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Happy birthday to Shiba Kaien from Bleach- 10.27.09!

God I loved his character so much, despite being deceased when the Bleach storyline started.  I also LOOOOOOOVE the KaiRuki relationship and her guilt afterward in Bleach.
Poor Kaien had so much going for him, but so much happened;
-First off, he's dead
-His entire body and memories and such were captured by an espada, and totally mind-fucked Rukia.
-The whole Ichigo looks like Kaien business. NO THEY'RE NOT THE SAME.
-His voice actor was TERRIBLE. Despite Kaien being more energetic and enthusiastic than Ichigo most of the time, his voice sound liked he was someone high and smoking- IT RETAINED NONE OF HIS PERSONALITY.

Now, he's a loving memory in Rukia's mending heart, now used OOC to the max in fanfiction.
(of course I'm one of them)

Unforunately, no fanfics. I'm planning on doing NaNoWriMo. Still need a plot and story though. x_x

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Watching the new episode of the dub, when I found out it was the whole Rukia Kaien/Espada episode, I was SO EXCITED. I wanted so bad to watch the emotional episode with the lovely Psuedo-Kaien mind-fucking Rukia…

But the dub, once again, screwed me over.

I already hate Rukia's dub voice by the Ruff woman- it doesn't suit her, and she's says it all weird. I actually hate pretty much all of the voices VIZ chose for the characters- they seem so god awful. The best voice actor they're gotten was the man known for voicing Roy Mustang in FMA as Ashido, and I actually really liked it. There, I could listen to a very nice voice and not mind Michelle's all that much.

But then that quality went back down the toilet when I heard the voice of Kaien.

He sounded stoned or something, just not lively and animated enough for the real Kaien. I couldn't stand it, and then along with Rukia's voice I had to keep it mute for most of the episode.

But that didn’t stop me from hearing what they said.

The whole dynamic between KaiRuki was ruined like pretty much every other relations of two people when you change how they call each other.

"Kaien! Kaien Shiba! Leutenient Shiba!"

What. The. Hell. Is. That.

Add to Kaien calling her Rukia.

That immediately killed their real interactions.

I had to keep it mute for the rest of the episode, placing the correct "Kuchiki" and "Kaien-dono" to ease my nerves. While doing that, I had to recognize the old fail of whoever draws the Bleach anime.

I mean, half the time Ichigo is pretty ugly, but Kaien had to suffer looking ridiculous for almost every frame of him!

That's the anime for you.

All in all, VIZ and Pierrot love to drive me away from the anime and just enjoy Kubo's lovely art in the manga, since every single person is pretty much beautiful and sexy.

I'm thinking Pierrot is even doing it on purpose with the whole quality control issues. When you look at Naruto and its anime(made also by Pierrot), Kishimoto's artwork wasn't entirely smooth and such, but by Naruto Shippuden it seems he's gotten to having characters look good and decent. The anime also started out with some question to being quality work as it most likely just styled after Kishi's work back then, but soon got much cleaner.

Bleach also started a bit different from Kubo's style now, and I must say he's really come quite far where  his styles is one of my most favorite from mangaka. He makes every character sexy, especially Aizen and Byakuya(hurrrrr). The anime in the beginning was styled just like the beginning(those very jutted chins and such) but also grew alongside with Kubo.

The only problem is that even now I've had question over why Ichigo looks so fugly here and there, especially in the lame dubs they come up with(not the zanpakutou arc, it's actually decent because it's Kubo-approved). The anime really hasn't gotten any better(more like worse) after they entered their first full filler arc.


Written last week during the actual episode. The next episode is tonight, and I probably will watch it again!

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Title: Lost Angels - Laws
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia Rukia/Kaien
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Same- Bleach by Kubo, title by Gackt
Summary: Angels were a myth. Ichigo stopped believing the images of blond angels until he met her on the ground, dead wings. Despite what she had gone through, the fallen angel and the human go against the rule: Angels must not share feelings with a living soul.
Notes: Tired... not a very exciting chapter.

