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I'm like, super tired and all I had for dinner were chicken wings euugh.

I need something to read because I'm incredibly bored on a Friday night. This weekend I should be doing lots of work because next week is the week before my finals but I want to do some stuff. Two more weeks man.
Let me know if anyone has a good rapture day tomorrow.

I need more Kuragehime and Tiger & Bunny and and and
*passes out*
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Haha, life when it becomes a roller coaster sucks. How one day I want to cry in my most hated class and the next it's the only good thing that happens to me that day.
But I just want to mention one thing.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to even watch either Semi-Finals, I suck so much. I can't watch the video they have streaming the show online.
But I WILL watching the final this Saturday. Most definitely.

But I did find out Sweden is moving on from the Semi-final, fuck yeah. Rooting for Eric Saade here. Actually, I really like Denmark's, Finland's, Sweden's, and Iceland's- but not Norway's. Ugh.

Also I found this article with Alexander Rybak, who's a reporter at Eurovision. The video was so adorable with him first poking fun at Lena and then his t-shirt-ASDFGHJKL SO CUTE.

It doesn't matter if I hadn't a clue what they were saying in Norwegian/Swedish (I know neither to be able to tell the subtle difference) because it had Alexander Rybak.
Also, Germany firendly against Uruguay this month. It's this month. Like, the weekend before exams I believe. Also this Saturday is Bayern München's next game and I'll be watching that as well. Rumor has it Neuer will be going to Bayern München deargodIhopeso.
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I feel awful.

Like, my whole head hurts.

Had to leave Anime Punch early because of the pain and my exhaustion.

But it was still good.
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Yeah, it's been a few days now. I was suppose to clean my house for friends coming over but the only two that could even make it canceled, so I've been sitting around all day doing nothing in particular waiting to have curry for dinner. It doesn't come to me to actually watch anime until like, now, so I'm pretty upset about not thinking about it.
Because really, I can start on watching Victory Gundam since it's 50 episodes.

That means I did see Gundam F91. There were a lot of things bad with it, but that's because they tried to squeeze a story for a 50-episode series into a 2-hour movie. But I know if it could've been made into the next series, it would've been great because I still enjoyed the setting it took place in the UC timeline.
And I like Seabook.
A lot.
And Dwight.
So now I'm going to move on to Victory Gundam, and then Turn-A, then Gundam 00 and/or G Gundam because G Gundam is awesome.

Also, how many people actually de-anon from Kink Memes? I continually see people coming out to share their fics on other comms, but I wonder how many those are out of all the fills. I guess if you give up on a fill, you're not going to de-anon...

We got the Harry Potter 7 Part 1 DVD yesterday. I checked out the special features and found all it had were deleted scenes. I like special features, and I feel slightly cheated getting so few or none at all when paying $20 or something for a DVD. The deleted scenes were interesting, and I was happy for the filming of the Dursleys leaving. Dudley talking to Harry was actually a favorite part for me when I read the last book.

I had a dream that I was part of the production crew for making the Star Trek sequel. Strangely, though, I'm pretty sure(from what I can remember) the entire crew were characters from the Simpsons. And only Chris Pine appeared in my dream of the actual cast.

I hope everyone else have something good in each day of their lives right now! Even if it's one thing, I find I can't completely hate the day because of it.
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Yeah, Tumblr has been exciting tonight with the Hetalia Secrets blog on there now. I've been following and the wank has been amusing, but hopefully this won't be wank 24/7. It seems not enough people knew of [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets to post more Hetalia-related secrets there.
Although there was like, 2 or 3 Hetalia secrets today, interesting...

I'm also gonna plug in my Tumblr right here cause I know no one would really care trying to look for me cause I just had a tiny picspam for Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket in celebration of finishing the short OAV.
Right now I'm acquiring Gundam F91 to watch the movie, hearing how it was really good. After watching that, I'll move on to watching Victory Gundam, the next 51-episode Gundam series.

