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Title: Sharing the Bed
Fandom: Hetalia
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Overly affectionate Prussia and France?
Summary: France wants to sleep with Germany too.
Notes: Soft, random ficlet from months ago I apparently did not post. Both France and Prussia are incredibly touchy-feely over Germany and always fight over him.

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Wow, when's the last time I made a post about anything? A long time, in fact. Last month. See, I was particularly busy the past couple of weeks working so I had little to no time but to do some stuff.

But let's start of this public entry with a beautiful picture of Basti, because it's his birthday!

Basti invites you in to Tiger & Bunny and more! )
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Title: Mirror
Fandom: Hetalia
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Fem!Germany-centric, set at the end of WWII, split Germanys
Summary: Everyone was silent until they heard a noise from the figure on the ground. Germany's eyes fell upon him. The one that caused it all. The one who was but a reflection.
Notes: I had an idea for a serious WWII fic that entertained the idea of two split Germanys- regular Germany and Nazi Germany- as well as make Germany a girl. I've had this idea for quite a while, and had initially started writing a fic about it late last year. Went I looked it over I decided it was really bad (like, really bad- I can't believe I even wrote that bad) so I started rewriting it and forgot about it. Found it again today and decided to finish it, as well as trying to focus on the idea I had. It's OK, not perfect, but I liked it well enough to say done! More notes at the end.

"Deutsches Reich, he was the one you were fighting if you didn't realize." )


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Title: Positive Light
After the new picture of Fem!Germany reveals her coat open and she's actually wearing clothes underneath, she finds out some nations preconceptions of something different.
: Ugh, I seriously have been in a writing slump. I'm pretty sure classes made me worse. Anyways, it's not a completely obvious Italy,Prussia,FrancexFem!Germany and super short. Also I have no idea how French even works.


I can't be the other one disappointed )
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Title: Afterward
Fandom: Hetalia Sweden/Finland
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Hetalia goes to Himaruya, while Eurovision is just... Eurovision
Summary: The Nordics always sit together to watch Eurovision. Sweden and Finland clean up after 2011's competition is over.
Notes: In reality or comparison to Eurovision, this doesn't make much sense because Finland should be pissed at Sweden for only giving them 6 or 7 points and giving Denmark, Sweden's "neighbor", 10 points, and Finland landing in twenty-first place. I loved Finland's song, as well as Iceland's. Also, obvious references to Sweden's Eric Saade becauseIabsolutelylovehim and it's the best thing to think of Sweden acknowledging that Eric Saade is representing him in ESC. But really I think Denmark and Sweden would be together celebrating while Finland's pissed and Iceland and Norway sit kind of dejected.


You will be popular, Sweden )
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I have a Kindle, and I could lots of books and stuff and read whatever I want, right? I gave it a nice name (in fact, I named it after the person quoted above) I only have one book on my Kindle. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice.
Don't ask why I'm randomly reading the book, just know that I might be getting into it only for the romance.
It's a romance novel, isn't it? Are real romance novels always this slow starting? I can't even tell how many pages I've read because it's a kindle with it's tiny electronic pages. But I have to keep reading, or else I'll feel bad about no finishing a classic like this.
Life, Easter, and rage at fandom )

Oh god, I don't want to think about it. It makes me feel so sad I haven't had a history class all this year.
And then it makes me wonder if I get to visit family in Germany this year.
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Title: Storms (Original IKR)
Fandom: Hetalia light Prussia/Germany/Italy
Rating: K+/Teen for some cursing
Disclaimer: Fluff for no good reason
Summary: In the middle of the night, a very loud storm goes over Germany's house. Prussia, being the big brother he is, goes to comfort his little brother from the storm. It comes to entail an scared Italian as well.
Notes: I woke up at 3 in the morning today because of a storm, and was it loud. While I tried to stay calm and fall back asleep, I thought of this.

