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Mar. 20th, 2011 05:12 pm
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Oh man, I found out the entries for Eurovision. Holy shit, Lena is for Germany again this year.
But- her song. Is. Eugh.
In fact, I checked out the entries from the top countries, and they're not my cup of tea. While a few like Iceland's, Denmark's and Italy's were OK, I was just...

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Moving on

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I won't complain if you got the images you used from photobucket for slide-show videos, graphics, whatever...
But crediting the fanart by saying, "I found it on Photobucket"? 
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I've been writing a new fic, and I actually wish for someone to read it and correct any mistakes I've made.
...How many people are willing to read a Austria/Fem!Germany fic? @.@

Also, I just wanted to mention Otakon.

Cut for RAAAAGE )

Just to let you know, I've watched the first first episode of the dub. That was a long 5 minutes. I can't stand the voices. And-ogod- all the script changes... I hate it.
Dammit Funimation. Who the hell likes heavy accents? I've met girls my age in Germany who could speaker English clearer than that, it's ridiculous.
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Exams are coming up, and what am I doing in school?
Writing fail!fairytales of Germany and Italy.
Class well spent, since we weren't doing much else. I'll see if I can post the short story up this week, just for fun.

And since Fullmetal Alchemist also came out this week, I have to remember to do a reactions entry. Here's a spoiler of my reaction after reading the latest Fullmetal Alchemist chapter: "SQUEEEEEEEE HOLY LORD-NOOOOOO".
Make of it as you will, my friends like to joke about me having my own language. Well- you make some weird noises reading manga or watching anime. orz

I'm also a bit happier now because a scan group is translating a shoujo I've been reading like crazy after having me look at the RAWs a while ago. I try my best not to forget about manga I've read and want to continue reading- it seems almost no shoujo being translated has a fixed schedule, so I would wait a few weeks, then a few months, until it turns into a year for a new chapter scanlated.
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I'm just going through it right now. Quite a few things have been going on, but I'm just not good at remembering them. How has April been for you? 

I've been trying to write, but nothing major. I was hoping to write something of Fem!Germany, but alas- still in those dirty stages. I'd rather dream about her since my writing isn't doing justice.

I would really like to watch more Durarara! Maybe I'll hunt down the episodes myself. I need to see episode 4 now.

Have you heard? There's two new Pokemon games that have been announced with only the titles and logo. They'll be called Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. This is one of the first news of the game, so I'd think it'll be a while before it comes in a Japan- and even longer in America.

In terms of recent chapters, Bleach has been OHDEARGODYES awesome what with Isshin appearing. I've also had reread Skip Beat. I had missed all the love triangles, couldn't help it! I should look into rereading another shoujo for now...
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The Hetalia Community momentarily exploded with the news of Hetalia being licensed by Funimation!

I was actually pretty surprised Hetalia was even going to introduced to the US by the industries for being 1) a web comic and not an actual manga, and 2) 5 minutes of anime that was even banned in Japan from airing on TV.
Maybe Funimation noticed the humongous fandom it had despite being 'underground', and decided what a big win for them to get this!

The first thing in my mind when I heard the news- The voices.
I mean, come on- it's a series about COUNTRIES, they have to have accents! I wonder if any of the seiyuus have even tried accents for Hetalia, while Himaruya gives them all interesting ways of talking- what with China saying Aru, America continually talking of heroes, Italy going 've~' and Sweden speach impairment(my friend actually called him that- I really like Sweden). I wouldn't know if the seiyuus attempted accents in Japanese, or how you even talk in a foreign accent in Japanese(This is what astounds me to see Anton Yelchin in a Japanese movie coming out soon!)
Anyways, America is notorious for voicing characters with bad accents, it's not something desirable in this anime. It was banned from airing by North Korea for being offensive, I wouldn't put it past others to find ridiculous accents even more offensive. Accents have to be relatively decent, and Funimation HAS been able to do that.
I had been thinking of good voices for Germany, and the first voice actor to pop up in my head is Crispin Freeman.
I love him so much, I remembered his voice as Tsume from Wolf's Rain, which I though definitely could suit Germany(then my little fangirl mind went on having the voice of Toboe being Italy-HURRRR).
But then someone mentioned how they thought voice actor would make a good Germany. I gasped, forgetting the lovely voice actor again. For being a great voice, I only know him from Fullmetal Alchemist as Mustang, and the only good voice in Bleach, the filler character Ashido. For those 2 or 3 episodes with Ashida, I was OK with hearing Michelle Ruff. But just barely.
Later, many fans were protesting to having big voice-actor Vic Mcgnogna voice, which made me laugh.
I understand the hate, but I don't really care about if Vic will voice in Hetalia- I care more if Johnny Yong Bosch got a role in it.

