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Read Naruto, Bleach, and Bakuman this morning! There didn't seem to be any new chapters of any shoujo released, so it's all shounen. 

Spoilers! ) 

Swtiching to Hetalia, I saw this GIF floating around, and it's just HILARIOUS.
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I was too tired and forgot last night to do this, plus I want to type up that fic, auugh! Well, here's my latest rants and rambles this week:

-Bleach 403
-Naruto 494
-Fullmetal Alchemist 107
-Bakuman 85
-Kamisama Hajimemashita 18


Yup, that's pretty much it. Now off to doing something this weekend... maybe play Guild Wars?

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Whaaaa, it's only Thursday! But the new chapters are already out, and I learned a lot watching lots of Fullmetal Alchemist today!
Fangirling time!

Spoilers! )
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Title: 30 Patient Kisses, Kiss the Sky
Fandom: Naruto HinataxNaruto
Rating: K or G, super soft.
Disclaimer: Spoilers if you're not up-to-date, you know the drill.
Summary: In her mind, his eyes were the perfect blue.
Notes: SURPRISE! Super-super short and fluffy! I wrote this in like, less of an hour last night and I really like it. I'm wondering, how much do they know of outer space in the Narutoverse?

You can read it here or in the cut!


Perfect Blue )


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Spoilers Ahead, don't read if you get upset over spoilers(cause I don't)

I don't have a general birthday 'fic or anything, but I do have something Spain related I'll be sharing soon! 'Til then...

My short thoughts on new releases this week!
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Now that school is over and break has started, I can do more/less. The thing is, I've recently turned to Hetalia whenever I've been feeling down. I'm a terrible, terrible fangirl. I should post more Hetalia. That's it! A new goal! I was also reminded how awesome manga or anime can have such a small fandom- or at least, a talented fandom. I wish there were more pretty Baccano fanart out there(ironic it can be) and for other series. Like jeebus- Naruto...Final Fantasy.... and sometimes Bleach. Hetalia is the only fandom being excluded since I'm focused on it right now. But no love for other series!! Shoujo! Amd not Vampire Knight, sadly. I reserved the last volume of Utena Revolutionary Girl from my library- it might be in decent condition but who knows for such an old manga being in the library... During my last final, I couldn't get England's song Pub and Go out of my head. The seiyuu is so lovely, I just want to gush about Ishida now. And during my other finals from the past days, I wrote two little drabbles. One survives because I  wrote it right on the back of m Spanish, but the other one had to go to the recycling bin as it was scrap paper. By the by, this week's Naruto proved not much emotion for me. "How DID Danzo get those sharingan eyes...?" But I wasn't disappointed by this week's Bleach! Tousen was scary as shit, but Hisagi~! No chapters  next week makes me peeved.
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I now have resolve. Hinata's entrance was one of the most epic entrances!
And her strength to stand up and protect Naruto warms my heart, she looks so beautiful!

AND THE CONFESSION~! I really wasn't
sure how Hinata was ever going to confess, since a shoujo scene of the two with a setting sun seems... not fitting anywhere in the storyline.
And I was also doubting there would be any NaruHina, even with Hinata right now,
I don't believe Hinata is dead. Kishimoto is leaving confirmation of deaths, I don't remember the manga saying Kakashi is dead, and I sure as hell won't believe it until we see his corpse being barried.
Until then, I'll just read the BIG ROKkO-TAIL FIGHT.
Hinata was surely the last straw for Naruto, coincidentally.

Oh, by the way- Bleach was also pretty awesome, with Ulquiorra and IshiHime

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It's less than 5 minutes before midnight here in Eastern Coast Time!
I'm watching CNN with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper!
Because Kathy Griffin is AWESOME and funny! <3

Happy New Year's again! This year definitely was big for me, as a few things that have happened to me:
-Anime convention, but then in '09 I'll be going to Ohayocon, which is even bigger than Armageddicon.
-Bleach and EVERYTHING that has happened, especially with all the IchiRuki lurve.
-The 2008 Presidential Election was a big part of discussion for me and humor.
-School competition and other hard times
-MUSIC Whether it's Katy Perry here or Porno Graffitti and ORANGE RANGE in Japan.
-My new found interest in graphics design, Photoshop or GIMP.
-Increased interest in writing~
-New found interest in learning Japanese- yes, I'm learning during my side time!
-I Love the New Millenium
-Code Geass!
-New interest in different manga!
-Building my Manga collection steadily.
-My fading interest in Naruto
-And more, mostly what I forget that happened in the beginning of 2008!

