Jun. 12th, 2010 11:31 pm
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 Funny thing I found out when I was looking something up today. 

More than 50 countries celebrate Father's Day on the 3rd Sunday in June, while some countries-like the Nordics but NOT Denmark-celebrate it months later. 
I gotta remember that.

There's thunder and lightning rolling over, it's kind of scary.
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 Computer is gone right  now, so I can do nothing. 

All I can say is I'm going crazy over Alexander Rybak! Specifically, his new music video for his song "Oah."
The image of goofy Alexander.
With glasses.
And a bowtie. 


Silly, silly.
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To feel proud for the achievements I have done- they are very little. To see others that actually enjoy what I can do, it brings me happiness from the bottom of my heart. Oh the joy of  being able to do something 

I feel so happy for the beginning of the year! Even though I'm not excited for what's coming up in the very beginning of February, I'm currently living in the moment.
I'm happy that Blacklovemail is actually getting all of these views. People are actually leaving reviews how they wouldn't like the story, but want to see more or how it ends! This always happens when I read fanfics. I should really get to work on the next chapter next weekend.
What's better? Lovely Dressing, which I wrote for Rukia's brithday(albeit a day belated) and truly LOVED it myself- or at least the idea of Lolita and Lolicon. After writing that I had to research on some terms and learned a lot about the fashion, and now I'm rather interested in it. 

For school, I was able to color some manga, so I decided on practicing shoujo manga, and colored a favorite spread of mine for Cardcaptor Sakura. Of course the quality is rather poor, but my teacher won't be judging on the quality. I was even surprised when I printed it out at school, I was showing my friend when one of the students saw it and asked me if she could take a picture of it.

And now that I've already written a fanfic on my laptop, I can say I'm off hiatus. I'm just too lazy to get all of my pictures files and graphics. That Bleach page I've been coloring is in need of being finished. I was planning when I finish it I could try making some graphics with it, or print it out to show my friend since I mentioned it to her. 
And then leave it in my locker to let me see wonderful IchiRuki smex staring all colorful.

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 I finally had gotten my laptop back again, and after a while getting the internet card and connection to the network to work, I've finally gotten my new laptop all ready except for a few minor things, likeing syncing my one-note notebooks and a few other important documents. 

I'll finally be getting off hiatus, even though with school I'll be much more busy anyway.

The laptop is okay compared to my old one, sadly it can't be as good or even better than my old one, but I guess I'll have to deal with it, and use it much less. 

WTH Ike?!

Sep. 15th, 2008 05:55 pm
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You see, I live in the North-Eastern states, and yesterday we were just hit with 70 mph winds from hurricane Ike. I had gotten sick during the night, and I wasn't going to school- as much as it would suck to get behind with school, but hoorah- the power at school went out, so no school today! 
But what worries me is tomorrow is a field trip at school, and I don't know if I'll have school tomorrow, plus that'll be another day of missing Lego Robotics at school, which I decided to do instead of the fall play this year. 

I know it's weird, but I actually WANT school tomorrow.

I don't know why, but I just like using my mom's mac instead of the computer that has Office '07...
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 Sooo my new laptop has finally decided to read the disk drive and I have Microsoft Office 07 on it, and now all I'm waiting for is an internet card to come in the mail, and I can do the rest and finally have a laptop again.

But something better has happened- I got Office 07 on the sister's newer computer in the computer room. Right now you can be on the newer and faster computer, but can still use the older and slower one and both moniters are right next to each other, but the bigger tower is below, so it's realy cool, and it's much easier to work on 3 computers at once!
So I have been able to transfer all my files that only worked with Office 07 to the newer computer-let's call it Delilah- and I can stand typing fanfics, and not just my new laptop, which is kinda weird from my old one.

Of course my father is to be the biggest douche and hide both my laptops for no damn good reason AT ALL except he's a total idiot and you don't have to be that old to be smart with him, but I hadn't done anything so he just went off and took my laptops for no good reason and won't give them back.

Other than that and school, I'm happy right now. 
Not much in Bleach OR Naruto recently, too... Hisagi's shikai release was a total highlight and I actually wasted ink on printing the page of him all awesome with it.
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*Spoiler to new chapter this week*
Hisagi looks SOOOOO hot in the newest chapter. I lurve him. And I finally see his zanpakutou. I need to find a HQ of the last page and print it for school next week. 
Kira was cool too. Funny he's also has got some spotlight in the filler.

I finally got my new laptop, and while I was trying to download Office 07 to it, I found out it won't read the disk drive. Yeah, really great. So I still don't have my own working laptop. I missed my old one so much, I'm on it now. The hard drive and everthing is all working just fine, I just can't see anything with a broken screen- so I can just hook it up to a moniter. Untfotunately my internet card got lost, so it's on a cord connected to the router right next to the old computer on the floor, not that comfortable.

