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For the Fourth of July (an explosion of patriotism for America) I actually went to a friend's house for the day and saw more fireworks. I had seen my city's main fireworks show last Friday but this one was being done by the suburb, but still very large. Incredibly memorable for me, because as long as I could remember I had spent July 4th that same for years, and today was completely new. It was pretty fantastic.
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It's late and I have the hiccups I have to get rid of!
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Is it just me, or is LJ seeming...slower? 
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Also, here's a catchup of the meme:
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I was a little worrying about that earthquake hitting New Zealand because I know of someone living there, and the weather got worse.
I wake up and find out about the earthquake and the tsunami that hit Japan this morning, it actually did shake me up a little bit.
I don't really know what to say because this is just another little piece of someone on the internet acknowledging the natural disaster and not able to actually help, but I do hope for a safe place for everyone there in the middle of it and support from others for clean up and recovery.

I should be more sympathetic, living in the middle of Ohio where few natural disasters ever occur. What would I know of how scary it can be?


Dec. 14th, 2010 05:43 pm
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So a quite a while ago I read an article on Arama about a new possible law banning certain crimes or behaviors in anime and manga. I shrugged it off, and went on with life.
Now, in a few hours should be daytime in Japan, and the new bill with these regulations is supposed to either pass or not. This pass week has exploded over people panicking about it. Basically, some manga/anime with all sort of mature themes will be forced to be labeled +18. It's supposed to protect Japan's youth from harmful behavior and crimes. Titles are going to be reviewed and be labeled as either healthy or unhealthy.
I have even read some lulzy fake new reports, one being Kubo Tite being pursued by police and is now on the run. Reading that was hilarious.
But Kubo Tite is not going to be affected by this because Bleach isn't unhealthy.
Why does this news have to be posted to a Bleach community? Please, if you haven't heard about it before then you're not making any effort to even stay updated on news.
I don't know why, but this was really annoying. And apparently angry!Spock is my only angry icon.
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Two things:

One, Kuragehime. THE ANIME IS HYUUUUUNG. <3
I really enjoyed watching this anime. Awesome, AWESOME story- yet again another anime/manga I strongly like that has cross-dressing/unconventional gender roles, coincidence?
It's something different, and the anime is airing in Japan this season, feels good feeling like I'm keeping up when I'm really not. I mean, I gotta at least see one or two episodes of Gurren Lagann.
And look into seeing Gintama.
And watch more of Gundam 0083.
And Gundam Unicorn.
Maybe I'll just go play with my Gundam game...
Back to Kuragehime, I also think the opening/endings are cute. Opening is of course better animation-wise, but you can't beat the ending with the music by Sambomaster. I spent the entire first time listening to it thinking, "I KNOW WHO THIS IS, BUT'S BEEN SO LONG...THEY FUCKING HAD SONGS FOR BLEACH, YES, THAT GROUP.... WHAT'S THEIR NAME?!"
Now I have to go look around for their recent music, but I can still remember their second Bleach ending song I still have not found. It's just been a while since I have been going back to just my alternative and indie pop and forgetting of the popular Jpop being released. Cold War Kids, Passion Pit, Mumford and Sons, Phoenix, MGMT...

Second, really?
Is it THAT hard to figure out how to use an Lj-cut? They actually have a question EXPLAINING JUST HOW TO on the site. It seems very obvious when you post to a community without an Lj-cut and ask how you make them that you only bothered to join LJ to post that one time. Personally, it helps having an LJ and lurking everywhere, so whenever(if ever) I first post on a community, I'm not having to ask the whole "How do LJ-cut?".
I've seriously seen it several times, twice or so this week FROM THE SAME COMMUNITY. DDD:

And as an extra note, some random lines from life.
Had a wickedly scary dream last night. I woke up and tried to fall asleep but then I just dreamed A CONTINUATION. Was not fun.
I actually have a Death Note tag? Odd.
As always, forever alone.


