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I can't even think give a better pic than that because I'm currently on my desktop instead of my laptop (which reminds me, I have to transfer a bunch of images on here). Today has been my first day of break and I didn't do very much except watch stuff like CSI and AMV Hell... Even Tumblr and cgl were slow(well duh it's the middle of the day on a Friday).

So yeah, no classes. November was incredibly hectic and when it became December I was only thinking 'oh god last 2 weeks of classes I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO'. Classes made me extremely busy as we had remaining topics to learn, tests, and last-minute projects as well as finals. I'm just waiting for the results for two classes. Of course these two are the hardest classes and are the classes I was worried about receiving a low grade and not passing. I keep thinking about it and it still stresses me out.

It's Friday, but this had been a long week. I got very sick Monday night so I was in and out of consciousness Tuesday so I didn't even study for my finals on Wednesday. I was afraid of eating anything in fear I'd be sick again and not be able to take my finals.
Before I go slip into a food coma, I do want to mention that I finished Sailor Moon. I watched all 200 episodes. I loved the experience of watching all of the episodes I remembered, and then watching the very last season which ended up to by my favorite. Hnnnngh the Sailor Stars! Seiya! I fell hard. Sailor Moon SuperS is right after it because I love Chibiusa and Helios and it made me sad that Chibiusa seemingly NO LONGER EXISTED IN SAILOR STARS. Usagi had a picture in her room of her, Chibiusa, and Mamoru together and when everyone looked at it, CHIBIUSA WAS GONE I MEAN WAT. It might have been a different picture of just her and Mamoru or maybe it was a subtle sign of how Mamoru being killed changed Chibiusa's existence and know one could tell or maybe THERE WAS NO CONTINUITY.
But yeah. I loved it. I'll be getting Volume 3 of the manga in the mail next month, so I can't wait for it!

Ok I'll stop rambling now. Seeing as it's now break I'll make the time to post more!


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