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This is me coloring the Haro poster my sister and I made.
Anime Punch 2011 )

Also, Happy Easter! My great-grandmother's birthday was today this year, and she's 97 now. I couldn't tell her happy birthday or anything because she's probably forgotten all English and me as well.
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Two things:

One, Kuragehime. THE ANIME IS HYUUUUUNG. <3
I really enjoyed watching this anime. Awesome, AWESOME story- yet again another anime/manga I strongly like that has cross-dressing/unconventional gender roles, coincidence?
It's something different, and the anime is airing in Japan this season, feels good feeling like I'm keeping up when I'm really not. I mean, I gotta at least see one or two episodes of Gurren Lagann.
And look into seeing Gintama.
And watch more of Gundam 0083.
And Gundam Unicorn.
Maybe I'll just go play with my Gundam game...
Back to Kuragehime, I also think the opening/endings are cute. Opening is of course better animation-wise, but you can't beat the ending with the music by Sambomaster. I spent the entire first time listening to it thinking, "I KNOW WHO THIS IS, BUT'S BEEN SO LONG...THEY FUCKING HAD SONGS FOR BLEACH, YES, THAT GROUP.... WHAT'S THEIR NAME?!"
Now I have to go look around for their recent music, but I can still remember their second Bleach ending song I still have not found. It's just been a while since I have been going back to just my alternative and indie pop and forgetting of the popular Jpop being released. Cold War Kids, Passion Pit, Mumford and Sons, Phoenix, MGMT...

Second, really?
Is it THAT hard to figure out how to use an Lj-cut? They actually have a question EXPLAINING JUST HOW TO on the site. It seems very obvious when you post to a community without an Lj-cut and ask how you make them that you only bothered to join LJ to post that one time. Personally, it helps having an LJ and lurking everywhere, so whenever(if ever) I first post on a community, I'm not having to ask the whole "How do LJ-cut?".
I've seriously seen it several times, twice or so this week FROM THE SAME COMMUNITY. DDD:

And as an extra note, some random lines from life.
Had a wickedly scary dream last night. I woke up and tried to fall asleep but then I just dreamed A CONTINUATION. Was not fun.
I actually have a Death Note tag? Odd.
As always, forever alone.

Power duo!

Jan. 22nd, 2010 08:17 pm
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Remember the mangakas for Death Note?
Yeah, Ohba and Obata were so awesome together, and Death Note wasn't even their first collaboration. Shows the two must like working together!

You see, I saw some Japanese news about the top manga volumes sold in Japan last year(or something like that...) and I was checking out the mangaka names.
What do I see?
Ohba and Obata's names!

It seems right after Death Note they collaborated once again to make a new manga- Bakuman.
Now I'm pretty late in this(laaaaaaaame, I'll always be late on such stuff) because the manga started back in 2008, but it wasn't until 2009 it became much more popular and thus made that list.
(Or maybe no fandoms near me are part of the Bakuman fandom... It could be large for all I know!)

Anyways, I've always really liked Obata's art work, so I'm going to try to read Bakuman, and see how it is.
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I just had to say this since I just finished reading the scans of the new series by the author of Akuma to Dolce!

The new series is called Kamisama Hajimemashita(3 easy terms- "God-sama, nice to meet you") and is about a high school girl that loses her home until a man gives her his own, only for her to find out it's a shrine.
Just like Akuma to Dolce, it has a handsome demon! Another of the human girlxdemon boy shoujo.

This was a sudden turn of my weekend, since last night I was literally crying when I read a Hetalia doujin.
The doujin was about Prussia finding the living corpse of Hole Roman Empire after the 30 Years' War. The whole image was so sad... and then he takes HRE's body and resurrects it to become a baby Germany. Thus meeting Italy and a very, very, deep conversation about being a nation in human shape and HRE's memories.

This morning I cried again rereading the doujin, and now I read this cute manga.

I also ended the night with another sweet note other than watching Death Note and Ghost in the Shell at this very moment- I have my eyes on a cheap bodyline skirt that is rather popular- I can't quite remember if it is a brand replica(I think it is) or not, but for $19- I could even afford it right now!
I could wear that skirt ot Ohayocon than the skirt I got from Milanoo, but then I'd need to carefull choose shoes, because I was also thinking about getting shoes from Bodyline, and would need to consider what color to get them in. Obviously, if I went black, I couldn't coordinate them with the blue and sweets skirt... It looks like the best choice is white. I could also buy a decent-priced blouse at Bodyline- and look! I'm almost halfway there to a full outfit!