(Chapter three- Laws)

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Title: Lost Angels- Fallen
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia RukiaxKaien
Rating: Teen for death and such
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo, title from Gackt
Summary: Angels were a myth. Ichigo stopped believing the images of blond angels until he met her on the ground, dead wings. Despite what she had gone through, the fallen angel and the human go against the rule: Angels must not share feelings with a living soul.
Notes: This chapter is focused on Rukia, and gives the back story on how she arrived in Earth and meeting Ichigo. There's a mix of IchiRuki(even RenRuki if you squint your eyes), but mostly on KaiRuki. Yes, I ALWAYS DO IT. Why don't I just make a separate story labeled KaiRuki to give to the KaiRuki fans who will never find my KaiRuki otherwise? *sigh*

(Chapter two- Fallen)

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Title: Lost Angels
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia Rukia/Kaien
Rating: Teen for dark themes of death and some violence
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo, title "Lost Angels" after Gackt's own song.
Summary: Angels were a myth. Ichigo stopped believing the images of blond angels until he met her on the ground, dead wings. Despite what she had gone through, the fallen angel and the human go against the rule: Angels must not share feelings with a living soul.
Notes: First chapter of the fanfic, it's pretty short but you can expect the next chapter in a week or so. I have no will to comment anymore since it is 2 in the morning, and would rather go fall asleep listening to the song itself.

(Chapter One- Myth)
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Title: Name TBD
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia Rukia/Kaien
Rating: Teen for the dark theme, and some violence.
Disclaimer: AU, actual Bleach by Kubo Tite.
Summary: Not available!
Notes: Currently over 10k words I have written over the past few months, so the one-shot I first intended turned a little... longer. It's another IchiRuki AU, where instead of shinigami and Soul society, its Angels and Demons. Is turning drama, angst, a little darker or more depressing themes. I first had an idea for the ending but first I have to get to it. Major IchiRuki, and KaiRuki. <3

Preview of a few passages I've written! It's not entirely in order and I tried not to put a lot of info about the story in there, at least some hints to everything I've written so far.


Preview Passages )


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Title: Blacklovemail- Pray that You Always Understand Me
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia Rukia/Kaien Some IshiHime
Bleach by Kubo, Teen
This was the longest chapter yet, but I feel it really wasn't anything. *sigh* But I know it wasn't just 4k words of nothing- this was a special chapter in a way.
She has to go through with him, coming after her. They call for her well-being, she reluctantly joins.

(Pray that You Always Understand Me)

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Bleach icons
[Total] 23

Batch 02 Discovery )
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Title: Blacklovemail- Prologue, The Pendulum Sways
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia, Rukia/Kaien
Disclaimer: Teen for cursing, death.
Notes: See commentary.
Summary: The second part of the prologue. Rukia finally knew what to do, she could dream of what would happen. As much love she brought to the table to make her dreams come true, it never works with one-sided feelings; those dreams scarred with harsh reality.


Commentary: Yes, I did two prologues. It's just that I felt the need to separate both. One is the introduction of the AU with Rukia, Ichigo, and Kaien- the main characters. Thus the 2nd chapter is to be the prequel or whatever that is the catalyst of the plot. I did puprosely down play both deaths in the chapter- I just wasn't sure how to do that, and I was so lazy to give any detail. In fact, I didn't want to put so much detail at the end of the chapter.
Aha, I hpe another keen person will notice the references to the manga! It just kind of happened when I was typing it. Not to mention even the chapter titles are obvious references to Kubo. xD Unfortunately, as the series progresses, it will become very AU and OOC.
Why does Ichigo curse so much?! Because he's a teenager... I was actually typing it having him call Rukia a bitch... I know, bad me- how could I have Ichigo call his Rukia such a name?!
I also introduced Byakuya Nii-sama, Inoue, Ishida. While I was typing this chapter I was going, "...Am I going to introduce other characters as like students? Damn I really should think about not only the two characters in the story, but other characters! I mean yeah, I'm planning on Ichigo's family and Byakuya, and a few captains as teachers... but what about others like Renji?" I really need to think more about the story. 
All I thought about typing this story was Ichigo + extortion + Rukia = Story to make hot fluff. My mind is so simple.
Also... should I post the fanfic to the IchiRuki community? I'm not quite sure because it shouldn't be IchiRuki yet in the first two chapters, which are centered KaiRuki, so I shoud post it to the KaiRuki community... but it'll just end up IchiRuki! GRAAAH.

