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Fandom: Hetalia Prussia/Germany
Rating: K+ or T
Notes: 221 words, something I wanted to write right before I went to bed last night. I'm not sure what to call this, whether it's a ficlet or vignette or something else... But what does it matter? Hardly anyone will see this
Ohne dich kann ich nicht leben. ) 

I'll look into Valentine's Day fanfics.
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Title: Mornings
Fandom: Hetalia Denmark/Sweden-centric
Rating: K+ or Teen, mention of nudity and partying
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not mine. Naked Sweden.
Summary: The Nordics waking from a night that is never described clearly. Calm enough mornings with two in a bed and three on the floor.
Notes: Oh god whyyyyy? This was supposed to be more fluffy and more like how that one fanart is like! It just turned... odd. It must be from not writing for a good month or so. Or something. Also, while it mentions all of the Nordics, it's mostly centered on Denmark, Sweden, and Norway at the end.


It had been a crazy night. )
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Title: Reality Show Hosts
Fandom: Hetalia America/Germany
Rating: PG or K+
Disclaimer: America being a little to interested in TV shows.
Summary: After an unnecessary meeting, Germany would like to go home. Before that, though, he has to talk with America, on the discussion of reality shows and their hosts.
Notes: One day I thought up an idea for a story where America rages on about how hot Heidi Klum is to Germany. Not actually that great of a story though. Notes on my habit of adding stupid references below.


How does America know Goethe? )


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Title: Shounen, Shoujo?
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia
Rating: PG or K+
Disclaimer: Other than Bleach not being mine? None.
Summary: ONE-SHOT. Ichigo, Rukia, and a short discussion of which is better- shounen or shoujo manga, along with a difference in tastes.
Notes: Lots of references in here, full notes at the bottom.

The irony, can you feel it? )
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Title: Sunny Places With You
Bleach IchigoxRukia
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo. Takes place in Hueco Mundo during Winter War. Character death.
Word Count:

tamabonotchi: ([IchiRuki] I love you too)
Title: Presents for Lovers
Bleach IchigoxRukia
Word count: 277


Presents for Lovers is only a Drabble )



Jun. 27th, 2008 11:31 pm
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I had just gotten an idea for a new Bleach fanfiction (It's also IchiRuki, but not very romance- more like what you get from the Bleach movie) or how my story Hinata's Story is going, which I still haven't typed the new chapters. I've just become more interested in Bleach and Rukia- I just noticed I had a post about the 3rd Bleach movie, but I have yet to mention the 2nd Naruto Shippuden movie or 5th Naruto movie that is supposed to be about bonds, with Hinata.
The idea is toally crazy and stupid, and Rukia is definitely OOC since it's part of the story- which I hate. I'm one to not like stories very much if the characters are OOC- only if it's very well written, which is rare.
And being busy myself makes me not want to do it- I'd rather finish Hinata's Story and maybe even 30 Patient Kisses before starting typing the story- along with whether I will actually continue a chapter to The Regular, Orange Haired Shinobi. I'm pathetic.  Fortunately, I've written the idea of the story and all of my idea, so when I would like to start on it as a drabble or something, I can just easily read over it to remember what I was going to do.
I'm soooo pathetic.
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I decided to post my IchRuki drabble (Tiny Haven) on Fanfiction.net, since it's a little more than 1000 words I decided to post it up.

Title: Tiny Haven
Fandom: Bleach Ichigo x Rukia
Rating: Teen (A few curse words)
Disclaimer: Bleach by Tite Kubo. A few spoilers up to Hueco Mundo arc!
Summary: Both were very tired, and just wanted to sleep- but Rukia still wanted to try to sleep in the comfortable haven of Ichigo's closet.
Notes: Errr... kind of fluffy? Somewhat humor? I have nothing to say, just enjoy and comment if you did like it.

(Here's the link again, click it!)