I hope everyone is celebrating happily and can't wait for the new year!
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Title: 30 Patient Kisses -Wrong Setting
Fandom: Naruto NarutoxHinata (Mild SakuraxSasuke or not)
Disclaimer: Naruto by Kishimoto, rated Teen for mild cursing
Notes: I really rushed this for Hinata's brithday December 27th so it's not that great or long.
Summary: Naruto learns the lesson about the right setting to make her happy.

(The sun is out. I'm so happy)

Happy birthday, Hinata-chan! I've read spoilers about Kishi giving me a good present of you appearing in the next chapter and episode from Pierrot! From Hinata and Team 8 in the fillers and manga appearance to Rukia and Ichigo going full out with cheesy lines and all with a whole movie, I've gotten so spoiled!

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Title: 30 Patient Kisses- Showing
Fandom: Naruto, NarutoxHinata
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: Naruto by Kishimoto Spoiler to TS with Sai.
Summary: Theme 11: Gardenia. Hinata goes to buy flowers for her hobby, and see Ino. Maybe she'll get a flower for Naruto.
Notes: From outside resources like the Databooks, Hinata likes flower pressing. Naruto likes to garden.


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Happy birthday, Naruto!
Yeah, totally forgot I luckily heard about it today.
And I really liked these past chapters. Killerbee Hachibi is awesomely badass, I totally liked him in the first chapter of his fight with Sasuke.
I found Naruto's sage training very interesting, but since we learned about Pain and Konan going to attack Konoha, I figured Naruto would leave his training.
And seeing Team 8... I felt slightly cheerful, but sadly it was only one panel...
And Kakashi getting owned? No such thing.

No, I'm still not thinking of going anywhere near any manga or anime- For one, everytime I checked out the bookstores, they've only released volume 30 or 31- which is way too slow. What the hell, VIZ? I checked like, two months ago and you still haven't released more volumes?
Oh well, I'm getting Bleach.


Aug. 26th, 2008 04:01 pm
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School starts tomorrow- I'm super nervous.

I also had a very scary dream two days ago.
It was the first time that I remember someone innocent and I didn't even know died right before my eyes in the dream, getting drowned and couln't get out.
And before, was a scene of Sasuke running up and down stairs. The scene happened twice, once with Sasuke, and the 2nd with Naruto and Sakura following him. It was pre-TS.
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School is starting the 27th next week... I still have two more essays to do, so I have no choice but to do them on two books I've read before. And get them all printed out too. I really am nervous to start a new grade and whole new classes, especially with the big jump in Math class- I'm now in a more advanced class.
I actually got on my laptop for a couple of minutes just a minute ago- since the only thing broken is the screen, I could just hook up a monitor 9and we have a few, particularly my sister's slightly smaller on connected to her 2nd computer right next to me and the old computer on the floor. I had just needed to get a important document from it for school now in a converted file for Office '03. Unfortunately I couldn't get on the internet because my internet card went missing, and couldn't stay on because I couldn't waste the battery while my power cord is at my mom's work for some odd reason.
My mom has ordered for the new screen, and she says I'll have my laptop finally fixed when school starts.
Thus the end of Summer and vacation is near, as well as hiatus...
Renji's birthday is soon, and I really want to write a Fanfic of him (RenRuki) but I don't know with hiatus and laziness... which will also end soon.
Bleach: Diamond Dust Rebellion is coming out on DVD September 3rd, which means Dattebayo will be subbing it and I'll be able to see it next month! I really can't wait not because I'm a fangirl of Hitsugaya (I'm not, thought he is cool) but finally Rukia and justice towards her for what Pierrot had her in Memories of Nobody, meaning Ichigo won't treat so badly! And of course coming up in December is Fade To Black, Call out your Name! >w< I can't wait to finally see the trailer for the movie soon and when it comes out spoilers and reviews!
My sister is already starting on Ohayocon, there's a chance she won't be going in January. I won't be able to go for free since I'm too old, so I have to either find $30 now, or ask for $35 for my birthday in November if I want to pre-register. I'd be really excitewd to go even though I'll be nervous going with no cosplay or nice clothes and I'll be so shocked at all the expensive merchandise. On my mental list to get stuff from the con even if I don't go I'll ask my sister to get me is-
.Rukia merchandise.
.Bleach merchandise (depends though on what/who it is)
.More Manga/Artbooks (I want All Color But Black)
.Artists stuff. @w@
.Probably a poster or something of another Anime (chance it will be Naruto, not likely)