Yare, yare

Nov. 1st, 2009 05:35 pm
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Completely ignoring that my birthday was today, I must make some notes, mostly to myself really, that have happened last month that I never mentioned before!

I recently read the available chapters of these shoujos:
Hadashu de Bara wo Fume
Dengeki Daisy

I really like both, DD especially. Just like in Kaichou wa Maid-sama(anime of it in the makings!), the guy could be a shoujo-version of Ichigo, but you would really have to stretch his character to fit with Kurosaki- yes, they have the same last name too.
-That reminds me, Tsubasa ended! AAAAGGHHH I DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL.

The art is lovely, and I always love a oblivious character like Teru. D'awwwww.

Then there is HdBwF(too lazy to write it fully or give the English title). I wondered why it said in the tags Historical, but now I do know why.
I did not know Japan was like that in the 1800s! Good lord, while Beethoven and Haydn lived and composed, most of the Japanese population still only had yukatas, yet the richest would wear western clothing?
Is this even historically accurate?
It's a nice, story though. Lovely how they turned her 'prince' to being so in love with her, he goes downright insane, kidnapping her, and idolizing a very-disconcerting- painting he did of her.
I wish for these two to get the next chapters scanned as soon as possible so I don't forget of them!

That reminds me of how I should update tags and interests with these titles to help not forget!

In the times of music- I''ve been listening to the same thing for quite a while, it's getting boring. I really like B'z's new single that was #1 on the Oricon charts recently, but YUIs singles were not as good.
But then I found downloads to UVERworld's new single, and today Kanjani8's new single!
I'm excited, I should really have a listen to the songs and look at getting them!

Today is also the start of NaNoWriMo, so I'm looking to working very hard on that! That means I shouldn't be doing any fanfics when  I should be trying to get 20k (hurrrr for YWP) words on my idea.
You should try NaNoWriMo! Especially if you have an interest in writing, it helps because you can see how much to a novel you can write in one month.
The site says you shouldn't edit or revise, but I'll probably do it anyway, because I'm anal like that.

I had a goal to watch a Japanese drama, or atleast an episode, and I did. Last episode of Hana Yori Dango.
Then I got the first Death Note movie.
Still waiting for the second to arrive from the library!

To end this lovely tying of the month, I'll share what I got for my birthday today-
All Hello Kitty stuff- two bags, a cake, and edible paper.
This makes me rather happy!


Jul. 19th, 2009 01:04 pm
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Usually I just buy shounen from Barnes and Nobles like Bleach and Death Note for my collection of the series because I like it and it's cheaper than other manga.
But I felt like buying something else, other than the two volumes of Bleach that have been released last time I checked(I was sure volume 30 was supposed to be out by now!) and Death Notes.
That's when I remembered about how I knew Skip Beat and other shoujo I had gotten obsessed with were probably there too, so I checked it out.
I found Skip Beat and High School Debut! <3
I could only buy one book, and the best volume I found of the two was volume 9 of High School Debut, the start of the Sports Festival with Asaoka and Yoh in the old-school uniform looking awesome-!
HSD translation seems decent, I couldn't care if they did frist name,family name- I'm so judgemental. In Bleach it doesn't sound right if you don't say their full name by family first, or if Rukia calls Inoue Orihime or Inoue vice versa.
I skimmed through a volume of Skip Beat- it also looked OK, I only noticed since Kyouko called Ren Tsuruga-san, they translated it to Mr. Tsuruga, and the same with him calling her Ms. Kyouko... kind of annoying.
I only found the Code Geass manga Code Geass Nightmare of Nunally DDD:
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Last weekend I finally was able to go to Ohayocon, the biggest Anime con in Columbus! My sister has always gotten me one or two things with the little money I had, but this year I had over $100 to go for a day!
It was an amazing experience, even if it was short-lived. I spent almost everything save for some money I'll probably keep for Germany or school.
Some things I bought were:
A Bleach wall-hanging of Bankai! Ichigo AND Renji, obviously from Soul Society Arc.
13th Divsion Vice-captain badge
Orihime's Flower pins
Ichigo's hollow mask pin
Ohayocon water bottle
Death Note T-shirt- free Pocky included
A cute bag (Not quite sure the brand)I
ANOTHER cute bag inside a pouch in the shape of the bear's head (same brand)
Pink Gloomy T-shirt

