Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:25 pm
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This should be crossposted from my DW account onto LJ...

To actually put content into this post, I guess this sums up the past weel

1) I came back from Ohayocon 2012 and blogged about it on Tumblr.
2) Right after Ohayocon I now learn of Colossalcon
3) I've started watching Supernatural
4) I just had my last class until the new semester next week
4.5) To celebrate I'm watching Supernatural
5) I also got an account on ao3 for archiving purposes (of course)
6) I'm having myself go on Gaia
7) I'm making myself do a lot of social things
9.5) UGHHH
10) I got an alpaca plush at Ohayocon and now I have to be a part of the community!!!

I wish I could go into more detail (at least making this list was good for me) but I have to go watch more Supernatural because I'm only on season 2 oooooh shit.
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Wow, when's the last time I made a post about anything? A long time, in fact. Last month. See, I was particularly busy the past couple of weeks working so I had little to no time but to do some stuff.

But let's start of this public entry with a beautiful picture of Basti, because it's his birthday!

Basti invites you in to Tiger & Bunny and more! )
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This is me coloring the Haro poster my sister and I made.
Anime Punch 2011 )

Also, Happy Easter! My great-grandmother's birthday was today this year, and she's 97 now. I couldn't tell her happy birthday or anything because she's probably forgotten all English and me as well.
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I feel awful.

Like, my whole head hurts.

Had to leave Anime Punch early because of the pain and my exhaustion.

But it was still good.
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SUP. I've been busy because next week is midterm and other projects and I am so not passing one of my classes right now. Sciences are not my strength. They never are. I like simple genetics, though.

Harsh rain )
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I have a Kindle, and I could lots of books and stuff and read whatever I want, right? I gave it a nice name (in fact, I named it after the person quoted above) I only have one book on my Kindle. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice.
Don't ask why I'm randomly reading the book, just know that I might be getting into it only for the romance.
It's a romance novel, isn't it? Are real romance novels always this slow starting? I can't even tell how many pages I've read because it's a kindle with it's tiny electronic pages. But I have to keep reading, or else I'll feel bad about no finishing a classic like this.
Life, Easter, and rage at fandom )

Oh god, I don't want to think about it. It makes me feel so sad I haven't had a history class all this year.
And then it makes me wonder if I get to visit family in Germany this year.
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Holy. Shit. I had a twisted dream last night. I wake up from it and saying, "I have to write this gold down." Oh man. It's like a culmination of what my life has become plus so much awkwardness.

I sometimes mistake dreams for reality )
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Rants, rants, rants, and a new meme I'm doing.

Cons, Nintendo, changes, and meme )
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I can't believe I forgot to mention how I recently built my ZZ Gundam!
So I bought the model at Ohayocon the week before, and last weekend I built it! It's kind of my bb Gundam, as it's the only Gundam we have that's one of my favorites. For some odd reason, despite not having watched Gundam SEED, we have a few Gundams from that series...
I'm too lazy to share a picture of it, though. Sorry.

Also, I got Pokemon Diamond! It's my first ever Pokemon game orz;; I'm going to start playing that as well. Let's see how addicted I get!
I'm busy this weekend- lesson, close friends, movies, projects to finish... But I'd really like to write two new fanfics for Valentine's Day.

Also, Germany had a friendly this week with Italy! It was a tie, but Germany almost won bragging rights. All of my most favorite players played, it made me so happy! <3 I recently told my aunt in Germany about how it would be great to catch a soccer game whenever I visit, but I'm not sure if there's actually any Bundesliga club games that happen in Berlin... But let me just say this:
HNNGGGHGH NEUER. THAT is why he is my icon.

Also, this week I've had a sudden strong desire, or change of heart. It includes traveling. I'll just leave it at that.

Not to mention I also had a revelation this week! I actually have a favorite album, and it's Daft Punk's Discovery. Yeah, it's 10 years old now, but if I was able to like the entire album and listen to nothing but it now and years back, it's an album worth remembering for me.

On my list of anime to watch is Gundam Zeta. Then I might either go back to Gundam 0083, or Gurren Lagann and finish up those series. Actually glad there's no anime airing in Japan right now that is remotely interesting, or I would something else to watch and never finish anything!

Also, I want to hit myself right now for thinking, 'Maybe I should change my layout again'. Crappy time to remember that. I'll put that on my to-do list for Spring Break.
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Alright, so I just finished the 4 Gundam movies, gonna report out on Ohayocon!

Almost step-by-step, too! )

So that was basically what I did! I could've done more, but it was still fun. I'm just sad I didn't buy more at the con, I probably could have bought a Gundam Unicorn model set or find a decent poster! Honestly, there wasn't much I wanted from what I saw selling, or it was overpriced.