Apr. 17th, 2010 10:39 pm
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So, I remembered this one comic I read on Pixv of Germany and Japan talking at Japan's. Germany trips and accidentally falls on Japan. Italy just so happens to barge in like his happy self, until he saw the scene of Japan lying on the floor with Germany right over him and freezes.
There's a small moment of astonishment, before Italy grins, and pretends to act fine. He quickly leaves. Japan says something to Germany, so he rushes to catch Italy, whose heart is feeling torn because of what he saw.

That was the basic plot of the comic. I wanted to read/look at it again, so I check my favorites.
But I didn't have it.
So then I spent an hour or so searching for it, but did not find it.
I'm a little sad.
I guess I should find something else.
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Why don't people use ß when they want to spell Preußen? They just do Preussen, which is basically OK because the letter is supposed to be an ss, but...
It just makes me unnerved. The ss just doesn't look right(UNLESS that's exactly how you spell it)

I heard Prussia's little song for the Hetalia movie is ADDICTING- the preview that is. I can't wait to hear the full-version! For some reason when I open old Windows Media Player, I can play the preview. Teehee.
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I've signed up on Pixiv, thanks to the guides out there providing translations!

For a series like Hetalia, you're missing out on seeing lovely fanart on your own if you don't sign up for Pixiv. You see, Pixiv is the DeviantART equivalent in Japan(if not even better).
One of the hardest things is having to search for what you want, because the Japanese have fan-terms of their own for couples, characters, or groups of characters.

弟組= Germany&America(Translated as Young brother team)
お花夫婦= Germany&Italy(Translated as the Axis flower couple)
ゲルマン一家= Translated as the German family. Can include;

See... I'm confused about Iggy, Sweden, and Denmark in there! I don't mind the Sweden and the Germans, but exactly WHY?

There's so much amazing art there, there's less of a good vs. crappy ratio than on DeviantART. I just need to get used to it more- just like Nico Nico Douga.


Feb. 20th, 2010 09:18 pm
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Went to a Japanese restaurant today, this being the 2nd time me having more food than just sushi.
The Miso soup was amazing. :>
Afterwards, went shopping and playing. I bought a Charlie the Unicorn shirt from Hot Topic.
It's crowded with all sorts of annoying people- but mostly annoying teens(some even younger than ME!) all yelling and talking like they're actually cool shopping at some "Dark, alternative" store and like all the movies and music on the T-shirts and all their amazing clothing of frilly skirts and corsets and all-
News flash.
Hot Topic is very, mainstream.
With mainstream franchises, like Lady Gaga, Disney, your Twilight movies, Harry Potter- hell, even Percy Jackson.
Most of all, most of their products and clothing are either very low quality or overpriced- both pertaining to their clothing and such.
I mean really- $30 for a shirt. My CtU shirt was $10 from the clearance boxes.
Those corsets and skirts are very bad quality- I just don't like them 'cause I know of better quality clothing.

I had a group of tweens yelling behind me in line about how cool stuff are, how 'epic' Michael Jackson was... I almost was going to tell the cashier how annoying their customers are, but I kept silent. I can't just go into the store to buy something and complain of their customers-despite how stupid so many of them are.
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Note: This is not to be taken that seriously- writer's block called for a possible bashing-fest from all the drama I've been reading in fandoms, so I wrote it. Terrible of me since I should be writing something else, but oh well....

Do you know someone in your life who is a weeaboo? Are you yourself a weeaboo? Mostly used on the internets, weeaboo is a term for those people so obsessed with anime/manga or Japan that they practically breathe it and always talk of it- even randomly using Japanese words like 'baka' and 'desu' they pick up from being so obsessive. Despite their RABU of Japan 24/7, many don't know much of Japan outside what they learn from the last episode of Naruto or Vampire Knight or whatever anime/manga those people are into. 


