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Jan. 6th, 2012 06:46 pm
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Icons(Tiger & Bunny, Hetalia, & Misc)
Total: 47

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It's getting pretty late and I have an important assignment that needs to be done by tomorrow morning, so I can't spend too much time on the entry tonight, even though I have a lot to say!

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I think I'll leave it off at that. Friday is tomorrow so it'll be the weekend once more.

Honk Honk

Mar. 20th, 2011 05:12 pm
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Oh man, I found out the entries for Eurovision. Holy shit, Lena is for Germany again this year.
But- her song. Is. Eugh.
In fact, I checked out the entries from the top countries, and they're not my cup of tea. While a few like Iceland's, Denmark's and Italy's were OK, I was just...

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Moving on

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I don't really know why there's Vic hate really- he apparently gets a role in every anime by funimation and maybe the other points is he's bad..?
  1. Funimation ALWAYS like, casts a popular VA in everything they can. A few years ago, Steven Blum was a VA used in LOTS of anime by Funi, many times a major character. If you watch the old anime late at night on Adult Swim, you'll hear his voice like, 3 times. It's the same with that Johnny Yong Bosch guy that is always in EVERY anime like holy shit, and he wasn't even good at voicing some of them. I freak out when I watch a new anime and I hear HIS VOICE.
  2. The only valid point to not wanting Vic. He was good as Edward Elric, but I can't say he was good for all the other roles he had. He sucked as his role in Bleach, and I vaguely remember his voice for Tamaki for Ouran, and it wasn't amazing.
So, getting the role of Switzerland makes sense. Edward and Switzerland have a lot in common as characters as being blond and temperamental and...
wait... I just had a thought...
*Looks it up*
Romi Park, you're awesome. Vic, you're ugly.
It's not confirmed, but it seems to be right. Vic was only good at a character like Ed, and what better role than Switzerland? Of course it'll be kind of odd hearing Vic's lower voice when I've always loved Romi's higher voice. Another instance Seiyuu>Voice actor. Well, that'll keep happening if every role Romi had is taken up by Vic.

On a random note, I had a creepy dream last night. I don't know if it was from the ice cream  I ate or the sushi I ate.

EDIT 2: False rumour, he's actually voicing Greece... whut.

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 Last week was the last chapter of Fullmetal Alchemist, and of course I did read it. 

I was going to write my reactions. 

But I have such little reaction because I wanted more to the ending, it would be stupid to type it. Plus my feelings for it are tilted more toward the 'unhappy side' of a meter than the 'happy side'.

Read it for yourself!

*Goes back to playing Harvest Moon*
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I was too tired and forgot last night to do this, plus I want to type up that fic, auugh! Well, here's my latest rants and rambles this week:

-Bleach 403
-Naruto 494
-Fullmetal Alchemist 107
-Bakuman 85
-Kamisama Hajimemashita 18


Yup, that's pretty much it. Now off to doing something this weekend... maybe play Guild Wars?

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Exams are coming up, and what am I doing in school?
Writing fail!fairytales of Germany and Italy.
Class well spent, since we weren't doing much else. I'll see if I can post the short story up this week, just for fun.

And since Fullmetal Alchemist also came out this week, I have to remember to do a reactions entry. Here's a spoiler of my reaction after reading the latest Fullmetal Alchemist chapter: "SQUEEEEEEEE HOLY LORD-NOOOOOO".
Make of it as you will, my friends like to joke about me having my own language. Well- you make some weird noises reading manga or watching anime. orz

I'm also a bit happier now because a scan group is translating a shoujo I've been reading like crazy after having me look at the RAWs a while ago. I try my best not to forget about manga I've read and want to continue reading- it seems almost no shoujo being translated has a fixed schedule, so I would wait a few weeks, then a few months, until it turns into a year for a new chapter scanlated.
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Whaaaa, it's only Thursday! But the new chapters are already out, and I learned a lot watching lots of Fullmetal Alchemist today!
Fangirling time!

