Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:25 pm
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This should be crossposted from my DW account onto LJ...

To actually put content into this post, I guess this sums up the past weel

1) I came back from Ohayocon 2012 and blogged about it on Tumblr.
2) Right after Ohayocon I now learn of Colossalcon
3) I've started watching Supernatural
4) I just had my last class until the new semester next week
4.5) To celebrate I'm watching Supernatural
5) I also got an account on ao3 for archiving purposes (of course)
6) I'm having myself go on Gaia
7) I'm making myself do a lot of social things
9.5) UGHHH
10) I got an alpaca plush at Ohayocon and now I have to be a part of the community!!!

I wish I could go into more detail (at least making this list was good for me) but I have to go watch more Supernatural because I'm only on season 2 oooooh shit.
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I'm an official zOMG! beta tester for Gaiaonline's coming up MMO flash game.

I'm happy to be able to help on the MMO, and lucky for me, I get to see how the game is! I can't say any information on the game (so I'm not telling ANYONE).
And I was looking at an article in Anime Insider (I only bought it for the Kubo interview) and they had one on zOMG! I pointed it out to my friend at school when we were looking at it, and I slipped and said "I'm beta-testingn that." and she's like "OMG RLY?!!!" 
And I'm like "Yeah!"
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I just feel so lazy, not doing any fanfiction OR Guild Wars... Messing up on that crazy hard mission all because of my stupid father has made me lose the will to play Guild Wars. Like seriously- my sister won't even help me again until she either gets a character that needs to also do that mission or I join another group of people in Kryta who are going, I'm not finishing that quest- and I won't. It's really really long way to get there from the closest outpost with a lot of monsters that are hard to kill, and I know. I travelled in the Cursed Lands and the Black Curtain with all the undead monsters, and I had died every enemy I met, and tried to avoid all the groups which is hard.  I also hate doing bonus missions- too hard.
Anyway... I felt like posting, so I decided to show out my recent new avatar on Gaiaonline. I just felt like using my new Radiant Prism and WTF hat that I bought. Tamas


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