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Title: Blacklovemail- Chapter title not available
Fandom: IchigoxRukia, Rukia/Kaien
Rating: Teen (cursing currently and themes)
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo
Notes: Here is the preview for the next chapter of BLM. I'm almost half-way done with typing the chapter, so there's very little for the preview and there may be mistakes.


Preview )


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Title: Blacklovemail
Fandom: Bleach, IchigoxRukia
Rating: Teen (language)
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo Tite
Summary: AU. Rukia admired him- but she was too late. Ichigo never knew until then. Out of spontaneous fit of anguish, he tries to prove to Rukia of his feelings with extortion.
Notes: See commentary.


Preview )

I just watched the newest Bleach dub of Rukia vs. Orihime. The voices SUCKED as usual, and I died hearing Hiasgi's voice.

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PREVIEW PREVIEW! The start of the fanfic I've been typing! It's taken me a while even for the first chapter. Since the first chapter is pretty much finished, I might post it tonight or tomorrow.

Title: Blacklovemail
Fandom: Bleach IchiRuki w/ KaiRuki
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo.
Notes: AU, OOC. No more information available!

Preview )
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I've finally decided to register onto Bleach Asylum forums, after lurking there for quite sometime as a guest. My user name is Tamas on BA.
I've been very busy so I haven't been able to post, but trust me- I've been writing a story IchiRukiKai-centered. It's AU, and slightly OOC- so I've been becoming to accept somewhat OOCness.
I've had this idea for a long time, and I'm still not done on the first chapter. Hopefully when it is done people will like it and want more! It'll be my first attempt at a multi-chaptered fanfic for Bleach.

Right now is the Gaiaonline Halloween Hysteria. It's a awesome idea to have 4 different factions. I irst did human, and the items suck. IMO, I'm a dark elf and I want the last item, which is a staff. I then will probably become a zombie. It's really hard getting points attacking people because there are so many dark elves and other people, the people I target are quickly hit before me. Really sucks.

I might post a preview of my fanfic.

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Title: More Than Nakama
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia, slight Rukia/Kaien
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo. Spoilers all the way up to recent chapters, the rest about the Winter War is made up.
Summary: They were nakama. That was always obvious to everyone around them- but he always thought more- but did she? Wasn't he even important enough to know what had happened to her when they went to save Orihime? He had to ask. After Winter War
Notes: See at commentary down below!


Commentary-comments )

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My sister and I had gotten a second parakeet because we wanted another one, and Sho-kun is lonely by herself (Sho was my sister's friend and she hadn't known it was actually a girl, so we just call her Sho-kun, haven't tried Sho-chan or anything). We had gotten a completely yellow boy from the barn, and have yet to rename it, since we will not tolerate calling it Billy or whatever.
My sister wanted the word for Dandelion, but she doesn't like Tanpopo so we're still thinking of a name.

Title: Not yet decided
Fandom: Bleach IchiRukiKai (Err... not really)
Rating: Teen for curse word(s).
Disclaimer: Bleach not by me... spoilers up to recent chapters.
Summary: Not available right now.
Notes: Preview for one-shot I've worked on. Takes place after the Winter War- Soul Society did win, but Aizen was able to get away. Other than that it should be all fact.