Yes, I was very shocked I didn't buy any manga or even anime! One, the booth with all the manga was so crowded I didn't want to try it- and two, I found out that Part one of season one of Fullmetal Alchemist was like- $70 with my sister's discount.
Not cool.
Especially when last night my sister told me at target they had the ENTIRE first season for only $40, which seems impossible, since the booth is known for the best prices.
I also had been commented about my headdress- but there were so many more nice headdresses there, I wanted to get one.
And then there was a Rukia in a kimono plushie that was 6 inches tall, and it was $15. D: So I didn't get any plushie either.
Lucky for me I got to meet some awesome cosplayers- Team Fortress 2, A Game-boy man, Jesus, Kitten, Code Geass, Ulquiorra, GrimmHime and even ARMSTRONG!!
Maybe I'll get to go to Armageddicon again this year, or Matsuricon(The 2 other cons in Columbus- ridiculous, I know).
But now life is very stressful once more for the next two weeks.
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Yes, this is a picture of my collection as of Thursday. Of course, I bought another volume of Bleach this weekend, but I haven't put it in. 
I know, I feel so embarrassed of my pitiful amount of manga (a little than half of them in German) but I don't have a lot of money to buy them. I also had lost a few when I was younger, including my only volume of Kenshin (which was in German), and I think my sister took my volume of Sailor Moon.
Manga- 2 volumes of Bird Kiss, 3(4) volumes of Bleach, 2 volumes of Death Note, 2 volumes of Duck Prince, Grimms Manga, Inuyasha, Jeanne, Laya the Witch of Red Pooh, Moon Boy, Rave Master, Tokyo Mew Mew, 3 volumes of Tsubasa RC, Utena Revolutionary Girl.
Toys- Edward plushie, Edward figurine, Konoha Ninja Headband, Shippou pin, Honey plushie, Clow Cards.
Other studd- Anime Punch Dealer tag & schedule of the con, two Tsubasa RC posters under everythig, two Ramune bottles, and a running onigiri sticker I bought.
And there's a few other things about me in there.

I don't know why but now I'm reading this shoujo called Hana Yori Dango. I've never heard of it until today, and I just started reading and I'm still reading it.

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I spent time relaxing today and finished homework due tomorrow. Saturday was pretty neat because I went shopping for clothes for school, but instead I got the 23rd volume of Bleach and 7th volume of Death Note! 

I also spent today watching the first episodes of Code Geass, because it's pretty interesting. 

So, happy labor day to everyone since we were home. My father and sister went out of state WITH OUR CAT so it was only my mother and I. 

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Title: Untitled
Fandom: Bleach Ichigo/Rukia
Rating: Teen for blood
Disclaimer: Bleach not by me, by Kubo.
Summary: During the Winter War where Ichigo thinks up a harsh plan so Rukia can be safe, even though he could never actually tell her the truth. (Is being very vague for a reason)
Notes: Inspired by IchiRuki theme #37 'Losing My Grip'. Preview only, another new idea that came up while I am on hiatus. Thoughts I will have this done by hiatus is over? Not that likely- the same with previous preview I made. Has a few mistakes but it's only a preview of content.

