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When you're a fangirl or shipper or just fan of a series, there are some people you like as a couple. Whether or not you officially ship them or just don't mind them being together. You see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

But then. )

So I'm done ranting.
It's always been a big, big, thing to me.
And I do feel kind of hypocritical that  I only like some threesomes like HungaryxAustriaxPrussia and PrussiaxGermanyxItaly ONLY IF Hungary and Prussia are interested in Austria only, and Prussia and Italy are only interest in Germany.
It's also true in Naruto and Bleach.
But not Star Trek.
Well, actually yes, since I guess I just want everyone to love Kirk.
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Title: 30 Patient Kisses, Kiss the Sky
Fandom: Naruto HinataxNaruto
Rating: K or G, super soft.
Disclaimer: Spoilers if you're not up-to-date, you know the drill.
Summary: In her mind, his eyes were the perfect blue.
Notes: SURPRISE! Super-super short and fluffy! I wrote this in like, less of an hour last night and I really like it. I'm wondering, how much do they know of outer space in the Narutoverse?

You can read it here or in the cut!


Perfect Blue )


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I now have resolve. Hinata's entrance was one of the most epic entrances!
And her strength to stand up and protect Naruto warms my heart, she looks so beautiful!

AND THE CONFESSION~! I really wasn't
sure how Hinata was ever going to confess, since a shoujo scene of the two with a setting sun seems... not fitting anywhere in the storyline.
And I was also doubting there would be any NaruHina, even with Hinata right now,
I don't believe Hinata is dead. Kishimoto is leaving confirmation of deaths, I don't remember the manga saying Kakashi is dead, and I sure as hell won't believe it until we see his corpse being barried.
Until then, I'll just read the BIG ROKkO-TAIL FIGHT.
Hinata was surely the last straw for Naruto, coincidentally.

Oh, by the way- Bleach was also pretty awesome, with Ulquiorra and IshiHime

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Title: 30 Patient Kisses -Wrong Setting
Fandom: Naruto NarutoxHinata (Mild SakuraxSasuke or not)
Disclaimer: Naruto by Kishimoto, rated Teen for mild cursing
Notes: I really rushed this for Hinata's brithday December 27th so it's not that great or long.
Summary: Naruto learns the lesson about the right setting to make her happy.

(The sun is out. I'm so happy)

Happy birthday, Hinata-chan! I've read spoilers about Kishi giving me a good present of you appearing in the next chapter and episode from Pierrot! From Hinata and Team 8 in the fillers and manga appearance to Rukia and Ichigo going full out with cheesy lines and all with a whole movie, I've gotten so spoiled!

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Title: 30 Patient Kisses- Showing
Fandom: Naruto, NarutoxHinata
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: Naruto by Kishimoto Spoiler to TS with Sai.
Summary: Theme 11: Gardenia. Hinata goes to buy flowers for her hobby, and see Ino. Maybe she'll get a flower for Naruto.
Notes: From outside resources like the Databooks, Hinata likes flower pressing. Naruto likes to garden.


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Title: Ten Top Memories
Fandom: Naruto NarutoxHinata
Rating: Teen (Like, two curse words)
Disclaimer: Spoiler if you haven't read Shippuden
Summary: Naruto and Hinata discussing Hinata's top ten memories with Naruto.
Notes: Dude- my first idea for this chapter was Naruto and Hinata going to the temple for New Year's, but then since I didn't know anything about what they do at the temples for the fortunes and praying, and I couldn't get myself to write it I had ot think of something else.
I still don't like Naruto, so writing this is getting kind of boring. And I have to write 20 more one-shots and finish Hinata's Story... I hate it.

("You know you wanted a kiss as a present!")
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Title: Hinata's Story Chapter 9- Kiba's Shock
Fandom: Naruto (Naruto x Hinata)
Rating: Teen (Light swearing)
Disclaimer: Spoiler to recent chapter, Naruto is not owned by me.
Summary: What happened to Kiba and Akamaru around the same time when Hinata had woke up in the genjutsu.
Notes: This took me a long time because my lack of motivation and lack of liking Naruto anymore. Next chapter will be a little while since of these complications and I'll be away from my computer for a couple of days.