Oh yes, I actually am showing you a preview of a new one-shot, even though I'm on hiatus- how did I do that? Well, really the only thing stopping me is my annoyance of having to use the computer to sit straight or the computer right below, but today I learned it doesn't even have Word '03, so I can't use it either. I've been bored not writing something and I've had ideas bouncing all around in my head, I decided to type another Bleach one-shot.
Unfortunately I'm not done yet and since the computer in downstairs in a uncomfortable chair, I can't and won't stay up to finish it. I'll just leave it for tomorrow or even Monday, which is when I'll be getting my laptop to my mom's work and hopefully the guy will be there to fix it the same day.
Hiatus is almost over!
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Thoughts on whether Rukia seeing Ichigo's mask on him will affect her and will it be a parallel to Hollow!Kaien or Orihime's reaction to Ichigo's mask. In short, parallel will be for IchiRuki vs. KaiRuki or IchiRuki vs. IchiHime?
Spoilers to recent chapters.
It'll inevitable when the event comes in the Manga where Ichigo will put on his Hollow mask to attack, and Rukia will finally see it. Orihime has already seen it, and her reaction wasn't positive at first, being a human girl who always thought Ichigo as a savior and never looking like a monster or having a hollow mask, like her brother. Although a little taken aback from the shock, Orihime soon changes from fear of Ichigo to fear for Ichigo as he fights. "Don't die, Kurosaki-kun!"
Well, no matter with all the parallels Hueco Mundo/Nakama arc has to the Soul Society arc, (damsel in distress, A whole new cast of characters, although there's a difference -cough-Rukia-cough-) One thing that hasn't happened is Rukia seeing Ichigo with his mask on.
Rukia knows about Ichigo's hollow, but she doesn't know about how he's been training to control it and even use it's powers. In fact, she doesn't know anything really about the Vizards except they have an ability like Orihime's, and Ichigo has been at their place, if not training. She doesn't know about his "new power".