Moving on quickly to my second part when I heard of it- The new people that will come into the fandom.
I'm not entirely saying GTFO to people who will be learning of Hetalia now in the US, but it's something I didn't really want happening, in case it turned ugly.
The fandom for Hetalia is so huge, it makes the character CDs reach the Oricon charts. It rivals mainstream anime and manga that I still believe to be big in the US like Bleach and Naruto. It's kind of hard to tell, though. Bleach and Naruto were both popular aired on TV in the US, and you will find many cosplayers at cons as Sasuke or Ichigo. The main Hetalia community is topping over 20k members while I found only -10k members in Naruto and Bleach communities.
But then again, the fandom is really only situated on Livejournal, including external sites that hold scanlations and then all of the Japanese fandom on Pixiv and their own sites. From what I know, Hetalia doesn't have a external forum like Bleach(Bleach Asylum) and Naruto(Naruto Fanboards or whatever).
And for a funny note- the Capslock Hetalia community has nothing.

Now that I've described the size of the current fandom enough, it makes us wonder what will happen when people who only watch/read what comes to them in their (imo) dumb magazines. Will we become mainstream like Naruto and Bleach, and become disliked because of the fandom with many tards that make everyone facepalm?
Will there be more wank to the pretty peaceful community? I guess we shouldn't because the series itself has yaoi, so people shouldn't be homophobic, it has history and conflict with nations, along with making fun of each of them, so there shouldn't be a hate or racist circles coming around.
How serious are the shipping battles between USxUK and FrxUK? Not as big as what goes between IchiRuki and IchiHime, or even NaruSaku and any other pairing conflicting.
There is serious wank that goes through the other two fandoms that make me dislike the fandom altogether- but the Hetalia community doesn't show that much. I don't hate any characters at all in the series- A few countries are my absolute favorites, and then some I like more than others. I also have very little hate for different pairings.
Maybe it's because everything is crack, anyway, since all you're doing is shipping countries who all have relationships that change over history.

Now wanting to wrap this all up so I can go to sleep for the impending tomorrow of school, I'll end it there.
And for fun, I've had tried coloring Hetalia, despite the dirtiness in the beginning. I used a clean lineart of Prussia, though, so it doesn't matter.
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Title: Name TBD
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia Rukia/Kaien
Rating: Teen for the dark theme, and some violence.
Disclaimer: AU, actual Bleach by Kubo Tite.
Summary: Not available!
Notes: Currently over 10k words I have written over the past few months, so the one-shot I first intended turned a little... longer. It's another IchiRuki AU, where instead of shinigami and Soul society, its Angels and Demons. Is turning drama, angst, a little darker or more depressing themes. I first had an idea for the ending but first I have to get to it. Major IchiRuki, and KaiRuki. <3

Preview of a few passages I've written! It's not entirely in order and I tried not to put a lot of info about the story in there, at least some hints to everything I've written so far.


Preview Passages )


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Title: Blacklovemail Chapter 3
Fandom: Bleach IchiRuki
Rating; Teen for cursing
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo.
Sumary: Not available!


Preview )


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Title: Blacklovemail- Chapter title not available
Fandom: IchigoxRukia, Rukia/Kaien
Rating: Teen (cursing currently and themes)
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo
Notes: Here is the preview for the next chapter of BLM. I'm almost half-way done with typing the chapter, so there's very little for the preview and there may be mistakes.


Preview )


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PREVIEW PREVIEW! The start of the fanfic I've been typing! It's taken me a while even for the first chapter. Since the first chapter is pretty much finished, I might post it tonight or tomorrow.

