covering his entire front.

"Good night, Ludwig." France whispered in small puffs to Germany.

"Hope you fall off the bed." Prussia whispered to cause the two to again glare at each other in a war over the man.

"Stopping fighting, you two, and go to sleep." Germany finally ended the tension with an intimidating tone in his voice.

"Yes, yes, Ludwig. Sorry Dear." France quickly surrendered and immediately went quiet. Germany gave Prussia one more glare until the man grunted.

"You shouldn't let everybody sleep with you like this, West. I gotta protect you." 

Germany wanted to bite back with a protect me my ass but he really was too tired for this, so he just closed his eyes.

When the morning came, Germany would wake up to both men ending up literally on top of him.


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