Chapter 237, page 9
Even though Orihime knows more about it than Rukia, Rukia is still able to trust Ichigo and leave him be, and then come back when the arrrancar attack again to save Ichigo.
So then- what will Rukia's reaction be when she finally does see Ichigo's mask? Will she become shocked and scared just like Orihime?
Rukia had just defeated the Noveno Espada, who had taken Kaien's body and had all of his memories and abilities, who tried to manipulate Rukia to kill her and/or kill her nakama (Even Ichigo, as from chapter chapter 247 they ARE nakama, even with the hesitation to say so) and make her even more guilty about her killing Kaien. Even though Orihime's brother had also became a hollow to kill her, she never had such a guilt still mulling in her heart and he's already gone. Now, any guilt of Kaien's death should be resolved since she finally did save his body, and realize Kaien could never haunt her like that because he passed his heart onto her. Rukia had gotten major development on the matter and her spirits seem to have brightened and is still determined to save Orihime (More than Ichigo from what we've seen) so the meeting with the Noveno Espada probably would affect Rukia's reaction when she sees Vizard Ichigo- after all even though he has a hollow, she'll notice he's controlling the hollow to use its power. My guess on how she'll react would be some what surprised to see the yellow eyes, but then-
"I'm so glad, Ichigo. I knew you could beat your hollow."
Rukia WAS the one who figured Ichigo was depressed because he couldn't control his hollow, and was the one who told him just to beat his hollow down. Even though she doesn't know much on the matter, she understands Ichigo and trusts him.
Then when we do get a reaction from her, you bet people will have another point to compare for IchiRuki and IchiHime- who was better when they saw Ichigo with his mask? That means it'll be another Rukia and Orihime parallel.
But I don't want that.
Rukia just fought with the Noveno Espada and the matter of Kaien's death and her memories of him is brought up right now, how she hesitated fighting the Noveno Espada EVEN when she knew it wasn't him but it had his body. Ichigo has a hollow threatening to take over him and he's doing well controlling it.
I'm going to say when she does see Ichigo's mask, it won't parallel Orihime's reaction but Rukia and her past with Kaien. This time though, she won't be scared of Ichigo, she won't run away. She'll be happy to see him and his ability to control his hollow.
It's not ALWAYS about the IchiRukiHime line (because I don't like it as a triangle unless Rukia DOES have deep feelings for Orihime) and comparing IchiRuki scenes with paralleled IchiHime scenes (although it is fun). In fact, it's kind of sad no one is thinking about the IchiRukiRen triangle (or 'v', which ever you like) but then it seems people want a jealous Renji taking more action (like he has ever tried anymore) so it seems the winner in that duel is Rukia for Ichigo.
In my opinion, KaiRuki vs. IchiRuki > Ichihime vs. IchiRuki. That line(IchiRukiHime) bores me now with a poor, jealous human girl who needs some more character development.
Poor, poor Orihime! I'm always both pro and against her feelings for Kurosaki-kun! Which is it already?!
Any triangle with Rukia is awesome.
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Thoughts on the beginning of chapter 264.
Spoilers from Hueco Mundo/Nakama arc and Pendulum mini-arc.
I had not understood why Kubo added the first scene in 264 with Gin and Ulquiorra conversing and a bad habit of mine (especially when I'm reading a good part with of my favorite characters)  was just to skip it and go on to read about Rukia vs. Noveno Espada/Psuedo-Kaien. It wasn't until recently did I re-read the chapter and read closely to the converasion did I realize something- Gin was talking about Rukia and her past of killing Kaien, right? Then it made me a little confused- how did Gin know about Rukia's past? From what we had known of Gin from 100 years ago, he was newly appointed into the Gotei 13 Squads- and being a complete genius he probably went through the ranks in the years before Rukia met Kaien. He also had already started helping Aizen soon after, so he was probably told from Aizen what he knew and was planning. So it was probably easy to learn about the event.
  • When Rukia had been adopted and entered the 13th division, Gin was already captain. He could have known about the death of Kaien from Ukitake or the news had spread since Kaien was the vice-captain.
  • Gin probably even knew the hollow that possessed Miyako and Kaien was from Aizen.
I just found it a little disturbing Gin was watching the controls when coincidentally Rukia met Noveno Espada, yet he says "Oh no, I ain't doin' nothin' mean like that, 'sides... I jus' hate sad stories."
Gin wasn't going to watch Rukia crack at seeing Psuedo-Kaien, and he knew it would be sad.
I don't- I just find Gin so weird yet awesome like that.
Edit: I finally understood now that part...
It must have been Gin who changed the hallways Rukia was in to where she would meet the Noveno Espada.
I said no sort of interesting take on the chapter, what a waste. I felt so stupid after I realized why Kubo drew the Gin scene.... stupid me.
Death Note, Cowbow Bepop, Bleach (although the dub sucks ASS), and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone is on tonight!
I might just rant tomorrow about dubs.
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Listening to the sad leach songs again makes me think of Rukia very sad, and Ichigo witnessing it.

There's going to be a total eclipse on August 1st- Of course I won't see it, but it reminded me of IchiRuki, because of the whole Black Sun (which is an eclipse) and white moon parallels of Ichigo and Rukia.
And I remembered how they meet only once after a long time and only for a short time.
Hahahahaha. What makes me teary is sad doujins and thoughts that penetrate my mind about either of them dying.

 Then it makes me wonder how Rukia is going to act now her guilt of Kaien's death shouldn't be holding her back, will she open up more, will she act so different from before that Ichigo and others will notice? Will she TELL Ichigo and others what happened to her?