Preview )

On another note, while going shopping and got a new polo and jeans, I went to Barnes and Nobles and got two new books- volume 22 of Bleach and Volume 12 of Death Note. I now have a tendency to not buy the first volumes of Manga (especially if I already seen the beginning) and just go for special volumes that I really like- hence why I had gotten volume 12 (the last volume) when I have no other volume on Death Note.
And I'm still going to ask for the untranslated volume 30 of Bleach for my birthday November. I want sexy Kaien bad.
I don't know why I chose volume 22 instead of 23 when it has Rukia also, AND chapter 0! Maybe the sight of a half-naked Ikkaku would make my mother question about getting me it. I would've also had gotten volume 16, but Barnes and Noble didn't have the volume EITHER or any of the volumes between 10-20 for that matter.
I have to stay up to watch Adult Swim. It makes me think of back when they showed Cowboy Bebop, and even back when Outlaw Star was on Cartoon Network. Now, they made their schedule so any anime is past midnight, which is utter bullshit since many people who have been watching them watched them for the Japanese shows they had.
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 I'm finally back home from out of state, but I had a really good time with family. A big thing I actually had a good time sleeping and always slept in even when woken up- in fact I had some strange dreams there. One was about how my mp3 player recently broke (found out on the trip there, but not surprising as it was cheap and crappy) and the small screen showed all these interesting designs with rainbows and musical notes... it was kind of weird.
I got a little pissed when I learned when setting up the DVR there to record Bleach, Code Geass (I've been interested watching the last episode), and Death Note- but Adult Swim changed their schedule, and it's all fucked up. Seriously- one night with Shin-chan Venture Brothers, and then Bleach and Code Geass past midnight and NO DEATH NOTE? I got angry staying up to watch the episodes.
Also I went shopping and got the 20th volume of Bleach because one of my wishes for Bleach was first get special volumes, like vol. 20 with the hypnosis chapters. Boy was I pissed reading it. I knew VIZ media took out the whole names dynamic in the anime (hearing Orihime and Ishida calling Ichigo and Rukia by their first names was really annoying, and vice versa) but they did it in the manga too?! I was also annoyed at the whole name order but that's expected of course- and then I always remember the one panel where Gin says sorry to Aizen when Ichigo appears, but in the VIZ translation, Gin allowed Ichigo to slip by. I'd have to side with online translators on this one, sadly.
THEY COULDN'T EVEN HAVE RUKIA CALLED BYAKUYA BROTHER?!! I HATE IT. That's why I'm wishing for someone to get me the Japanese vol. 30 of Bleach because I don't want the wonderful chapters of the Rukia vs. Noveno Espada fight tarnished by VIZ- plus VIZ won't even have release the volume by my birthday- it'll be out like next year.
And then I get woken up one morning by my dad telling me my mom and sister are dead.
They actually aren't but they got in a car accident the day before.
They were in my dad's truck when a car hit them, making the truck actually ROLL and totaling my dad's truck.
So now we have one good car, one shitty car that is trying to get sold, and one busted up truck I have yet to see since it's at the shop. My mom already has been looking for a new car- she wants a 2005 Ford Focus. We saw the car she is borrowing in the garage- and I thought it was a sedan.
Not, it's more wagon than sedan. The interior looked crappy and cheap, and I'm not so crazy about it, but oh well...
My mom and sister are both uninjured.
I have a lot of say but I'll be saving it for tomorrow and another time. It's really late since we got home at 8 pm due to traffic and I've been spending all of my time catching up on everything on the computer.
My mom already ordered the new inverter board. Hiatus will most likely be over soon.
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Update on my laptop issue: My mom told me when she got home today that I need a new inverter board (The back light broke hence the flickering and blacking out on my screen). LUCKILY it's not that expensive, and my mom will be buying one soon, so then we can fix it.
I'll be soo happy when that happens.
I've been watching the first episodes of Death Note (do I have to mention how much I LOVE it?). I only have episodes 1-25, and I want MORE, since I don't know what episode L will die and when Matt, Mello, and Near will appear.
And also- I DUN LIKE HOW RYUK DISAPPEARED TO DISCARD THE DEATH NOTE! I also don't like non-Kira!Light either. Boring... But I love the openings and endings. Dead L in the 2nd ending scares me though that it's soon...
I've been seeing a lot of discussion on that new Twilight book. I for one, hadn't heard of even the first book until like spring at school but I paid no attention to reading the book. Now I've learned it's vampire romance story that is VERY popular, yet it has some downsides... a few being it's an over-used idea, it has a mary-sue and gary-stu complex, the latest book was like fanfiction (bad fanfiction), and most of all... sparkling vampires.