Did anyone else go and see nice cosplayers? I saw just a couple of actually good cosplay. I got like, 5 pictures of people, but there were definitely more out there. It was quite obvious the difference of good Hetalia and bad Hetalia cosplay. Again, the Russia and America from the panel were awesome.
Maybe a resolution I should make for the next con I go to(if it's Ohayocon '12 next year), I should actually stick with plans of seeing panels and awesome people. I want to kick myself for missing Chris Sabat. Aw well.

So, I'm just going end it there. Can't wait for a free weekend to make my ZZ Gundam. It would have been AMAZING if I had $60 to buy that larger Zeta Gundam. Which reminds me, I have to find Gundam Zeta somewhere online not in the horrid dub...
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Yeah, so I'M BACK FROM OHAYOCON. *Applause*
Let me just say, I don't know how people can do so much of the activities there, I really don't. Who has room for formal wear with that ball and clothes for the dances and rave and STILL more clothes to just wear for the day and their cosplay? They must have a lot of room!
Not to mention some of the disappointments like not getting to see Chris Sabot or even Rikki Simons(although I saw him at ending ceremonies) and missing half the panels I was interested in going.
Going to put details up soon enough, I might as well watch some of my new *Gundam movies* and sleep before ranting, rambling, and squealing.
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Ohayocon is this weekend, and I'm staying all three days! I'm going to make it spectacular, maybe meet the only worthwhile voice actor there this year! Will try to keep a nice record of my activities and stuff I bought to report back Sunday or Monday, so watch out for that!

Oh man, I can't forget about taking pictures of all the cosplay...

Screw ups

Oct. 24th, 2010 05:47 pm
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Hi, I'm it's-been-forever-since-I've-posted. You may not know me because the last time I've posted has been a month ago and I rarely ever comment things.

Cut for long ramblings and excuses )

So that's been my life... Although I've forgotten to mention a few things, so I'll put it down here:

-I've seen a lot of new anime. Steamboy, Akira, Tokyo Godfathers to name a few. Found out Bakuman is NOT a good anime too.
-Die Mannschaft. Still fangirling, and waiting for their next game against Sweden
-I'm hooked to reading drama. And lots of it.
-THE DREAMS I'VE RECENTLY HAD- Cons, Gundam-helmets, Gaia, boats, and Germany. WHAAAAAAT.

I'll post again when/if I have something to actually show... or next time it might be more rants. Who knows?
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I won't complain if you got the images you used from photobucket for slide-show videos, graphics, whatever...
But crediting the fanart by saying, "I found it on Photobucket"? 
Read more... )

I've been writing a new fic, and I actually wish for someone to read it and correct any mistakes I've made.
...How many people are willing to read a Austria/Fem!Germany fic? @.@

Also, I just wanted to mention Otakon.

Cut for RAAAAGE )

Just to let you know, I've watched the first first episode of the dub. That was a long 5 minutes. I can't stand the voices. And-ogod- all the script changes... I hate it.
Dammit Funimation. Who the hell likes heavy accents? I've met girls my age in Germany who could speaker English clearer than that, it's ridiculous.
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Ohayocon is over!
I can't believe how much time I spent this weekend! Since it was the last day of the con, lots of people were leaving (so the elevators were full for almost an hour), especially the good cosplays. It was my official "Buy-as-much-as-I-can-in-the-dealers'-room" day. I didn't actually have much money to begin with but still managed to buy stuff.
Not wall hangings, after getting my Bleach one, I don't want another unless it's ultra-cute.
Here's my inventory:

-A tiny Rukia doll
-1 bookmark of Italy
-1 bookmark of Russia
-2 stickers of Prussia and Japan
-another bookmark
-Hello Kitty Charm necklace
-Ouran Bunny-kun backpack.
-Hetalia multi-plate No. 09: Doki Doki Potato Germany
-An Axis Powers case, which I will be using as my new pencil case!

Other stuff we got:

-DVD of Kamikaze Girls
-DVD series collection of Outlaw Star

Hells yes.
My first full con, and it was really awesome! Next time I go, I should really see more panels- I missed an autograph from the voice actor of Al, the Hello Kitty Panel, and Tea Party- and get even more stuff like some San-x stuff(I really, really, wanted another Rilakkuma bag or plush, but they were so expensive/too small for my taste.
Not to mention I went out to eat 3 times. That's more than I go in a month or two.
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Today had to be the greatest Saturday this year. I had so much fun and laughed so hard- even the little things like how I missed the Lolita tea party didn't matter! It's time for highlights~