(Chapter 9- Kiba's Shock)

I also found another reason why I like Bleach better than Naruto now. Bleach has some shoujo moments when it's a shounen manga, which I love!
Will be gone until Tuesday to see family and celebrate my cousin's birthday on the 4th. Lucky boy- he gets fireworks all over the United States for his birthday, and I remember there was a rainbow outside the hospital when he was born. I was lucky to have been there since my parents left me there and went home.
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I know a few people (more like one or two) are wondering why I haven't posted the next chapter of Hinata's Story - and I finally have to confess. I've seriously been falling out of love of Naruto and any pairings with it, even Naruhina. Ever since I've became obsessed with Bleach, Naruto just hasn't... become as interesting as Bleach. Kishimoto's pathetic ignorance of all characters and their themes for the main characters, which is Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and Kakashi. Not my characters. Hinata has a THEME of becoming stronger, and she didn't even show any new ability or improvement like Shino and Kiba, except I guess better use of the Byakugan. And if this year really going to be focused on Sakura and Kakashi, I'm even less enthusiastic of continuing reading the Manga. With Bleach, I like more characters- and I'm more open minded of pairings.
Bleach to me has better histories of characters- or at least more favorable to me in my opinion. My favorite characters for their past events- Rukia, Urahara, Ishida, Renji, Tousen, and many others. Their pasts aren't just "Bad life issues sad emo sad", as many have good events in their past. I can't help but just obsess over Rukia's time being taught by Kaien, and always love seeing scenes especially when he died. And many point of people's past are parallel to other's pasts. For example, Ichigo feeling guilty thinking it was his fault his mother died, Rukia feeling guilty thinking it was her fault Kaien died- when it was both actually a hollow behind the deaths. Ichigo being bullied for having natural orange hair that's not bleached, Orihime being bullied for her long hair because they were different in Japanese society. Just connections like those makes me like both IchiRuki and IchiHime.
And well- I do love the regular modern world setting instead of the confusing Naruto world setting where they have technology, but no cars or guns. Because of this, I've become less interested writing Naruto stories, and it sucks I'm in middle of that story and have a collection to write.
Then there's my problem with the Naruto fandom... And EVERYONE should know what I mean. That's all I have to say.
It sucks there'll be no chapter of Bleach this week, and I don't know when next chapter of Tsubasa or Ouran will be released again.
I don't get why people like Naruto more than Bleach.
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Title: Blue Sky and Orange Clouds
Pairing: Naruto x Hinata
Theme: Dash
Rating: Teen (A couple of curse words)
Disclaimer: Naruto not by me, Lyrics of Kininaru Aitsu is from Cardcaptor Sakura
Summary: The rain is coming for the sunflower and sunlight.
Notes: This was REALLY hard to write. D: If you don't get how this goes to the theme, look up dash in a dictionary. I also did not realize this chapter I didn't really like writing would be so long. I also had used the English translation of the lyrics of Kininaru Aitsu or "Syaoron's Song" from Cardcaptor Sakura. It's such a cute love song, but I didn't use all of the lyrics because of course, it was more about Sakura and Syaoron and not Hinata and Naruto, which is a different love. Enjoy!
The blue sky continues forever and looking straight up. Chasing orange clouds, Hurrying up so much.

I also had added a chapter in my Gaia journal. Although my journal is something I've worked on for more than a year, it's not something I'm very proud of because it's illiterate. I'd like to see whoever comment's reaction to my message. I also changed my avatar again... Tee hee.... 
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Title: Hinata-Hime
Rating: Teen
Notes: Sequel to previous chapter, #7. I just loved the AU.
Link “Come this way, Hinata-hime.”

I really have nothing to say right now. I spent about 12 hours watching the first episodes of Bleach (I still missed some parts I've wanted to see) and fortunately, my grandmother is leaving soon.
From the response and the number of views I've gotten for my (oneshot?) Bleach fanfic, I might just continue it. Just how I'm going to continue it will be my problem that will hold me back, then there's the problem of the first chapter being 5k words...
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Chapter 8 of Hinata's Story is out for all to enjoy. Go read it!