The songs remind me- what is Haoyo Miazaki doing now? I haven't heard of any news about new movies from him. The songs remind me from his movie Castle in the Sky, which seemed to have such a serene feel to it with the blue sky and mostly peaceful land and the castle in the sky... yet the songs used made it seem very sad.
Someone should do a Bleach fanfic of Ichigo and Rukia as Pazu and that girl in Castle in the Sky. To me that would just be so awesome. I don't know if I could though. I might try it.
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My Thoughts on if Rukia really does compare Ichigo to Kaien and if she thinks of them as the same.
Spoilers to any recent chapters.

On the question if she thinks of them the same: NO. NO, NO, NO, NO, and NO. She doesn't think Ichigo like Kaien. If she really did, she wouldn't act like she does with Ichigo if she did. With Kaien, she was a subordinate and their relationship was a mentor or higher up/ student or lower person. Rukia always looked up to Kaien, and he was always warm and friendly (even with his jokes) to her.
In Ichigo's and Rukai's relationship, it first started at a mentor/student, like the KaiRuki relationship only with role reversal. But then it soon became a partnership, which has already evolved from the relationship Kaien and Rukia had (even though Rukia most likely had a crush on him).
Then we get where Rukia saves Ichigo from getting killed by Byakuya and goes back to Soul Society for her impending doom. Funny thing is Byakuya mentions about how Ichigo does resemble Kaien- so he saw how Ichigo did look like Kaien. To me, Rukia's reaction to his statement is either of surprise and shock that he actually thought so, but we don't get a reply with Ichigo attempting to get his arm slashed off.
The next time is the first IchiRuki reunion on the bridge, we get two (actually 3 if you count any mention of Shiba) things. Ukitake first sees Ichigo and can feel his reiatsu that is  at captain level, and we can see who he is thinking, since Kaien was his vice-captain.
He has to ask Byakuya who he is, and Byakuya knows what he's thinking.
"He's a nobody. Compared to the person lying behind you. He is not important. He is just a drifter."
Byakuya is comparing Ichigo to Ganju who is all bloody behind them. He's basically saying he isn't Kaien, or even related to the Shiba, and is an unimportant drifter.
Of course, right beofre that is Ichigo and Rukia conversing, and this is the only time we really see Rukia comparing Ichigo to how Kaien was (which has been acknowledged before how they both act the same).
So really, Rukia has barely ever compared them except for their similiar personalities and when Ichigo told him he wasn't going to die yet and gave her that smile. Sorry, but any Anti-IchiRuki arguments on how Rukia sees Ichigo like Kaien are easily proven wrong.
It makes me wonder if I love so many couples like Ichihime and Kairuki yet argue against them in my thoughts makes people think I'm bi-polar or I just contradict myself.
What's wrong with liking a couple you will usually prove against? In cases like Kairuki, it's crack because Kaien is dead and was married to Miyako (Actually canon couple) but I still just love it. I really should try writing a Kairuki fanfic...
Now I'm wondering how the Pierrot is going to do the whole thing going on right now at Hueco Mundo and fake Karakura when they 'left'' and went into this bad filler (I mean COME ON- Ichigo never acts like he does with actual female characters in filler- he has only screamed Rukia's name out like he does with that princess, but I could also be mistaking the movie promo, haha). They could show the Turn Back the Pendulum mini-arc in the anime as it is totally random (as Kubo decided to show us the mini arc in the middle of the Hueco Mundo/Nakama arc) but what about the fights and the epic reunion between Ichigo and Rukia with Chad's thumbs up and Orihime conversing with Ulquiorra about hearts and nakama? Gyah.
Also, I just suddenly found love to two sad songs on Bleach, both used during the Rukia vs. Noveno Espada episodes but not "Never Meant to Belong", but the two other songs. If anyone knows their names and even a link for an mp3, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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My thoughts when thinking about the Ichigo vs. Grand Fisher Hollow compared to the Rukia vs. Noveno Espada/Kaien Hollow.
*Spoilers up to the Hueco Mundo arc*