Along with school, this is very stressing. I have so many good stuff happening, but I can't fully enjoy it with a laptop. I'm still on hiatus.

AND I'm still waiting for DB to sub Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion.

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I'm starting Lego Robotics which is after school and I don't get home until 6, and then homework is usually going to take me 1-2 hours. That means I'll have very little time now to get on the computer during the week days, because I usually take a shower a 8 pm and then after a little while getting out, I go to bed so I'm not that tired the next day.

I can't wait until Bleach DiamondDust Rebellion comes out tomorrow and Dattebayo subs it!!

Yes, I still haven't gotten my new laptop.
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I spent time relaxing today and finished homework due tomorrow. Saturday was pretty neat because I went shopping for clothes for school, but instead I got the 23rd volume of Bleach and 7th volume of Death Note! 

I also spent today watching the first episodes of Code Geass, because it's pretty interesting. 

So, happy labor day to everyone since we were home. My father and sister went out of state WITH OUR CAT so it was only my mother and I. 

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Title: More than Nakama
Fandom: Bleach Ichigo/Rukia (Hinted Rukia/Kaien)
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo Tite. Spoilers up to recent arc.
Summary: They were nakama. That was always obvious to everyone around them- but he always thought more- but did she? Wasn't he even important enough to know what had happened to her when they went to save Orihime? He had to ask.
Notes: Since the Winter War isn't actually over IMO, I made up the end. Soul Society did win against Aizen, but he was able to flee before they could get him. Other than that it should be all fact.

Preview B- now with more text!><br /><span class= )

I really don't want to upload this on Fanfiction.net until I revise it on a computer and not a mac, specifically my new laptop. But again, I thought I would have it by yesterday, and again, Chris wasn't at work so my mom didn't know if he was done testing it or anything. So I'll have to go the long weekend which I probably could've used to transfer my files to it and download all the programs. 
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My first day of school was- chaotic.
I wasn't even given all of m school supplies from everyone, and we still don't have our planners for school OR sketchbooks for Art.
I could have had a heart attack when I found out I was in the most advanced Spanish class for my grade-when last year I was in intro as it was my first year learning Spanish. So even though everyone was shocked I was in the class, they probably are still better at Spanish adn I'll be close to failing the class.
I was also kind of nervous going into advanced math.

I still feel unprepared about school.

My new laptop is getting tested this week, so soon it'll be done. Still on hiatus, but now with school, I won't have any time on weekdays to do little if any writing at all, so I'll only have weekends, and my parents can even ruin my only days off- they should just nag my sister since she's home until the end of the month when she finally starts college.


Aug. 26th, 2008 04:01 pm
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School starts tomorrow- I'm super nervous.

I also had a very scary dream two days ago.
It was the first time that I remember someone innocent and I didn't even know died right before my eyes in the dream, getting drowned and couln't get out.
And before, was a scene of Sasuke running up and down stairs. The scene happened twice, once with Sasuke, and the 2nd with Naruto and Sakura following him. It was pre-TS.
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I made my first meme, which is a Fanfic Writer Meme.

(My Fanfic Meme!)

I actually wasted a lot of time just to make it really colorful, and drew the doodles and scanned them on.
I'm kind of proud, buy you shouldn't be of meme's.
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Title: Untitled
Fandom: Bleach Ichigo/Rukia
Rating: Teen for blood
Disclaimer: Bleach not by me, by Kubo.
Summary: During the Winter War where Ichigo thinks up a harsh plan so Rukia can be safe, even though he could never actually tell her the truth. (Is being very vague for a reason)
Notes: Inspired by IchiRuki theme #37 'Losing My Grip'. Preview only, another new idea that came up while I am on hiatus. Thoughts I will have this done by hiatus is over? Not that likely- the same with previous preview I made. Has a few mistakes but it's only a preview of content.

Preview )

On another note, while going shopping and got a new polo and jeans, I went to Barnes and Nobles and got two new books- volume 22 of Bleach and Volume 12 of Death Note. I now have a tendency to not buy the first volumes of Manga (especially if I already seen the beginning) and just go for special volumes that I really like- hence why I had gotten volume 12 (the last volume) when I have no other volume on Death Note.
And I'm still going to ask for the untranslated volume 30 of Bleach for my birthday November. I want sexy Kaien bad.
I don't know why I chose volume 22 instead of 23 when it has Rukia also, AND chapter 0! Maybe the sight of a half-naked Ikkaku would make my mother question about getting me it. I would've also had gotten volume 16, but Barnes and Noble didn't have the volume EITHER or any of the volumes between 10-20 for that matter.
I have to stay up to watch Adult Swim. It makes me think of back when they showed Cowboy Bebop, and even back when Outlaw Star was on Cartoon Network. Now, they made their schedule so any anime is past midnight, which is utter bullshit since many people who have been watching them watched them for the Japanese shows they had.
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My old old Dell D800 with it's broken screen will probably won't be used anymore.

