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Title: Mirror
Fandom: Hetalia
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Fem!Germany-centric, set at the end of WWII, split Germanys
Summary: Everyone was silent until they heard a noise from the figure on the ground. Germany's eyes fell upon him. The one that caused it all. The one who was but a reflection.
Notes: I had an idea for a serious WWII fic that entertained the idea of two split Germanys- regular Germany and Nazi Germany- as well as make Germany a girl. I've had this idea for quite a while, and had initially started writing a fic about it late last year. Went I looked it over I decided it was really bad (like, really bad- I can't believe I even wrote that bad) so I started rewriting it and forgot about it. Found it again today and decided to finish it, as well as trying to focus on the idea I had. It's OK, not perfect, but I liked it well enough to say done! More notes at the end.

"Deutsches Reich, he was the one you were fighting if you didn't realize." )


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Title: Positive Light
After the new picture of Fem!Germany reveals her coat open and she's actually wearing clothes underneath, she finds out some nations preconceptions of something different.
: Ugh, I seriously have been in a writing slump. I'm pretty sure classes made me worse. Anyways, it's not a completely obvious Italy,Prussia,FrancexFem!Germany and super short. Also I have no idea how French even works.


I can't be the other one disappointed )
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Title: Monday Chocolate
Fandom: Hetalia Prussia/Germany
Rating: K+ or Teen, kissing and briefest implications of more
Disclaimer: Human names used(except for Belgium)
Summary: It's an odd event to come home on a Monday and find Gilbert in the kitchen, making something. It's strange when he's being almost romantic.
Notes: It may not be Valentine's Day, but I still thought this short piece up! Awkward as always, I guess.

You got some on your face )
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Title: Every Year
Fandom: Hetalia Germany/Prussia
Rating: K+ (Like, two curse words)
Disclaimer: Hetalia is by Himaruya, human names used
Summary: Ludwig took it upon himself to bake Gilbert a cake for his birthday every year.
Notes: Mehhh. I wonder if anyone will notice the vagueness I have in the story, like what the cake even is. Of course, I totally forgot about writing something for Prussia's birthday.


D'awwwww )
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Title: Reality Show Hosts
Fandom: Hetalia America/Germany
Rating: PG or K+
Disclaimer: America being a little to interested in TV shows.
Summary: After an unnecessary meeting, Germany would like to go home. Before that, though, he has to talk with America, on the discussion of reality shows and their hosts.
Notes: One day I thought up an idea for a story where America rages on about how hot Heidi Klum is to Germany. Not actually that great of a story though. Notes on my habit of adding stupid references below.


How does America know Goethe? )


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Title: 30 Patient Kisses, Kiss the Sky
Fandom: Naruto HinataxNaruto
Rating: K or G, super soft.
Disclaimer: Spoilers if you're not up-to-date, you know the drill.
Summary: In her mind, his eyes were the perfect blue.
Notes: SURPRISE! Super-super short and fluffy! I wrote this in like, less of an hour last night and I really like it. I'm wondering, how much do they know of outer space in the Narutoverse?

You can read it here or in the cut!


Perfect Blue )


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Title: Threats and Chocolate
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo, some curses
Summary: When Rukia finds about the holiday after Valentine's Day, she's in. For Ichigo, White Day and chocolate is only for the market to sell to those willing to believe it- or shinigami that threaten for it.
Notes: My romantic holiday fic is again influenced by CLAMP! Whatever, whatever. I finally finished this, though.

Read it here!

To end, Happy White Day, Happy Pi Day, Happy Mother's Day(in UK), and a Happy birthday for a family member!
Whew, time to start Spring Break. orz
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Title: Take it as Romantic
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo, Teen. Bad puns.
Notes: My Fanfic entry for the IchiRuki FC on Bleach Asylum. This was kind of rushed since I've had no time to do this.
Summary: Valentine's Day is a holiday, but not really. This is what Yuzu had told Rukia- give everyone chocolate, especially the person you like. But the thought of a romantic day with Ichigo- like a hollow when it comes to romance. Ichigo won't have it, though.

Varo-tino's Day?)

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Title: More Than Nakama
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia, slight Rukia/Kaien
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo. Spoilers all the way up to recent chapters, the rest about the Winter War is made up.
Summary: They were nakama. That was always obvious to everyone around them- but he always thought more- but did she? Wasn't he even important enough to know what had happened to her when they went to save Orihime? He had to ask. After Winter War
Notes: See at commentary down below!


Commentary-comments )

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Title: Don't Be Late
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia
Rating: Teen (a couple of curse words)
Disclaimer: There's no spoilers that I know of! Bleach by Kubo.
Summary: She says she will be back tomorrow, but no sign. Everyone asks him where she is, and he answers the same irritated answer.
Notes: This was for Ichigo's birthday today. Haha I hope people don't hate me for the Orihime bit, I love her though- I would cry if I wrote something that had her not like IchiRuki and get upset at seeing them or Ichigo and Rukia insulting her.

(Don't Be Late- Promise!)
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Title: Hinata-Hime
Rating: Teen
Notes: Sequel to previous chapter, #7. I just loved the AU.
Link “Come this way, Hinata-hime.”

I really have nothing to say right now. I spent about 12 hours watching the first episodes of Bleach (I still missed some parts I've wanted to see) and fortunately, my grandmother is leaving soon.
From the response and the number of views I've gotten for my (oneshot?) Bleach fanfic, I might just continue it. Just how I'm going to continue it will be my problem that will hold me back, then there's the problem of the first chapter being 5k words...


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