-Full on lolita, all day. Well pretty casual actually. My petticoat was just really big and crappy though.
-Good Breakfast
-Panels and the like
-A stall selling Bodyline Lolita dresses, brand coats, Hitler posters, and hot guys pics(not Hitler, Gackt and HYDE). Strange shit.
-Saw the Hetalia cosplayer group from the panel from yesterday... I wished I got a picture of them @_@
-A Commander Riker cosplayer. AND IT WAS AN AMAZING COSPLAY.
-Power Puff Boys, Male Bunny, and Male Princess. Imagine 5 nerds in neon wigs and the tube dresses.
-A lot of good Soul Eater cosplay!
-I started waiting in line for the other Ohayocon famous guest for an autorgraph , but left to do better stuff.
-ROSEARIK RIKKI SIMONS. Don't know who he is? He voices GIR from Invader ZIM. I got to the room almost an hour early and stood there until I got it, got an amazing seat, asked him a question, then waited almost another hour getting his autograph.
-He gave me two autographs. One in my Ohayocon book, and on on a pic of GIR they had.
-Sushi and Japanese ice cream for dinner!

My feet are just about dead from standing all freaking day in my Bodyline shoes but hey- IT WAS WELL WORTH IT.
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I went from school straight to Ohayocon for the first day!
And the few hours I was there were amazing~

Highlights of the day:
-Zoids Liger cosplay. It was seriously cool.
-Candy Wife!
-I saw a FTB!Rukia in her yukata <3
-Watching Bad Anime. Whatever I saw, both everyone's commentary and the dub were freaking HILARIOUS. "BURRRRRRN!" "KEITH!"
-Armstrong cosplay in a suit <3
-The awesome artist who made the Germany bookmark I had before- she also had stickers too. I bought myself a Prussia and Japan sticker, couldn't help it.  Might go back to get more bookmarks.
-Speaking of Hetalia- IT WAS ALL AROUND THE CON! I was so happy!
-THE HETALIA PANEL. Funny, cool, and some pretty good cosplayers(Prussia was definitely the best though)!

Other than walking around and seeing the ridiculous prices in the dealers' room, I loved today.
Also forgot to mention that you had to wait like 5 minutes for an elevator.


Jan. 27th, 2010 07:07 pm
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2 Days!

Also, I'm officially reading Bakuman. I'm pretty happy to have read the new chapter today! I'm really glad that it's also released every week in Jump, unlike most shoujo(WTF Skip Beat... D:)


That is all.
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Planning on going to Ohayocon all weekend!
Seriously thinking of dressing Lolita!

I feel very motivated right now to do anything I can so I can get clothes.
Unfortunately I can't earn any money by myself, so I can only depend on others for money.
My birthday is soon, and of course there's Christmas before Ohayocon...!

It feels cheated to be so young and not able to earn money yourself.
All I earn at the horse barn I volunteer at are free rides and maybe a free lesson.
Kind of helps in working for lolita clothing, but doesn't get me closer to getting any skirts or shoes.

I'm thinking the year after I'll volunteer for Ohayocon
That'd be really nice.
But sister says they wouldn't be allowed to have me work 18 hours for a free pass to the next year's Ohayocon!
Unless I skipped school and worked on the weekdays.
Impossible, of course.

Aaaahah! That reminds me of how I must read 3 more books and write reports on all 5, also preparing a presentation on one.
I'm rather excited for this year of school, it'll be my last at the private school I go to.
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I broke my locker mirror yesterday, but that was after all my bad life.

My sister went to Armageddicon (small Columbus Con) for Easter, and I had to spend it with family. She bought us box
sets of Fullmetal Alchemist, which made me really happy(albeit I had to buy $50 for one box) and she bought me a bookmark an artists drew with Germany.

I want to continue watching the new Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood because I want to see where BONES takes this new anime to be closer to the storyline of the manga, despite jumbling the beginning very differently already. Sure, it introduced many of the characters, but it's filler. I also want to watch it because it's the first anime I have watched when it first premiered- I fail.

The recent chapters of Bleach can be summed up in a few partial sentences: Orihime doing the same crying, Ichigo god-moding, Ishida be fucked, immature child Ichigo, but the best thing of all?
The UlquiHime~~!
That chapter has to be one of my favorites because I'm such a fangirl. Bad points were Ishida was downplayed, Ichigo was downplayed, no IchiIshi WTF, and little Rukia. The best points were the gorgeous art(GOD WAS ORIHIME BEAUTIFUL!) and the ULQUIHIME!!!!
I fucking loved it.
Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
we are so canon. |
My sister said someone at Anime Punch cosplayed as Ulquiorra.
God I missed the sexiness of his wings.
I really have a lot to say, but not the time. I have homework to do before going to bed and any other goofing off. I haven't had the time to write my fanfic I'm still working on (10k words- I think this will be more than a one-shot) so yes.
I was also thinking of writing UlquiHime, but I dunno...


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