My mom isn't going to spend the big amount of money on buying a new screen, so she's just getting me a new laptop- I was excited at first, but then my mom bursts my bubble:
"So I'll get you a D600 we have at work, you know the one we gave to your 4-year-old cousin (which needs a new hard drive when my 2-year-old cousin dropped it)?"
So I was kind of glad of getting a slightly smaller laptop so it'll fit in my locker for school and laptop bag too... but when I asked about wha it can hold.
We can re-use the memory we put in my old laptop when I got it (which was less than a year ago), but the storage instead of 80 gigabytes, it's 40 gigabytes- which I'm definitely afraid of. That means for all the anime and files like that, it'll all have to be on the network connection to my sister's old computer.

But I won't get my new laptop while chris "builds" it. The thing is, he's taking good parts from all the laptops he has and putting them together for one laptop.
THEN when I finally have it, i'll have to transfer ALL MY FILES to the new laptop, and probably download all my applications and crap, and set it all to my customization. *Sigh*

I'm on my mother's Powerbook, it of course it annoys me to no end.
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School is starting the 27th next week... I still have two more essays to do, so I have no choice but to do them on two books I've read before. And get them all printed out too. I really am nervous to start a new grade and whole new classes, especially with the big jump in Math class- I'm now in a more advanced class.
I actually got on my laptop for a couple of minutes just a minute ago- since the only thing broken is the screen, I could just hook up a monitor 9and we have a few, particularly my sister's slightly smaller on connected to her 2nd computer right next to me and the old computer on the floor. I had just needed to get a important document from it for school now in a converted file for Office '03. Unfortunately I couldn't get on the internet because my internet card went missing, and couldn't stay on because I couldn't waste the battery while my power cord is at my mom's work for some odd reason.
My mom has ordered for the new screen, and she says I'll have my laptop finally fixed when school starts.
Thus the end of Summer and vacation is near, as well as hiatus...
Renji's birthday is soon, and I really want to write a Fanfic of him (RenRuki) but I don't know with hiatus and laziness... which will also end soon.
Bleach: Diamond Dust Rebellion is coming out on DVD September 3rd, which means Dattebayo will be subbing it and I'll be able to see it next month! I really can't wait not because I'm a fangirl of Hitsugaya (I'm not, thought he is cool) but finally Rukia and justice towards her for what Pierrot had her in Memories of Nobody, meaning Ichigo won't treat so badly! And of course coming up in December is Fade To Black, Call out your Name! >w< I can't wait to finally see the trailer for the movie soon and when it comes out spoilers and reviews!
My sister is already starting on Ohayocon, there's a chance she won't be going in January. I won't be able to go for free since I'm too old, so I have to either find $30 now, or ask for $35 for my birthday in November if I want to pre-register. I'd be really excitewd to go even though I'll be nervous going with no cosplay or nice clothes and I'll be so shocked at all the expensive merchandise. On my mental list to get stuff from the con even if I don't go I'll ask my sister to get me is-
.Rukia merchandise.
.Bleach merchandise (depends though on what/who it is)
.More Manga/Artbooks (I want All Color But Black)
.Artists stuff. @w@
.Probably a poster or something of another Anime (chance it will be Naruto, not likely)

But I seriously won't know until I either go there and check it out or my sister looks for stuff there.
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I'm fucking pissed. So pissed I just want to get off and stop talking for a while.

My mom took my laptop to work today to FINALLY get the new inverter board in since the guy working was on vacation last week. I call her, hoping they were already fixing it and it'll be home today or tomorrow.

... The screen itself is broken instead- it didn't need a new inverter board, the fucking screen is broken.

So it'll remain broken for even longer of a time while they fix it as soon as possible.

I'm asking myself right now- "What fucking idiot told me like, 2 weeks ago the inverter board was broken? Who was the fucking ass hole that had my mom waste money buying a new inverter board and having us wait for Chris to come back from vacation, just to tell us it's not the inverter board, but the screen that needs to be fixed?"

I'm so glad I'm alone at home because I would seriously have gotten banned from the old computer how loud I screamed into the phone.

Hiatus has been extended to godwhothehehllknows when, as now I'm waiting for the real problem for my laptop to be fixed.

I think I'm going to go offline for a while and not talk to anyone. That's a good idea.
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My sister and I had gotten a second parakeet because we wanted another one, and Sho-kun is lonely by herself (Sho was my sister's friend and she hadn't known it was actually a girl, so we just call her Sho-kun, haven't tried Sho-chan or anything). We had gotten a completely yellow boy from the barn, and have yet to rename it, since we will not tolerate calling it Billy or whatever.
My sister wanted the word for Dandelion, but she doesn't like Tanpopo so we're still thinking of a name.