This has been my longest chapter yet- over 4000 words long before the comments and after editing/revising. And guess what- it's all about Hinata. That's right. After I spent a chapter about Yuki (which I know most people don't like reading about OCs in fanfics) I have focused it all on Hinata, along with 2 other main characters from Naruto.
What sucks is my 30 Patient Kisses collection has double the view of my story, when I spent much effort in the story and not much on the one-shots, but I guess it's the different types of one-shots that people like.
Then is makes me think- I don't necessarily have to finish a chapter of my collection every week or two. That's why on my to-do list, it's not a priority and a new chapter isn't due until the end of the month. With that I can do more on Hinata's Story and even add some more drabblets from Naruto (other pairings beside Naruhina) and Bleach.
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You all probably don't want to listen to my slow progress stories so it's lj-cutted. You're welcome.
I have a tiny to-do list DAMMIT )

On another different note, I've been wanting to try Bleach fanfics, maybe Ichiruki and more.
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I finally put out the next chapter (short story) of my 30 Kisses collection.
Title: The Best Friend & Superstar
Theme: #7- Superstar
Warning: OOC-ness with a fluffy-acting Naruto
Discription: Hinata-chan wasn't anywhere, she was just at home, doing nothing. I had to show her the card!
Disclaimer: Characters of Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto.

On another note, I'm going somewhere during the weekend. Next week my grandmother is coming. D:
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What takes so long to become a puppet, and lose your name?
It didn't take long.

Team 8 came back from their mission, one girl missing )

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Another drabble. High school AU. Naruto has been persuaded (almost blackmailed) to end his rather new relationship with Hinata.
Hinata didn't know where to go, she turned all around and saw the two swings. )
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Drabble. AU. Hinata (whose one of those princesses with a secret power inside of her with a group of friends try to help her from evil) is kidnapped and is tied by rope around her wrists above water pretty high up. As Sakura and Naruto fought to get her, one of the guys cuts the rope, sending her down.

Read more... )

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Hinata's Story, chapter 1
That's right! The drabble I posted yesterday can now be called a preview. Awesome! I had the first chapter typed up but then I went through it when I uploaded it and fixed mistakes and rewrote a lot of it. That's what a writer does anyway- revising. I usually don't like doing it, but I found it very fun to reread through ti after not doing anything with it. T-T
I'm planning on continuing the story, but it always helps when I get reviews, as when not motivated, I wouldn't do the next chapter until months later...

I really should get off now, as I want to do some decorating before taking a shower and going to bed. If you want to read the story, I'll leave a link to it here later.

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Hinata's eyes fluttered open as she began to gain consciousness. She felt her back aching, like she had been lying on a rock for hours. She didn't notice the softness now, though. She felt very warm, and saw a large comforter covering her. She then realized her surroundings. Nothing looked familiar- she never had seen such a room. She looked down to see she was lying on a soft, bland couch. She could see sun coming through a window that looked odd from the other side of the room. She started panicking, not knowing where she was. She tried to think of the last thing.
"Ano.... I was in this small house, on a mission with Kiba-kun. We were suddenly confronted with this strange man, and everything went black..." She mumbled to herself, with her hand to her mouth. But where was she now? Where was Kiba? She looked down at herself to see her jacket she always wore was gone. Now there was only the undershirt she wore. She looked to the end of the couch to see it. She leaned over and picked it up. It was damp, like it had gotten wet. She heard a noise, and looked over to a door. The door slowly opened, and soon she could see the person on the other side. Her eyes widened, as she met the eyes of someone so familiar.
His face met hers as he looked to see her awake, looking back him. Her large pale eyes that seemed to have no iris intrigued him. "Ah, you're awake now! I'm glad, when I found you outside in the rain, I didn't know how long you would be sleeping!" He said in a relief, smiling at her. Mo doubt- the smile was also the same. She still didn't understand what was going on as she muttered his name.


Aaaah, I just LOVE doing drabbles!
Actually, this was a part of a story I'm typing, and it's one of my favorite scenes!
I've started typing this story, but I haven't uploaded it to Fanfiction.net yet... I probably should. But later.
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Oh boy- next thing I'll be doing is joining onto the Naruto Forums!
I've never did much on the computer except go on Gaia, youtube... but soon I resgistered onto Deviantart. I really enjoyed finding all the cute art people have made, and I soon submitted small things.
I also had been to fanfiction.net and I finally resgistered an account on that, too. With it, I didn't have to post my stories on deviantart.
And soon I've been on livejournal, looking at the Naruhina and Kibahina Communities for any new stories (and maybe icons or scans) so now, I registered.

Now, I don't know much on Livejournal, so advice or something always help. o.o


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