I was just re-reading the chapters in the HM arc about Rukia battle against the Noveno Espada and how she has been the character with the most development in this arc with saving Orihime (As Ichi has failed and so has many other characters). I just loved it seeing Kaien and that heart-warming memory that Rukia remembered when she was peirced by Kaien's zanpakutou that finally made her get over her guilt to finally save Kaien's body (as to her, it'll never be Kaien since he had passed his heart with the bonds he had made with her and others to her). Then it reminded me about how the whole event was a 'memory in the rain' just like Ichigo's 'memory in the rain' of his mother being killed also by a hollow. Of course, Ichigo wanted to kill the hollow back to that early arc but just couldn't. Rukia was trying to stop him, and he fell forward, and she caught him. Not only was this a very romantic or shoujo moment in a shounen manga, but it showed how Rukia and Ichigo will block out everything else when they see or talk to each other (Rukia had ignored Kon while healing Ichigo with his head on her lap).
This is almost completely parallel to Rukia's fight against the Noveno Espada except for a few details:
  • The Espada had the actual body and memory of Kaien, and used it to fool Rukia and stop her from trying to hurt him even when she found he was an Espada. The hollow re-created the image of his mother in the middle of their fight by looking into Ichigo's memories.
  • Rukia managed to kill the Espada, unlike Ichigo where the hollow ran away.
  • Rukia was still very guilty about her killing of Kaien, so much she said she would let him kill her if it wasn't for her wanting to go save Orihime. Ichigo wasn't going to let himself die since he knew by then it really wasn't her even though he still delayed attacks at the hollow. He was also protecting his family from the hollow. 
And one very large difference between the two: Rukia was there to catch Ichigo falling- but Rukia fell with no one to catch her. Ichigo was somewhere else getting closer to saving Orihime. The biggest difference between how the two faced their guilts was the difference of support. Ichigo had Rukia to be a partner, to help him and show he can rely on her. Rukia took Kaien on by herself, although she didn't know this when she told Ichigo she didn't need protecting (which is somewhat similiar to Ichigo telling her he wanted to fight Grand Fisher on his own), but Ichigo wasn't there to be a partner and help her when she finished the Espada. He also didn't see her sturggle like she had to do while she restrained herself to help him as he was fighting for pride- just like what Rukia did. Of course, the circumstances were completely different- they were there to save Orihime, that was part of the reason why Rukia tried to keep going, and why she couldn't die yet. And also Ichigo's proctectiveness towards Rukia and his nakama- he almost went to save Rukia when he heard she was dead- almost like wanting to stop her fall like she did for him although he wouldn't think about it like that- he just wanted to protect her and save her as someone 'more than just a nakama'.
Another good thing why Ichigo shouldn't be there or didn't go save her was it probably wouldn't be what Rukia wanted at all- she had told him she didn't need protection from everything, and when they were there to saved Orihime- her lecture to him outside of Las Noches would've seemed to have been useless if he came to save her like he didn't believe in her abilities. She could be like how Ichigo was when Rukia was healing him- but he wouldn't have been able to heal her- it was the point where he failed to protect anyone, he would just be useless and Kubo would never have him waste time like that even for Ichiruki while his fights were much better for fighting against Grimmjaw and Nnoitra (although it was just terrible for character developement). This was all my thoughts on the two parallels. Although I was somewhat dissapointed seeing Ichigo wasn't there to support Rukia after her fight, but then it really wouldn't have been good except for fanservice. 
This was really been floating in my mind for a while now, I so decided to start typing it down, and this whole thing came out. I understood how many Ichiruki shippers had been angry Ichigo didn't go save Rukia, but really what I've typed down explains although it would maked shippers happy, it just wouldn't actually help to the story.
I feel a little anxious to post this because I'm worried it sounds messed up, unorganized, or people just wouldn't understand what I was ranting about, sorry!
Finally came back home from visiting family- I wished there was a Bleach chapter last week.


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