Title: Blacklovemail
Fandom: Bleach IchiRuki w/ KaiRuki
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo.
Notes: AU, OOC. No more information available!

Preview )
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Title: More than Nakama
Fandom: Bleach Ichigo/Rukia (Hinted Rukia/Kaien)
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo Tite. Spoilers up to recent arc.
Summary: They were nakama. That was always obvious to everyone around them- but he always thought more- but did she? Wasn't he even important enough to know what had happened to her when they went to save Orihime? He had to ask.
Notes: Since the Winter War isn't actually over IMO, I made up the end. Soul Society did win against Aizen, but he was able to flee before they could get him. Other than that it should be all fact.

Preview B- now with more text!><br /><span class= )

I really don't want to upload this on Fanfiction.net until I revise it on a computer and not a mac, specifically my new laptop. But again, I thought I would have it by yesterday, and again, Chris wasn't at work so my mom didn't know if he was done testing it or anything. So I'll have to go the long weekend which I probably could've used to transfer my files to it and download all the programs. 
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Title: Untitled
Fandom: Bleach Ichigo/Rukia
Rating: Teen for blood
Disclaimer: Bleach not by me, by Kubo.
Summary: During the Winter War where Ichigo thinks up a harsh plan so Rukia can be safe, even though he could never actually tell her the truth. (Is being very vague for a reason)
Notes: Inspired by IchiRuki theme #37 'Losing My Grip'. Preview only, another new idea that came up while I am on hiatus. Thoughts I will have this done by hiatus is over? Not that likely- the same with previous preview I made. Has a few mistakes but it's only a preview of content.

Preview )

On another note, while going shopping and got a new polo and jeans, I went to Barnes and Nobles and got two new books- volume 22 of Bleach and Volume 12 of Death Note. I now have a tendency to not buy the first volumes of Manga (especially if I already seen the beginning) and just go for special volumes that I really like- hence why I had gotten volume 12 (the last volume) when I have no other volume on Death Note.
And I'm still going to ask for the untranslated volume 30 of Bleach for my birthday November. I want sexy Kaien bad.
I don't know why I chose volume 22 instead of 23 when it has Rukia also, AND chapter 0! Maybe the sight of a half-naked Ikkaku would make my mother question about getting me it. I would've also had gotten volume 16, but Barnes and Noble didn't have the volume EITHER or any of the volumes between 10-20 for that matter.
I have to stay up to watch Adult Swim. It makes me think of back when they showed Cowboy Bebop, and even back when Outlaw Star was on Cartoon Network. Now, they made their schedule so any anime is past midnight, which is utter bullshit since many people who have been watching them watched them for the Japanese shows they had.
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My sister and I had gotten a second parakeet because we wanted another one, and Sho-kun is lonely by herself (Sho was my sister's friend and she hadn't known it was actually a girl, so we just call her Sho-kun, haven't tried Sho-chan or anything). We had gotten a completely yellow boy from the barn, and have yet to rename it, since we will not tolerate calling it Billy or whatever.
My sister wanted the word for Dandelion, but she doesn't like Tanpopo so we're still thinking of a name.

Title: Not yet decided
Fandom: Bleach IchiRukiKai (Err... not really)
Rating: Teen for curse word(s).
Disclaimer: Bleach not by me... spoilers up to recent chapters.
Summary: Not available right now.
Notes: Preview for one-shot I've worked on. Takes place after the Winter War- Soul Society did win, but Aizen was able to get away. Other than that it should be all fact.

Oh yes, I actually am showing you a preview of a new one-shot, even though I'm on hiatus- how did I do that? Well, really the only thing stopping me is my annoyance of having to use the computer to sit straight or the computer right below, but today I learned it doesn't even have Word '03, so I can't use it either. I've been bored not writing something and I've had ideas bouncing all around in my head, I decided to type another Bleach one-shot.
Unfortunately I'm not done yet and since the computer in downstairs in a uncomfortable chair, I can't and won't stay up to finish it. I'll just leave it for tomorrow or even Monday, which is when I'll be getting my laptop to my mom's work and hopefully the guy will be there to fix it the same day.
Hiatus is almost over!


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