What a lack of sleep can do )
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Title: Monday Chocolate
Fandom: Hetalia Prussia/Germany
Rating: K+ or Teen, kissing and briefest implications of more
Disclaimer: Human names used(except for Belgium)
Summary: It's an odd event to come home on a Monday and find Gilbert in the kitchen, making something. It's strange when he's being almost romantic.
Notes: It may not be Valentine's Day, but I still thought this short piece up! Awkward as always, I guess.

You got some on your face )
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Fandom: Hetalia Prussia/Germany
Rating: K+ or T
Notes: 221 words, something I wanted to write right before I went to bed last night. I'm not sure what to call this, whether it's a ficlet or vignette or something else... But what does it matter? Hardly anyone will see this
Ohne dich kann ich nicht leben. ) 

I'll look into Valentine's Day fanfics.
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Title: Every Year
Fandom: Hetalia Germany/Prussia
Rating: K+ (Like, two curse words)
Disclaimer: Hetalia is by Himaruya, human names used
Summary: Ludwig took it upon himself to bake Gilbert a cake for his birthday every year.
Notes: Mehhh. I wonder if anyone will notice the vagueness I have in the story, like what the cake even is. Of course, I totally forgot about writing something for Prussia's birthday.


D'awwwww )
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Title: Mornings
Fandom: Hetalia Denmark/Sweden-centric
Rating: K+ or Teen, mention of nudity and partying
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not mine. Naked Sweden.
Summary: The Nordics waking from a night that is never described clearly. Calm enough mornings with two in a bed and three on the floor.
Notes: Oh god whyyyyy? This was supposed to be more fluffy and more like how that one fanart is like! It just turned... odd. It must be from not writing for a good month or so. Or something. Also, while it mentions all of the Nordics, it's mostly centered on Denmark, Sweden, and Norway at the end.


It had been a crazy night. )
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If I were to, say, write something about Japan actually dressing in some of the subculture fashions of his, what would be better; a Fem!Japan or just Japan cross-dressing like Mana in lolita?
I think it's a great idea, but I'm stuck trying to think which one would be more appealing, I guess is a fitting word.

Screw ups

Oct. 24th, 2010 05:47 pm
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Hi, I'm it's-been-forever-since-I've-posted. You may not know me because the last time I've posted has been a month ago and I rarely ever comment things.

Cut for long ramblings and excuses )

So that's been my life... Although I've forgotten to mention a few things, so I'll put it down here:

-I've seen a lot of new anime. Steamboy, Akira, Tokyo Godfathers to name a few. Found out Bakuman is NOT a good anime too.
-Die Mannschaft. Still fangirling, and waiting for their next game against Sweden
-I'm hooked to reading drama. And lots of it.
-THE DREAMS I'VE RECENTLY HAD- Cons, Gundam-helmets, Gaia, boats, and Germany. WHAAAAAAT.

I'll post again when/if I have something to actually show... or next time it might be more rants. Who knows?
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I won't complain if you got the images you used from photobucket for slide-show videos, graphics, whatever...
But crediting the fanart by saying, "I found it on Photobucket"? 
Read more... )

I've been writing a new fic, and I actually wish for someone to read it and correct any mistakes I've made.
...How many people are willing to read a Austria/Fem!Germany fic? @.@

Also, I just wanted to mention Otakon.

Cut for RAAAAGE )

Just to let you know, I've watched the first first episode of the dub. That was a long 5 minutes. I can't stand the voices. And-ogod- all the script changes... I hate it.
Dammit Funimation. Who the hell likes heavy accents? I've met girls my age in Germany who could speaker English clearer than that, it's ridiculous.
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Title: Reality Show Hosts
Fandom: Hetalia America/Germany
Rating: PG or K+
Disclaimer: America being a little to interested in TV shows.
Summary: After an unnecessary meeting, Germany would like to go home. Before that, though, he has to talk with America, on the discussion of reality shows and their hosts.
Notes: One day I thought up an idea for a story where America rages on about how hot Heidi Klum is to Germany. Not actually that great of a story though. Notes on my habit of adding stupid references below.


