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Alright, so I just finished the 4 Gundam movies, gonna report out on Ohayocon!

Almost step-by-step, too! )

So that was basically what I did! I could've done more, but it was still fun. I'm just sad I didn't buy more at the con, I probably could have bought a Gundam Unicorn model set or find a decent poster! Honestly, there wasn't much I wanted from what I saw selling, or it was overpriced.

Did anyone else go and see nice cosplayers? I saw just a couple of actually good cosplay. I got like, 5 pictures of people, but there were definitely more out there. It was quite obvious the difference of good Hetalia and bad Hetalia cosplay. Again, the Russia and America from the panel were awesome.
Maybe a resolution I should make for the next con I go to(if it's Ohayocon '12 next year), I should actually stick with plans of seeing panels and awesome people. I want to kick myself for missing Chris Sabat. Aw well.

So, I'm just going end it there. Can't wait for a free weekend to make my ZZ Gundam. It would have been AMAZING if I had $60 to buy that larger Zeta Gundam. Which reminds me, I have to find Gundam Zeta somewhere online not in the horrid dub...

Screw ups

Oct. 24th, 2010 05:47 pm
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Hi, I'm it's-been-forever-since-I've-posted. You may not know me because the last time I've posted has been a month ago and I rarely ever comment things.

Cut for long ramblings and excuses )

So that's been my life... Although I've forgotten to mention a few things, so I'll put it down here:

-I've seen a lot of new anime. Steamboy, Akira, Tokyo Godfathers to name a few. Found out Bakuman is NOT a good anime too.
-Die Mannschaft. Still fangirling, and waiting for their next game against Sweden
-I'm hooked to reading drama. And lots of it.
-THE DREAMS I'VE RECENTLY HAD- Cons, Gundam-helmets, Gaia, boats, and Germany. WHAAAAAAT.

I'll post again when/if I have something to actually show... or next time it might be more rants. Who knows?
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I celebrated Valentine's Day with the fics and the joy of avatars. Here's some screenshotsSome screenies )

Pretty much that's it. This was really a spam post, but I couldn't help it.
Please enjoy this shot I got of Romano in towns, though! I had randomly gone to a crowded block when I saw him. We talked(he was really OOC, flirting with me O_o) and I got this shot of us!
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Well, shit.
If I had known how many awesome scans from various stuff like Bleach gum cards of Byakuya in a suit, I could've made so many for Gaia Spirit Week so long ago....

I had used this one because 1) It was a transparent .png and 2) I was too lazy to look from anywhere else from the one site I was getting the pics for making these banners from.

Let me just mention that this last month has NOT been good except for Kamikaze Girls, Lost Angels(but so much grief writing this last chapter!), Bleach filler, Ohayocon(pre-reg was only $30 before my birthday! Still have to repay though), and learning how to shade(if you didn't notice, my old coloring makes their cheeks darker by round gradient and that was it).
I could list all the things that have making me terribly sad, but I don't post so much personal stuff on the internet
I just might be like this next month too, having family leaving for Germany and me stuck with animal care and more, along with school.

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I made an amazing banner for myself everywhere on Gaia and BA:

Like it? I made a matching avatar for BA and a large sized picture of this that I made for posting styles on Gaia.

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Icons (Bleach & Misc.)
[Total]: 57

Bleach, Kanjani8, Moonchild, & CCS )
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My friends over at Gaiaonline.com have this site with lots of comic, many you don't have to be on Gaia to get.
Lots of them are really funny, or just super cool- like BOWBs, which is a Gaian manga(OK, so I don't know if you'd understand it or not...), and Handsome Fungus. Both are awesome artists.
I myself(My Gaia avatar) appear a few times in some of the comics from my friends, its super fun. <3

So savetinytim.com/ is the site, you might be interest in seeing it, although none of it is really anime and manga (except the yaoi in Channel Gazzilion or Fliggle Vs. Creator, same comic).


Nov. 1st, 2008 09:36 pm
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Today is my birthday, and I turned another year older.
I had gotten a couple of gifts, but two presents I received were a $50 gift card for Barnes and Noble and Gaiaonline gear.
I'll definitely use some of the money for manga like Bleach, and save $8 for volume 30 when it comes out next year.
And then, my sister had bought me some Gaia items. She gave me a Coco kitty baby tee, so now I have both Coco and Kiki tees. She also had gotten me Angelic hair clips, which I'm currently wearing (and I don't know how to wear). And then she had gotten me what I really wanted- the Coco Cake stationary set with the new pencil case!

I feel like I need to write some crack fanfics, but Blacklovemail is taking up my writing time.
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I've finally decided to register onto Bleach Asylum forums, after lurking there for quite sometime as a guest. My user name is Tamas on BA.
I've been very busy so I haven't been able to post, but trust me- I've been writing a story IchiRukiKai-centered. It's AU, and slightly OOC- so I've been becoming to accept somewhat OOCness.
I've had this idea for a long time, and I'm still not done on the first chapter. Hopefully when it is done people will like it and want more! It'll be my first attempt at a multi-chaptered fanfic for Bleach.

Right now is the Gaiaonline Halloween Hysteria. It's a awesome idea to have 4 different factions. I irst did human, and the items suck. IMO, I'm a dark elf and I want the last item, which is a staff. I then will probably become a zombie. It's really hard getting points attacking people because there are so many dark elves and other people, the people I target are quickly hit before me. Really sucks.

I might post a preview of my fanfic.

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Oh boy- next thing I'll be doing is joining onto the Naruto Forums!
I've never did much on the computer except go on Gaia, youtube... but soon I resgistered onto Deviantart. I really enjoyed finding all the cute art people have made, and I soon submitted small things.
I also had been to fanfiction.net and I finally resgistered an account on that, too. With it, I didn't have to post my stories on deviantart.
And soon I've been on livejournal, looking at the Naruhina and Kibahina Communities for any new stories (and maybe icons or scans) so now, I registered.

Now, I don't know much on Livejournal, so advice or something always help. o.o


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