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Today had to be the greatest Saturday this year. I had so much fun and laughed so hard- even the little things like how I missed the Lolita tea party didn't matter! It's time for highlights~

-Full on lolita, all day. Well pretty casual actually. My petticoat was just really big and crappy though.
-Good Breakfast
-Panels and the like
-A stall selling Bodyline Lolita dresses, brand coats, Hitler posters, and hot guys pics(not Hitler, Gackt and HYDE). Strange shit.
-Saw the Hetalia cosplayer group from the panel from yesterday... I wished I got a picture of them @_@
-A Commander Riker cosplayer. AND IT WAS AN AMAZING COSPLAY.
-Power Puff Boys, Male Bunny, and Male Princess. Imagine 5 nerds in neon wigs and the tube dresses.
-A lot of good Soul Eater cosplay!
-I started waiting in line for the other Ohayocon famous guest for an autorgraph , but left to do better stuff.
-ROSEARIK RIKKI SIMONS. Don't know who he is? He voices GIR from Invader ZIM. I got to the room almost an hour early and stood there until I got it, got an amazing seat, asked him a question, then waited almost another hour getting his autograph.
-He gave me two autographs. One in my Ohayocon book, and on on a pic of GIR they had.
-Sushi and Japanese ice cream for dinner!

My feet are just about dead from standing all freaking day in my Bodyline shoes but hey- IT WAS WELL WORTH IT.

Power duo!

Jan. 22nd, 2010 08:17 pm
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Remember the mangakas for Death Note?
Yeah, Ohba and Obata were so awesome together, and Death Note wasn't even their first collaboration. Shows the two must like working together!

You see, I saw some Japanese news about the top manga volumes sold in Japan last year(or something like that...) and I was checking out the mangaka names.
What do I see?
Ohba and Obata's names!

It seems right after Death Note they collaborated once again to make a new manga- Bakuman.
Now I'm pretty late in this(laaaaaaaame, I'll always be late on such stuff) because the manga started back in 2008, but it wasn't until 2009 it became much more popular and thus made that list.
(Or maybe no fandoms near me are part of the Bakuman fandom... It could be large for all I know!)

Anyways, I've always really liked Obata's art work, so I'm going to try to read Bakuman, and see how it is.
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Another year is over, and so much has happened that I totally forgot about!
I've gotten into Hetalia, and even got my friends into it-!
Including all the manga I found and have loved such as Cat Street, Skip Beat, and more!
I also find some awesome anime, and I loved Baccano!

I've actually read books for leisure instead of school too! 9 books that I can remember!

I probably added over 100 new songs to my collection, which consists of loads of Jpop and Jrock

I've gotten better reading Japanese with the help of reading doujins and RAW manga...

My whole frilly dresses business, too!

Anyways, hope everyone has had a good year- a good decade, for the matter- and I hope 2010 will be just a wonderful!
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I found an entry here for some new ideas of manga(with loli) and even dramas. Right now my goal this month is to see a drama, but then I was hearing people talk about this manga/drama called Cat Street, so I decided to try it.
I think I finished reading the 35 chapters in 3 days!
I absolutely loved the manga, my type of shoujo!
Cat Street is a manga about a girl named Keito, who was a child actress. When she was 9 she was a main role for a musical, but froze on stage, ruining her career and making her a recluse for 7 years.
When she is out one day, she meets a man who shows her El Liston, a free school for people who couldn't attend regular schools because of their schedules or social problems, as you could go whenever you wanted to. She goes on to meet 3 friends  and it progresses of their lives and relationships.
First off, the art was pretty nice, I just loved Kouichi because he was so handsome in many panels.