This urges me to try reading Twilight and see if I could actually bear it (I usually quit reading bad fanfiction after a while but if I have something else to do 'll stop immediately)and see how bad/good it is in MY opinion, since I've seen different reviews of the books (mostly bad, though). But the thing is I still have to read 3 more books and write essays on them for school... Stupid list...
So I don't know when to go borrow the book from the library... maybe when school starts and I read it on the bus...
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Thoughts on the beginning of chapter 264.
Spoilers from Hueco Mundo/Nakama arc and Pendulum mini-arc.
I had not understood why Kubo added the first scene in 264 with Gin and Ulquiorra conversing and a bad habit of mine (especially when I'm reading a good part with of my favorite characters)  was just to skip it and go on to read about Rukia vs. Noveno Espada/Psuedo-Kaien. It wasn't until recently did I re-read the chapter and read closely to the converasion did I realize something- Gin was talking about Rukia and her past of killing Kaien, right? Then it made me a little confused- how did Gin know about Rukia's past? From what we had known of Gin from 100 years ago, he was newly appointed into the Gotei 13 Squads- and being a complete genius he probably went through the ranks in the years before Rukia met Kaien. He also had already started helping Aizen soon after, so he was probably told from Aizen what he knew and was planning. So it was probably easy to learn about the event.
  • When Rukia had been adopted and entered the 13th division, Gin was already captain. He could have known about the death of Kaien from Ukitake or the news had spread since Kaien was the vice-captain.
  • Gin probably even knew the hollow that possessed Miyako and Kaien was from Aizen.
I just found it a little disturbing Gin was watching the controls when coincidentally Rukia met Noveno Espada, yet he says "Oh no, I ain't doin' nothin' mean like that, 'sides... I jus' hate sad stories."
Gin wasn't going to watch Rukia crack at seeing Psuedo-Kaien, and he knew it would be sad.
I don't- I just find Gin so weird yet awesome like that.
Edit: I finally understood now that part...
It must have been Gin who changed the hallways Rukia was in to where she would meet the Noveno Espada.
I said no sort of interesting take on the chapter, what a waste. I felt so stupid after I realized why Kubo drew the Gin scene.... stupid me.
Death Note, Cowbow Bepop, Bleach (although the dub sucks ASS), and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone is on tonight!
I might just rant tomorrow about dubs.
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On Gaia last Sunday was the start of the Gaia Spirit Week, actually held by a couple of mods.
I just dressed my avatar, posted like twice on the thread.
That's it. Cosplay day sucked- I spent so much for the Kosode and Hakama to do a Shinigami cosplay, only to look pathetic with my Gaia groovy red hair, not like any character and no way to cosplay someone good without the ancient katana- so I settled for Nanao with glasses and a book- but the hair to get close to her hairstyle costed too much, so it was terrible.
My class color was green since I joined Gaia in 2006- But is it cheating if I use other colors? Because if I just used the green items I had, I would look ugly- and I don't like my avatar looking ugly.
Death Note episode 2 on tonight~ Can't wait.
Haven't written. Terrible terrible of me.
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I had yet another dream today, and this also had anime- but this time Death Note! I hadn't watched it since Saturday and I've only been listening to one opening and ending but oh well...
So the dream started okay.
It was a rainy, cool, and foggy day. )

And I found a post somewhere the listed all of the actual canon pairings in Bleach. Then I saw that all ended in tragedy:
.ByakuyaxHisana- Hisana died.
.IsshinxMasaki- Masaki died.
.KaienxMiyako- Both died!
Sad, sad, history...
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Well-- I rarely have dreams that I remember, and when I do have them, they can be rather strange, a lot of times with little logic. I always wanted to have dreams of anime, and last night I did.
I don't exactly remember it since I always seem to forget soon after waking up, but I remember one part and I'm sure it was before I woke up.
Read more )

I also made another icon, this time Bleach related, or Rukia related. I took the scene of her collapsed on the ground after she defeated the Noveno Espada, and used the quote "Don't die alone" from the manga from Kaien. Again, I used the same brushes from Hawksmont and texture from [profile] meleada  and looked over the same icon tutorial I looked at when I made my Ed icon. Also icon of the chapter title "Death is not Goodbye". Of course I can't make good icons from the manga since I can't color them, so both are Black&White.  You may use the icons, I'd really love comments and credit if you do take it and you have to save to your own server.


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