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Wow, when's the last time I made a post about anything? A long time, in fact. Last month. See, I was particularly busy the past couple of weeks working so I had little to no time but to do some stuff.

But let's start of this public entry with a beautiful picture of Basti, because it's his birthday!

Football is coming back this month! Clubs have already started and it's been amazing to see Neuer playing for Bayern Munich now, and he looks so happy! But I really cannot wait for Germany's next game. For now, though, I will take all my bbs in their club jerseys.

I'm still watching Tiger & Bunny and Ao No Exorcist religiously, it just seems so easy to watch one episode a week. I've been flailing all over Tiger & Bunny, though, in light of the recent heavy episodes. Oh god they are making this seem like it cannot end happy at all. It's like this amazing fanfic on the Anon Meme where I spend so much time idly thinking about the possible endings to the fic, and none of it is a truly happy ending. I've been wanting to start writing T&B stuff but I can't really come up with much. What I have come up with, though, is being requested for the fanworks exchange over on [livejournal.com profile] tiger_and_bunny. I hope it goes well, though! This will be my first fanworks exchange I've participated in. It was strange because the Bleach fandom didn't have exchanges, and I was too shy to try at the exchanges in Hetalia. This time I will do it, though!
The fanart request I gave also made me realize how much I really want stuff like that. I should remember it and ask for commissions at places like Ohayocon!

Which reminds me, I'm already pre-registered for Ohayocon 2012. This will be my, what, 4th Ohayocon? This year's was great, so I hope next year's is gonna be just as good! Maybe they'll have some awesome guests.

I have also been watching quite a bit of TV in the evenings, what-have-you. What I can mention is I watch the series premiere of the reboot Thundercats cartoon! I was kind of excited, because they also aired a few episodes of the original Thundercats and I loved it. I've also noticed and watched Jem, although it's nothing spectacular. Thundercats, on the other hand, is marvelous.
So I was watching the series premiere and at the same time started looking up the voice actors for the main characters. I love doing it, it's a great feeling and it's a thing for me. Found out the person voicing main character Lion-O in the new series was the voice of Terry in Batman Beyond. I seriously could not unhear Batman from him after that, it was awesome.
I can't wait for more of Thundercats, yessss.

On other topics, I have done a lot of... exploring on the internet for new stuff. I got myself a Google+ account for the sake of feeling like I'm in a secluded place. I would love to have something like Google+ replace Facebook, and I'm hoping it eventually will- and even replace Skype! Skype imo is kind of bothersome, as my friends only want to chat/video chat with me and it's another program I'm having to have open on my computer.
I've also, for my new laptop, downloaded Spotify. It's gonna replace iTunes because I really do not want to download it because it's so big. It's not like I even need it because I'm not going to have my entire library on my laptop, so having a program for more playing music from the internet for free is better.

Also, this is yet another reference to how I'm now using Tumblr practically 24/7. But I haven't abandoned LJ at all. Back when LJ was getting attacked and no longer loading, I realized how much I still did on LJ from how bored I was trying to get pages to load. Urgh.

I'm going to back work again all week because that's what I do. I've racked up quite some hours of volunteering this summer. It's what I've been doing for the most part of my summer. I've been meaning to do quite a few things that I haven't gotten around to doing, and now that it's August and I have classes again, this is really bad.
I was thinking of doing things like making some new icons, specifically some T&B fanart icons. I've also made a couple of icons and never posted them! I should probably share those.
Also going to make another layout! I had made my last one on a Mac and from the Mac the colors looks good. When I got on another computer, though, I realized the colors weren't the same and the effect I made was gone.
This time it will be probably be Tiger & Bunny just because. I'll find even more awesome fanart.

Anyways, this entry has been very long and rambling, so I'll stop now!


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