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Wow, when's the last time I made a post about anything? A long time, in fact. Last month. See, I was particularly busy the past couple of weeks working so I had little to no time but to do some stuff.

But let's start of this public entry with a beautiful picture of Basti, because it's his birthday!

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I just had to do it. The song has been stuck in my head all week and finally is it appropriate to share my happy feelings of today!
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I have a Kindle, and I could lots of books and stuff and read whatever I want, right? I gave it a nice name (in fact, I named it after the person quoted above) I only have one book on my Kindle. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice.
Don't ask why I'm randomly reading the book, just know that I might be getting into it only for the romance.
It's a romance novel, isn't it? Are real romance novels always this slow starting? I can't even tell how many pages I've read because it's a kindle with it's tiny electronic pages. But I have to keep reading, or else I'll feel bad about no finishing a classic like this.
Life, Easter, and rage at fandom )

Oh god, I don't want to think about it. It makes me feel so sad I haven't had a history class all this year.
And then it makes me wonder if I get to visit family in Germany this year.
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Holy. Shit. I had a twisted dream last night. I wake up from it and saying, "I have to write this gold down." Oh man. It's like a culmination of what my life has become plus so much awkwardness.

I sometimes mistake dreams for reality )
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What antics you CAN have with finals this week...
Also awesome. Sister got me the Mobile Suit Gundam trilogy in one book. It's 445+ pgs of Tomino's own writing. I'm totally geeking out. Next to those with comic books- AND I HAVE A WICKED COVER OF GUNDAM ON MY NOVEL. So I have MSG in the book trilogy, the movie trilogy, but only 2 DVDs of the anime. Should I collect the entire series? Maybe after watching other Gundam.
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My thoughts so far on Twilight
I'm trying(notice the word trying) to read Twilight and see how bad (or not) it is so I can say whatever I want about it to the annoying fangirls at school. A  particular aggressive girl in my class stepped on my foot when I said Twilight was a book about mary-sues falling in love with sparkling, vampire gary-stus with only romance (It's the basic assumption that's less biased than what most of the fan population will tell you). I can't see how you could not see Bella and Edward can fit the mary-sue gary-stu stereotype many uncreative teens who roleplay or write fanfiction with OCs.
Anyway- it took me a couple of days to read up to chapter 5- I'm not a slow reader, I just can't get into the book.
And now 'm actually sorry for my readers who read my fanfiction, because I can see her writing how I write, and god must it be boring yet easy to read- wait, nevermind.
My fanfiction complex than Twilight. The reading level of Twilight is only at 4th grade level, despite it's mature content.
I'm just glad the girls aren't screaming the graphic detail at school. I want to read it myself (if I ever get to it) and compare it to the fanfiction I've read- but if in those scenes Bella marvels at Edward's beauty, it officially is labeled "bad fanfiction" by myself.
Like any normal book instead of manga, I don't really care about any character (Bella and go live under a car for all I care and Edward live in a cave) so I find no reason to join the fandom at all.
Except for the antis. I'll be part fo the anti-fandom.


Nov. 1st, 2008 09:36 pm
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Today is my birthday, and I turned another year older.
I had gotten a couple of gifts, but two presents I received were a $50 gift card for Barnes and Noble and Gaiaonline gear.
I'll definitely use some of the money for manga like Bleach, and save $8 for volume 30 when it comes out next year.
And then, my sister had bought me some Gaia items. She gave me a Coco kitty baby tee, so now I have both Coco and Kiki tees. She also had gotten me Angelic hair clips, which I'm currently wearing (and I don't know how to wear). And then she had gotten me what I really wanted- the Coco Cake stationary set with the new pencil case!

I feel like I need to write some crack fanfics, but Blacklovemail is taking up my writing time.
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Update on my laptop issue: My mom told me when she got home today that I need a new inverter board (The back light broke hence the flickering and blacking out on my screen). LUCKILY it's not that expensive, and my mom will be buying one soon, so then we can fix it.
I'll be soo happy when that happens.
I've been watching the first episodes of Death Note (do I have to mention how much I LOVE it?). I only have episodes 1-25, and I want MORE, since I don't know what episode L will die and when Matt, Mello, and Near will appear.
And also- I DUN LIKE HOW RYUK DISAPPEARED TO DISCARD THE DEATH NOTE! I also don't like non-Kira!Light either. Boring... But I love the openings and endings. Dead L in the 2nd ending scares me though that it's soon...
I've been seeing a lot of discussion on that new Twilight book. I for one, hadn't heard of even the first book until like spring at school but I paid no attention to reading the book. Now I've learned it's vampire romance story that is VERY popular, yet it has some downsides... a few being it's an over-used idea, it has a mary-sue and gary-stu complex, the latest book was like fanfiction (bad fanfiction), and most of all... sparkling vampires.
This urges me to try reading Twilight and see if I could actually bear it (I usually quit reading bad fanfiction after a while but if I have something else to do 'll stop immediately)and see how bad/good it is in MY opinion, since I've seen different reviews of the books (mostly bad, though). But the thing is I still have to read 3 more books and write essays on them for school... Stupid list...
So I don't know when to go borrow the book from the library... maybe when school starts and I read it on the bus...


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