But I seriously won't know until I either go there and check it out or my sister looks for stuff there.
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Thoughts on the official VIZ English translations of Bleach in both the anime and manga, mostly on how I do not like them.
Spoilers up to Soul Society arc.
I knew VIZ was the dub-makers of Naruto. I never liked the voices they all used for the characters, and cutting out scenes or trying to making them more age-appropriate for a kids show (which it was NOT supposed to be, hence all the scenes that were haxed) and of course, having to change Naruto's '-Dattebayo!' word to "Believe it!" ... Yes, I hated the dub.
And VIZ has made problems with Bleach also, but both dub AND manga.
Once again, the voice actors- I despise Michelle Ruff voicing Rukia. She sounds like an middle-aged woman (albeit Rukia is over 100 years old) and seeing a shinigami girl that looks young enough to pass off a teenager and is small with a voice of a middle-aged woman isn't very appealing or pleasant.
And then the openings and endings. I can't understand why VIZ would do the openings, but replace the good endings with this plain background with small shots of different episodes? At least VIZ used bits of the ending music, unlike in Naruto.
But my greatest annoyance of the anime AND manga is they took out the whole names dynamic.
The names dynamic does play import roles in the story- the distance between Ichigo and Orihime because they call each other by their family names, Rukia calling Byakuya nii-sama since he is still her honorable brother, and Ishida calling everyone by their last names, a suffix if necessary.
What did VIZ do? "Screw names! We'll just have EVERYONE call Ishida Uryu, Sado Chad, Kuchiki Rukia (Inoue, Ishida, and Sado call her Kuchiki-san), and Inoue Orihime."
That takes out a lot of how many characters show respect for others, as in Japan, only close friends and family call people by their first names; otherwise it's very rude.
You take out that dynamic of Bleach, you're sure to ruin a some-what good anime (Studio Pierrot and their animation and fillers...) just to make some clueless American teenager or tween understand. I, however, will not stand listening Ishida calling everyone by first name nor Orihime.
And like I've said, I despise Michelle Ruff voicing Rukia.
More like a rant, really.
Anyway- camp is over, and my laptop is going to get fixed on Monday, hopefully it'll come back the same day.
There's probably more about  the anime I didn't mention, but oh well.
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Title: Ten Top Memories
Fandom: Naruto NarutoxHinata
Rating: Teen (Like, two curse words)
Disclaimer: Spoiler if you haven't read Shippuden
Summary: Naruto and Hinata discussing Hinata's top ten memories with Naruto.
Notes: Dude- my first idea for this chapter was Naruto and Hinata going to the temple for New Year's, but then since I didn't know anything about what they do at the temples for the fortunes and praying, and I couldn't get myself to write it I had ot think of something else.
I still don't like Naruto, so writing this is getting kind of boring. And I have to write 20 more one-shots and finish Hinata's Story... I hate it.

("You know you wanted a kiss as a present!")
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Remember the old days of when on cartoon network or boomerang, the only shows were like Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab, and all of those?
Yeah. My sister and I have been watching a few episodes of Johnny Bravo, and they're absolutely hilarious.
Johnny Bravo eating cereal with a old, dirty shovel he was scammed out of. I don't know if I was laughing at my sister's face or the cartoon or not, it was still funny and disgusting.
Then there was that moment in Superfriends, where this girl was hitch-hiking, and didn't know how to escape from the very fast car with creepy guy (who strangely reminded me of Aizen from Bleach) so she opened the car door, and it looks like she feel out. The next shot, she's running down a cliff. WTF SRSLY-- youstumble out of a fast car. It made no sense.
Avatar is awkward, I only watched the few episodes for purtty Zuko, that was it. I didn't like immature Aang or how Katara was like... ANNOYING MUCH??
Batshit crazy Azula was funny.
Oh yeah- then there's Dattebayo's news on drop subbing Naruto Shippuden. I really don't care anymore. I've stopped downloading the episodes, and I don't even care about the manga except for skimming the pages. I don't really know if Dattebayo is actually serious this time, and it seems true since they've warned about this one other time that I've known of. I still want Bleach, though. I WANT MORE OF THE ICHIRUKI ENDING, AND I WANNA SEE THE MOVIE PROMOS WHEN THEY COME OUT!
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Title: Hinata's Story Chapter 9- Kiba's Shock
Fandom: Naruto (Naruto x Hinata)
Rating: Teen (Light swearing)
Disclaimer: Spoiler to recent chapter, Naruto is not owned by me.
Summary: What happened to Kiba and Akamaru around the same time when Hinata had woke up in the genjutsu.
Notes: This took me a long time because my lack of motivation and lack of liking Naruto anymore. Next chapter will be a little while since of these complications and I'll be away from my computer for a couple of days.