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I had a funny inkling why there was Fullmetal Alchemist was airing at midnight before all the anime reruns!
They're finally showing the dub of Fullmetal Alchemist Brother, I'm so happy!
I might even follow this series again!
Some fangirlisms

-Major 'Awesome' Armstrong
-Vic Mignogna is voicing Edward again! I'm not one of those rabid Vic-girls, I just think he does a very good Edward.
-Al's voice is different... Aaron Dismuke will be missed(I almost got his autograph ;_;).
-HEY WAIT A MINUTE DID THEY SHORTEN THE ENDING?! Well- I can't even remember the anime-length and only the full-length, but that seemed really short... Maybe it was even that short before. *shrugs*
-Oh yeah, Roy be all cool all soaked in water and useless.

Well, it was only one episode, so I can't say much other than that about the voices and story(when I already saw the first episode months ago...). Adult Swim must be relieved to have something running that's new. I'd very much appreciate if they played FMA at midnight, too.

Also, i should be posting my Valentine's Day later today! I'm just going to sleep and when I wake up, I'll post them.
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Spoilers Ahead, don't read if you get upset over spoilers(cause I don't)

I don't have a general birthday 'fic or anything, but I do have something Spain related I'll be sharing soon! 'Til then...

My short thoughts on new releases this week!
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*Continues freaking out*
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Today had to be the greatest Saturday this year. I had so much fun and laughed so hard- even the little things like how I missed the Lolita tea party didn't matter! It's time for highlights~

-Full on lolita, all day. Well pretty casual actually. My petticoat was just really big and crappy though.
-Good Breakfast
-Panels and the like
-A stall selling Bodyline Lolita dresses, brand coats, Hitler posters, and hot guys pics(not Hitler, Gackt and HYDE). Strange shit.
-Saw the Hetalia cosplayer group from the panel from yesterday... I wished I got a picture of them @_@
-A Commander Riker cosplayer. AND IT WAS AN AMAZING COSPLAY.
-Power Puff Boys, Male Bunny, and Male Princess. Imagine 5 nerds in neon wigs and the tube dresses.
-A lot of good Soul Eater cosplay!
-I started waiting in line for the other Ohayocon famous guest for an autorgraph , but left to do better stuff.
-ROSEARIK RIKKI SIMONS. Don't know who he is? He voices GIR from Invader ZIM. I got to the room almost an hour early and stood there until I got it, got an amazing seat, asked him a question, then waited almost another hour getting his autograph.
-He gave me two autographs. One in my Ohayocon book, and on on a pic of GIR they had.
-Sushi and Japanese ice cream for dinner!

My feet are just about dead from standing all freaking day in my Bodyline shoes but hey- IT WAS WELL WORTH IT.
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Watching the new episode of the dub, when I found out it was the whole Rukia Kaien/Espada episode, I was SO EXCITED. I wanted so bad to watch the emotional episode with the lovely Psuedo-Kaien mind-fucking Rukia…

But the dub, once again, screwed me over.

I already hate Rukia's dub voice by the Ruff woman- it doesn't suit her, and she's says it all weird. I actually hate pretty much all of the voices VIZ chose for the characters- they seem so god awful. The best voice actor they're gotten was the man known for voicing Roy Mustang in FMA as Ashido, and I actually really liked it. There, I could listen to a very nice voice and not mind Michelle's all that much.

But then that quality went back down the toilet when I heard the voice of Kaien.

He sounded stoned or something, just not lively and animated enough for the real Kaien. I couldn't stand it, and then along with Rukia's voice I had to keep it mute for most of the episode.

But that didn’t stop me from hearing what they said.

The whole dynamic between KaiRuki was ruined like pretty much every other relations of two people when you change how they call each other.

"Kaien! Kaien Shiba! Leutenient Shiba!"

What. The. Hell. Is. That.

Add to Kaien calling her Rukia.

That immediately killed their real interactions.

I had to keep it mute for the rest of the episode, placing the correct "Kuchiki" and "Kaien-dono" to ease my nerves. While doing that, I had to recognize the old fail of whoever draws the Bleach anime.

I mean, half the time Ichigo is pretty ugly, but Kaien had to suffer looking ridiculous for almost every frame of him!

That's the anime for you.

All in all, VIZ and Pierrot love to drive me away from the anime and just enjoy Kubo's lovely art in the manga, since every single person is pretty much beautiful and sexy.