Errr, I'd rather not mention anything about my life right here, since the only thing I can think of talking about has been posted on my Tumblr. Other than that, my day has been bitter and unproductive as usual.
Good night, then!
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I'm pissed. I hate public transport. It's 30 degrees, but muddy. I know I won't make it to my 3rd bus at the earliest time. I stay somewhere warm and go on to wait for my 3rd bus at a later time. It doesn't come. I have to wait almost an hour for the next bus to come. Yes I mad. I don't want to talk about anything else because my teeth hurt and I'm cold from everything and there's no food.
Only one thing pleasant from today was my dream. I went back to leaving a pad and pen by my bed. I actually read about this trick for lucid dreaming by putting a piece of crumbled paper you've written something vague you want to dream about under your pillow, you'll hear the paper if you move and start dreaming about it. Sadly I barely move when I sleep. Anyways- I had a great dream where I controlled the Gundam Zeta. There was also the Outlaw Star. Sweeeet.

Blegh )
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Ohhhh yeah. I love Inoue like this. Her usual bubbly personality, sudden serious when mention of hurting her friends, and her looks.
And I totally can't wait for Rukia again.
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Yeah, so I'M BACK FROM OHAYOCON. *Applause*
Let me just say, I don't know how people can do so much of the activities there, I really don't. Who has room for formal wear with that ball and clothes for the dances and rave and STILL more clothes to just wear for the day and their cosplay? They must have a lot of room!
Not to mention some of the disappointments like not getting to see Chris Sabot or even Rikki Simons(although I saw him at ending ceremonies) and missing half the panels I was interested in going.
Going to put details up soon enough, I might as well watch some of my new *Gundam movies* and sleep before ranting, rambling, and squealing.
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Ohayocon is this weekend, and I'm staying all three days! I'm going to make it spectacular, maybe meet the only worthwhile voice actor there this year! Will try to keep a nice record of my activities and stuff I bought to report back Sunday or Monday, so watch out for that!

Oh man, I can't forget about taking pictures of all the cosplay...
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Is it me, or has anyone else ever realized they've been listening to the same type of music for a few weeks now? After being on Pandora and it playing Sandstorm, I realized I've been listening to almost exclusively dance and trance music. It's mostly because of two OSTs I've been listening to are also of the dance variety.

Also, I have been playing Animal Crossing on my Nintendo DS for the past week.
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It's a shot only for Germanic countries.
Hungary is in there.
Everyone thinks this is right.

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Happy Christmas, everyone!
*Runs off*
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I've been on break, but I still haven't had the time and energy to do more! So far all I've done this week is work and Gundam.
I'm absolutely OK with Gundam, plus I've also kept up with Kuragehime as well(second to last episode, I NEED SATISFACTION) but work can be somewhat exhausting. Plus I've been trying to watch all of Gundam ZZ.

Well, hopefully I'll start something up?
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If I were to, say, write something about Japan actually dressing in some of the subculture fashions of his, what would be better; a Fem!Japan or just Japan cross-dressing like Mana in lolita?
I think it's a great idea, but I'm stuck trying to think which one would be more appealing, I guess is a fitting word.
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Why, yes. This is a fangirl that just got back from seeing the latest Harry Potter movie.

I might come back in the morning and edit with details. If not, comment or GO SEE IT YOURSELF.

I'm sorry

Sep. 15th, 2010 08:37 pm
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Wait for it...



That is all.
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I had a dream about some Finnish person who had won the sort-of "Finland's super star" contest(Like American Idol in the United States). He was exploding over random silhouettes of people. Not literally exploding- and it was just silhouettes.


Maybe I should cut down all listening to Anssi Kela.

Cut for Macro of Schweini huggers )
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You know why I don't like that meme where you find out what country you're like based on a list of facts of them?
It's annoying.
I have to question myself over some aspects that are me, but I rarely show them. I'm an inconsistent person.
Trying to be honest, the end result gave me the highest score of 6, and a tie between 4 countries. Uups.

Also, *points down to music* This song is awesome. It's like a musical number... of a crazy man wanting to go to Sweden. YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THE DRAMATIC MUSIC.
FSTs are amazing.

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I don't watch football, so everytime a player tripped or rolled, I laughed. 

I'm planning on watching the match of Japan versus Cameroon tomorrow, but I know I won't get up early enough to watch the match between Holland and Denmark. 
Good luck to Germany for the next game!


Jun. 12th, 2010 11:31 pm
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 Funny thing I found out when I was looking something up today. 

More than 50 countries celebrate Father's Day on the 3rd Sunday in June, while some countries-like the Nordics but NOT Denmark-celebrate it months later. 
I gotta remember that.

There's thunder and lightning rolling over, it's kind of scary.


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