How does America know Goethe? )


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Title: Shounen, Shoujo?
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia
Rating: PG or K+
Disclaimer: Other than Bleach not being mine? None.
Summary: ONE-SHOT. Ichigo, Rukia, and a short discussion of which is better- shounen or shoujo manga, along with a difference in tastes.
Notes: Lots of references in here, full notes at the bottom.

The irony, can you feel it? )
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Title: Sealand & the Mistake with Father's Day
Fandom: Hetalia father-son Sweden/Sealand hinted Sweden/Finland
Rating: K or G
Disclaimer: Hetalia by Himaruya-sensei. Fluffiness.
Summary: Sealand makes Sweden a card for Father's Day every year and gives it to him. Upon questioning, Sweden doesn't even know why Sealand gives him a card.
Notes: I got the idea for a Father's Day fic of Sealand and Sweden. Half way through I looked up Father's Day, and... full notes below.

Read it here or below!


Headcanon says Sealand thinks Papa-Sweden, but just says Papa when talking to him. )


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Title: A fail'd Fairytale
Fandom: IRL Me/Theinternet
Rating: LOL(Lord owes lemons)
Disclaimer: Not!Fanfic
Summary: Once upon a time there was a series of serial killings of teenagers who overused the phrase One Upon a Time...
Notes: Everything will be explained.

There once was a loser fangirl who did almost nothing with her life. One day in her isolationist school of the female sex, her friend asked her to write a story about drugs, sex, and a female!Germany and Italy in a fairytale. Okay the drugs & sex part was implied but still. So during class one day when they had nothing better to do than put an effort into school work while the teacher was away and made stuff in their notebooks. The fangirl wrote said story but excised the sex and drugs and placed Russia(which is an equal exchange) where female!Germany was only shown as chaste and a little bit aggressive and prince!Italy was actually into drugged girls and only found it weird in an enchanted kingdom of sleeping people that there was no pasta.
Anyways- the page of the scribbled "story" was finished before 3rd period was over, as the girl's friend finished drawing the Nordic countries for the other. They exchanged and giggled insanely at both. The story was then passed around the school(as in their group of 5 people who get it) like drugs or bubble gum.
The girl got the story back, and thought it would be a good idea to type the story up and fix some parts like why-the-hell-would-Russia-just-leave-after-enchanting-the-kingdom-despite-pretty-Baltic-princesses. She mentions it and says she would do it by the end of the weekend, knowing she had no life that would interfere.
But still, she decided not to, being extremely lazy, and thought "I'll just post it later the next week." The idea seemed fool-proof, until the fangirl realized as she looked at the unfinished school work-
She had finals coming up! Well, then, she'll be too busy to type the story up, although not too busy to skip studying for looking at pretty pictures online and then partying the night before the first set of exams.
So she shrugged her shoulders, and decided the fairytale will never be typed up, or if it is, in quite a long time.
She also realized what a waste it was typing this up instead of typing up the actual story- but feels little remorse. Only a pain in her stomach.
(And then she realized she really needs a LOL icon for occasions like this other than the Kanjani8 one)
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Title: Background
Fandom: Hetalia Italy/Germany
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Hetalia is by Himaruya. Scrambled Historical events.
Summary: Italy could only watch in the background in everything. Italy was fine with that. But after being with Germany, he is forced to watch behind everything again, despite his wish to be up front again.
Notes: (Why did I even write this...?)

Read it here or below!


Sweet Nothings )


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Title: Tea, Cake, and Germans
Fandom: Hetalia Prussia/Lovino
Rating: Teen for Lovino's mouth and Prussia's behavior.
Disclaimer: Kind of AU, human names used. Hetalia by Himaruya.
Summary: Feliciano drags Lovino to Ludwig's house for some cake and tea. He really was not expecting another German joining them, and a very obnoxious one at that.
Notes: A birthday request by a friend for some Prumano. Happy birthday!

You can read it here or down below!


He can't believe he actually puts up with all of this. )


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