(Chapter 9- Kiba's Shock)

I also found another reason why I like Bleach better than Naruto now. Bleach has some shoujo moments when it's a shounen manga, which I love!
Will be gone until Tuesday to see family and celebrate my cousin's birthday on the 4th. Lucky boy- he gets fireworks all over the United States for his birthday, and I remember there was a rainbow outside the hospital when he was born. I was lucky to have been there since my parents left me there and went home.
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I know a few people (more like one or two) are wondering why I haven't posted the next chapter of Hinata's Story - and I finally have to confess. I've seriously been falling out of love of Naruto and any pairings with it, even Naruhina. Ever since I've became obsessed with Bleach, Naruto just hasn't... become as interesting as Bleach. Kishimoto's pathetic ignorance of all characters and their themes for the main characters, which is Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and Kakashi. Not my characters. Hinata has a THEME of becoming stronger, and she didn't even show any new ability or improvement like Shino and Kiba, except I guess better use of the Byakugan. And if this year really going to be focused on Sakura and Kakashi, I'm even less enthusiastic of continuing reading the Manga. With Bleach, I like more characters- and I'm more open minded of pairings.
Bleach to me has better histories of characters- or at least more favorable to me in my opinion. My favorite characters for their past events- Rukia, Urahara, Ishida, Renji, Tousen, and many others. Their pasts aren't just "Bad life issues sad emo sad", as many have good events in their past. I can't help but just obsess over Rukia's time being taught by Kaien, and always love seeing scenes especially when he died. And many point of people's past are parallel to other's pasts. For example, Ichigo feeling guilty thinking it was his fault his mother died, Rukia feeling guilty thinking it was her fault Kaien died- when it was both actually a hollow behind the deaths. Ichigo being bullied for having natural orange hair that's not bleached, Orihime being bullied for her long hair because they were different in Japanese society. Just connections like those makes me like both IchiRuki and IchiHime.
And well- I do love the regular modern world setting instead of the confusing Naruto world setting where they have technology, but no cars or guns. Because of this, I've become less interested writing Naruto stories, and it sucks I'm in middle of that story and have a collection to write.
Then there's my problem with the Naruto fandom... And EVERYONE should know what I mean. That's all I have to say.
It sucks there'll be no chapter of Bleach this week, and I don't know when next chapter of Tsubasa or Ouran will be released again.
I don't get why people like Naruto more than Bleach.
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To the title: First full week of Summer Vacation (WOAH) and well- it's Saturday.
Guess whose a lazy procrastinator who won't do anything constructive of her summer vacation time? I haven't started on the next chapter of Hinata's Story, 30 Patient Kisses, or my Bleach fanfiction. And I have two good (crappy) reasons: 1) I'm being forced to read for the summer reading program at the library and for school, and 2) I'm onto another Guild Wars phase. That's right, I play Guild Wars. I'm really a noob at it as my Mesmer/Necromancer in post-searing (I have a Monk/mesmer in pre-searing since I like it and have no other characters) is at level 15 and I just finished the quest into Kryta and I made it to Lion's Arch. Pathetic since my sister gave me the account more than a year or two ago, right? So nothing on fanfiction. You can see my last entry had a Ichiruki drabble so that's one writing piece for this week.
Next point is err.... CSS I guess? I've seen many people have these wonderful layouts made, even if it's plain borders with a background, it's still prettier then this stupid layout I'm using from LJ. I wish someone could make a layout for me or show me everything on how to make layouts and codes. I can never find a good layout.
Opinions on recent chapters of Bleach and Naruto:

I don't know what else to say... Watching Bleach dub again tonight.  Can't wait for Inuyasha (final chapter, right?) and more chapters of Tsubasa and Gokusen.And I really should start reading Soul  Eater or something...
OH YEAH. I found out Disney is able to Rick Roll us now and the remix is actually good, and I'm excited about Project Runway and Kathy Griffin on Bravo. You have seen many corners of my strange likings.
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I was gone all weekend (even got out of school on Friday) to see family up north in Pennsylvania (6 freaking hours in a car went by quite fast). My grandmother has came from Germany to see m sister's graduation next week and will be staying for 3 weeks or so- she actually cleans out of boredom during the day. End of school on Monday, but will have to attend the senior graduation at school- sucks.

I don't get it- Dattebayo is able to sub the newest episode of Naruto Shippuden (I'm not watching the fillers unless they have Hinata) and Bleach (This week's filler episode sucked- very boring) merely hours after it was shown in Japan when it sometimes took them the next day, yet the manga chapters which I would think are easier to translate, but now they come on Friday- can someone please explain this to me?

Tomorrow on Friday I'm going on a field trip to King's Island. Fun fun fun. I'm scared shit getting on roller coasters even small ones little toddlers enjoy.

Lawl, was that a Rocky reference on Family Guy? I'm not a 80s' child, so I wasn't entirely sure. I never even seen any of the Rocky movies.


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