Title: Not yet decided
Fandom: Bleach IchiRukiKai (Err... not really)
Rating: Teen for curse word(s).
Disclaimer: Bleach not by me... spoilers up to recent chapters.
Summary: Not available right now.
Notes: Preview for one-shot I've worked on. Takes place after the Winter War- Soul Society did win, but Aizen was able to get away. Other than that it should be all fact.

Oh yes, I actually am showing you a preview of a new one-shot, even though I'm on hiatus- how did I do that? Well, really the only thing stopping me is my annoyance of having to use the computer to sit straight or the computer right below, but today I learned it doesn't even have Word '03, so I can't use it either. I've been bored not writing something and I've had ideas bouncing all around in my head, I decided to type another Bleach one-shot.
Unfortunately I'm not done yet and since the computer in downstairs in a uncomfortable chair, I can't and won't stay up to finish it. I'll just leave it for tomorrow or even Monday, which is when I'll be getting my laptop to my mom's work and hopefully the guy will be there to fix it the same day.
Hiatus is almost over!
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Thoughts on the official VIZ English translations of Bleach in both the anime and manga, mostly on how I do not like them.
Spoilers up to Soul Society arc.
I knew VIZ was the dub-makers of Naruto. I never liked the voices they all used for the characters, and cutting out scenes or trying to making them more age-appropriate for a kids show (which it was NOT supposed to be, hence all the scenes that were haxed) and of course, having to change Naruto's '-Dattebayo!' word to "Believe it!" ... Yes, I hated the dub.
And VIZ has made problems with Bleach also, but both dub AND manga.
Once again, the voice actors- I despise Michelle Ruff voicing Rukia. She sounds like an middle-aged woman (albeit Rukia is over 100 years old) and seeing a shinigami girl that looks young enough to pass off a teenager and is small with a voice of a middle-aged woman isn't very appealing or pleasant.
And then the openings and endings. I can't understand why VIZ would do the openings, but replace the good endings with this plain background with small shots of different episodes? At least VIZ used bits of the ending music, unlike in Naruto.
But my greatest annoyance of the anime AND manga is they took out the whole names dynamic.
The names dynamic does play import roles in the story- the distance between Ichigo and Orihime because they call each other by their family names, Rukia calling Byakuya nii-sama since he is still her honorable brother, and Ishida calling everyone by their last names, a suffix if necessary.
What did VIZ do? "Screw names! We'll just have EVERYONE call Ishida Uryu, Sado Chad, Kuchiki Rukia (Inoue, Ishida, and Sado call her Kuchiki-san), and Inoue Orihime."
That takes out a lot of how many characters show respect for others, as in Japan, only close friends and family call people by their first names; otherwise it's very rude.
You take out that dynamic of Bleach, you're sure to ruin a some-what good anime (Studio Pierrot and their animation and fillers...) just to make some clueless American teenager or tween understand. I, however, will not stand listening Ishida calling everyone by first name nor Orihime.
And like I've said, I despise Michelle Ruff voicing Rukia.
More like a rant, really.
Anyway- camp is over, and my laptop is going to get fixed on Monday, hopefully it'll come back the same day.
There's probably more about  the anime I didn't mention, but oh well.
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I'm sorry, but I can't stand August anymore. 
Disappointment looming over me on the 27th when school starts and I don't have homework done,
My dad's truck is totaled and we have this crappy new car,
My laptop is broken and won't be fixed until next week when I thought it would be fixed today or even yesterday,
I didn't want to go, not even for one day. My sister FORCES me to go and I say "For one day then!" and then instead, I have to go for the rest of the week and be part of the retarded show because they needed another person for the drill they're doing, since only 3 REAL campers are actually experienced enough to do it- the rest are beginners (There's a fucking 4-year-old that can't even change herself- WHY THE HELL IS SHE ALLOWED TO BE HERE WITHOUT PARENTAL PERMISSION??) or are just plain idiots.
The only thing I liked about it is I was able to ride for free (my sister is paying me to go there and plus she's good friends with barn co-owner) and I wasn't given any critique on my riding (she didn't have to point out things I was doing wrong) even though I haven't been on a horse since last summer and I've gotten more out of shape since then. But then the rest of the day sucked and was annoying- and I DEFINITELY never liked being in the show on the last day of camp. I don't even get to go home when it ends at 4- I have to stay at the barn until 6 for when my mom will pick me up- and then we don't get home until like, 7 pm. And then I have to go to sleep early for the NEXT DAY.
Checking on everything new on websites I go to on the internet takes me MORE than 3 hours, especially reading fanfiction and forums.
Dammit, I don't want school.


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