Kouichi is one of Keito's best friends. Not only is he hot, he has an IQ of 200, but has had social problems, letting anyone getting close to him.
The art is pretty simplistic when I compare eyes to other shoujo, but it's still very good. In fact, I had noticed something familiar of the style.
The author, Yoko Kamio, did Hana Yori Dango.
As far as story, I think it was a good story. Keito is having to get used to people after staying in her room isolated for all the years, and getting over what happened to her on the stage.
Last is the romance that makes it a shoujo. It has good cases of romances. Right in the beginning there's an old childhood crush- later on another couple, jealously, and two finally confess after a period of almost 3 years being separated, including one or two unrequited cases. And I must say, I really love the person Keito ends up with, and how they got there.
Now, I'm interested in seeing what the drama is like. It's only 6 episodes, and the actors don't look as cute, but it's a goal I want to meet!

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Even though I've been going home much earlier now before the new year when I have to stay after school again for competition, I haven't had any time to write anything, or DO anything. It truly sucks.
I've been reading some shoujo... and I must tell you I've gotten addicted to a shoujo called Akuma to Dolce which is soooo cute! Beaut is an awesome character. There's a similarity between him and Death the Kidd.
Sadly there has only been 8 chapters and it's irregular, so I have NO idea when the next chapter will come out, although a chapter is due by now.
Christmas is putting me in a happier mood. I've already taken some Christmas gifts, so I probably won't have anything for me on Christmas at home, but family out of state will.

I've also have been taken aliking to Jpop songs. My favorite bands are Aqua Timez, uVERworld, Porno Graffitti, Kanjani8, TOKIO, and a few more.
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Finally, the god-awful Bleach fillers are over, and they actually have re-started on the moment where they left off in Hueco Mundo! I myself did not watch it because I don't care about Ichigo's fight with Grimmjow and I won't be interested with the episodes until Rukia, Hanatarou, and Byakuya appear again, and the FTB opening and ending trailers.
But I wanted to see and hear the new songs because I heard the opening was one by Aqua Timez, who I really like.

Nice song, I like the animation. Extra awesome? So many characters in one opening. Having Soul Society AND the Vizards together? Epic indeed.

The ending? It's a OK song, but I dont know about the animation and effort in some parts... Rukia, Inoue, and Ichigo (especially) looked strange in the end.

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The latest Bleach movie: Fade to Black CM is out, and instead of Ichigo -> Rukia, Karakura gang -> Rukia, its Renji -> Rukia, which warms my heart they're showing the rest of the harem men important to Rukia.

But... the IchiRukiRen-ness only lasted in me for a short while, when I remembered Ichigo's similar quote.

Renji: "What is... this nostalgic feeling? Urgh, it's no good, I can't remember."
Ichigo: "Rukia, there is no way I will ever forget you!!"

Renji, who we all probably agree is/was in love with Rukia, doesn't remember. Ichigo's quote though, shows he could never forget Rukia, which severely beats Renji, yet again.
Poor Renji gets overshadowed by Ichigo for both strength and the girl.
You know what, I should type my thoughts up about that sometime...
Byakuya -> Rukia CM maybe? 

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Today's is Sasuke's birthday, which I had heard on the forums. Haha, like I would care.

What is interesting is I'm watching Ghost Hunters International, they were in this place where a little girl had died when trying to slide down the stairs banister from the top (It was a LONG way down) in Ireland. And two guys were on the stairs looking around when one pointed down on the floor. I wasn't very focused so I thought the guy had said "There's a duck down there!" And I was like "Wha, a duck??" My sister and I started making fun of it (He actually said something ducked under there) so my sister was making quack sounds, and I added.
She looked at me with a strange face for a moment, then understood and was like "Oh, Riggghtt!"

That's your birthday present from me Sasuke, totally forgot about it today, so I have no other gift like a Sasusaku fanfic for you.
I'm taking to watching streamed RAWs of Bleach episodes- the Japanese commercials are so like the commercials in Germany with the children all smiling, liking it, and the only thing you hear about it is "delicious, lecker, wonderful!" and there were so many video game commercials.
Even though I don't understand what they are really saying, it's enjoyable to watch before seeing High quality and subtitles from Dattebayo.

And even better A SUMMARY ON 3RD BLEACH MOVIE??? Sounds very very interesting, making my hyped.


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