I'm thinking Pierrot is even doing it on purpose with the whole quality control issues. When you look at Naruto and its anime(made also by Pierrot), Kishimoto's artwork wasn't entirely smooth and such, but by Naruto Shippuden it seems he's gotten to having characters look good and decent. The anime also started out with some question to being quality work as it most likely just styled after Kishi's work back then, but soon got much cleaner.

Bleach also started a bit different from Kubo's style now, and I must say he's really come quite far where  his styles is one of my most favorite from mangaka. He makes every character sexy, especially Aizen and Byakuya(hurrrrr). The anime in the beginning was styled just like the beginning(those very jutted chins and such) but also grew alongside with Kubo.

The only problem is that even now I've had question over why Ichigo looks so fugly here and there, especially in the lame dubs they come up with(not the zanpakutou arc, it's actually decent because it's Kubo-approved). The anime really hasn't gotten any better(more like worse) after they entered their first full filler arc.


Written last week during the actual episode. The next episode is tonight, and I probably will watch it again!

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I broke my locker mirror yesterday, but that was after all my bad life.

My sister went to Armageddicon (small Columbus Con) for Easter, and I had to spend it with family. She bought us box
sets of Fullmetal Alchemist, which made me really happy(albeit I had to buy $50 for one box) and she bought me a bookmark an artists drew with Germany.

I want to continue watching the new Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood because I want to see where BONES takes this new anime to be closer to the storyline of the manga, despite jumbling the beginning very differently already. Sure, it introduced many of the characters, but it's filler. I also want to watch it because it's the first anime I have watched when it first premiered- I fail.

The recent chapters of Bleach can be summed up in a few partial sentences: Orihime doing the same crying, Ichigo god-moding, Ishida be fucked, immature child Ichigo, but the best thing of all?
The UlquiHime~~!
That chapter has to be one of my favorites because I'm such a fangirl. Bad points were Ishida was downplayed, Ichigo was downplayed, no IchiIshi WTF, and little Rukia. The best points were the gorgeous art(GOD WAS ORIHIME BEAUTIFUL!) and the ULQUIHIME!!!!
I fucking loved it.
Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
we are so canon. |
My sister said someone at Anime Punch cosplayed as Ulquiorra.
God I missed the sexiness of his wings.
I really have a lot to say, but not the time. I have homework to do before going to bed and any other goofing off. I haven't had the time to write my fanfic I'm still working on (10k words- I think this will be more than a one-shot) so yes.
I was also thinking of writing UlquiHime, but I dunno...

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I probably don't look like a big Fullmetal Alchemist fan, but I am. The thing is, I'm not a true fan like most you'll find on the fan websites- I actually watched the amazing anime first before reading the manga. After that, during that gaps of a long time I didn't realize I could read free manga online, I just rewatched the anime and squee over the movie and such.
Right now I've been reading released chapters for a couple of months now, but I still have to catch up from earlier chapters.
I also don't go on any of the thousands of Hagaren fansites, since I'm such a noob fan.

This all seems kind of random, but there IS some relevant to this rant.

BONES' new Fullmetal Alchemist is premiering in Japan in April!

[/fangirl mode for a few hours]

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Top 10 Manga I've read this year:

1. Bleach
2. Fullmetal Alchemist
3. Tsubasa RC
4. Ouran High School Host Club
5. Gokusen
6. Double Arts
7. Akuma to Dolce
8. Absolute Boyfriend
9. Hana Yori Dango
10. Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
No particular order since I always have problems ranking by which I like more- but Bleach is definitely #1. By the way, I totally own the title "Opiniated to a degree." because it is totally me. I need to remember this and introduce myself with this.
"Tamas: opiniated to a degree."

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I've found this awesome tutorial that showed me an awesome way to use default textures and changing the colors a little. So I got a little sick of my last Edward icon which didn't look very nice anymore, and made a new one!

I also made a cool banner of Rukia with the same technique-

Total awesomeness, please don't take and use, and ESPECIALLY not credit me if you do use it without my permission. Same thing with my avatar. <3
And, before I forget...
I'm finally off hiatus now!


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