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For the Fourth of July (an explosion of patriotism for America) I actually went to a friend's house for the day and saw more fireworks. I had seen my city's main fireworks show last Friday but this one was being done by the suburb, but still very large. Incredibly memorable for me, because as long as I could remember I had spent July 4th that same for years, and today was completely new. It was pretty fantastic.

I think I'm falling in love again with something fresh and new, it makes me so happy. Anything that gets as much fanart on PIXIV like Hetalia has is always awesome. The show has really brightened up my summer this year! I had been really bummed out during the beginning of June because it was the time I would've been in Germany, but waiting for the show to show up every Saturday was so great. I might even start up writing some stuff about it, but so far I haven't thought up anything cool/original to write.
I was surprised when one of my friends is also watching it and likes it. But the rest of my friends say it looks stupid. Like, jeez, they were willing to watch anime like Hetalia and lame stuff, but they won't watch something that even I would recommend? They need to give it a chance. For whatever reason, it seems to turn people off when I mentioned the sponsors and suits.
I had also tried to explain the show today at my friend's, and her cousin said it sounded like Transformers. Everything sounds like Transformers to people who like Transformers- like seriously I've had enough of it when trying to talk about Gundam. I tried to explain how the show just started airing this year when she said she had never heard of it. Really, it's best now to join the party that is the fandom than later.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love the simul-broadcasting?

I've also been listening to nothing but Eric Saade's new album since it came out. If I could buy a physical copy of the album, I would, but for now I can only settle on a digital file. His album was just what I needed- Pop, dance, and catchy. I don't think I could do Mumford & Sons or Two Door Cinema Club right now because the mood isn't right- but Eric Saade's Made of Pop? I'll be dancing to it all night long. IMO, he's done better than Lady Gaga- I've liked both of his albums he's released, and I wouldn't doubt liking his next album Saade Vol. 2 when it comes out. Other than his Eurovision original and remix of Popular, I really liked most of the songs in the album- particularly Timeless and Killed by a Cop
But I still need to find Alexander Rybak's new album. It's so much harder to find, is it because it's mostly in Norwegian/Swedish?

There hasn't been anything new in football except for vacation photos. But this week was Manuel Neuer's first week as the keeper for his new club of Bayern München. Best day on Tumblr, really, with all of the amazing photos of smiling Manu in his new jersey. I'm so incredibly happy for him!

Going back to real life- since I basically lost any hope of getting a summer-time job, I decided to go help out at my barn with the summer camps and field trips. Quite a bit of standing and walking around for most of the day, learning and teaching about horses. I also was taking care of the two goats the barn has.
The only bad part of these past few days has been my bad eating habits and coldness. School made me eat less because I ate a banana or sandwich for lunch everyday. Then again sitting in a class for two hours kills your body...

This week I'll be sure to do something. I've really wanted write a new multi-chaptered fic, because I actually have a couple different ideas for some that I've been actually planning on how to write in my head. The procrastination of trying to write them really is me just scared of not executing it right and messing up.

It's late and I have the hiccups I have to get rid of!
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