I also want to try another couple OTHER than IchiRuki- but I don't know what. I wish someone could suggest a couple (preferably a couple with Rukia) for me to try to write a drabble or one-shot.
I also love the Bounto arc- kind of. It has been like fan service to me. I've had these weird situations in my mind, and they've happened to Rukia in the Bounto arc- I loved it. Rukia was controlled as a doll, she fought and got beat up terribly and was saved (by Byakuya, with Ichigo and Orihime and 13th squad coming up a few moments later) She was almost assaulted by the woman Bounto, which is creepy... But still awesome from me. And I also loved when Nova blushed with Rukia holding him so close to her. But man, she gets injured and is gone...
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That's right, new chapter out of my story! I've finally finished this new chapter after working on it everyday for a while. I couldn't do much because right now, I'm writing this large essay for school in science, and I really have to work more on it.
If you ever checked an early entry I made with a drabble, you'll see the event in the new chapter. I edited it some more because most of my drabbles, I put little detail because they're drabbles (Take the Haruki Puppet drabble- I have been dreaming of the whole thing in detail, but I was pretty much summarizing the thing in my single drabble last entry). I really made Hinata's Story just to share these next chapters, because I'm rather crazy like that.

And on the TamaYuki note: I'm worried people will seriously not read if they seriously took that comment. I just said that because really I wanted to focus this chapter on Hinata and/or Kiba, but instead 4/5 of the chapter is Yuki. I'm really acting like Kishimoto is doing with the Uchiha History Lesson. But just to clarify, TamaYuki is crack, and the story will be more on Hinata pairings. It's so good to say that. If people don't come look at this and take it seriously, I'm going cry.
It's half a hour until midnight- I'm going to sleep, or at least listen to some good Bleach music and more.
I've been rather obsessed with Miracle by Cascada, where I kept dreaming of Kibahina. I've also have been listening to Weird Al Yankovic parodies, lawl.
Check out my story at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4110371/1/Hinatas_Story!

The greatest review I've gotten yet on this story!
I've gotten the most useful critique from him! Yes, I was a little upset by both his opinions and what I've done in this story, I appreciated it very much.
-I understand how you and others don't like the foreign words I put. I can put less, but I'll still implement foreign words.
-Yes, Keizo told this to Hinata and Kiba. Shhhhhhh....
-This I really thank-you for pointing out to me! True critique I need.
-How did you know?! =O
-[This mission had started only a little after Naruto left, so Kiba hasn't trained to his great ability he is now.]

With this, I can continue the story and use his review to fix it! <3 Again, thank-you very much.    
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What takes so long to become a puppet, and lose your name?
It didn't take long.

Team 8 came back from their mission, one girl missing )

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Another drabble. High school AU. Naruto has been persuaded (almost blackmailed) to end his rather new relationship with Hinata.
Hinata didn't know where to go, she turned all around and saw the two swings. )
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Drabble. AU. Hinata (whose one of those princesses with a secret power inside of her with a group of friends try to help her from evil) is kidnapped and is tied by rope around her wrists above water pretty high up. As Sakura and Naruto fought to get her, one of the guys cuts the rope, sending her down.

Read more... )

tamabonotchi: (Kaien and Rukia)
Hinata's eyes fluttered open as she began to gain consciousness. She felt her back aching, like she had been lying on a rock for hours. She didn't notice the softness now, though. She felt very warm, and saw a large comforter covering her. She then realized her surroundings. Nothing looked familiar- she never had seen such a room. She looked down to see she was lying on a soft, bland couch. She could see sun coming through a window that looked odd from the other side of the room. She started panicking, not knowing where she was. She tried to think of the last thing.
"Ano.... I was in this small house, on a mission with Kiba-kun. We were suddenly confronted with this strange man, and everything went black..." She mumbled to herself, with her hand to her mouth. But where was she now? Where was Kiba? She looked down at herself to see her jacket she always wore was gone. Now there was only the undershirt she wore. She looked to the end of the couch to see it. She leaned over and picked it up. It was damp, like it had gotten wet. She heard a noise, and looked over to a door. The door slowly opened, and soon she could see the person on the other side. Her eyes widened, as she met the eyes of someone so familiar.
His face met hers as he looked to see her awake, looking back him. Her large pale eyes that seemed to have no iris intrigued him. "Ah, you're awake now! I'm glad, when I found you outside in the rain, I didn't know how long you would be sleeping!" He said in a relief, smiling at her. Mo doubt- the smile was also the same. She still didn't understand what was going on as she muttered his name.


Aaaah, I just LOVE doing drabbles!
Actually, this was a part of a story I'm typing, and it's one of my favorite scenes!
I've started typing this story, but I haven't uploaded it to Fanfiction.net yet... I probably should. But later.


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