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Jan. 6th, 2012 06:46 pm
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Icons(Tiger & Bunny, Hetalia, & Misc)
Total: 47

Come this way! )

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The last Bleach chapter was glorious.
I mean, I've been supportive of the new looks of the characters, and seeing Rukia's, Byakuya's, Renji's, Kenpachi's...
I don't even think I can write anything coherent because I'm not very good at this when all I can think about it flailing in happiness at this long-last reunion after weeks and months of previous chapters that lead it all up to this. And to think that Byakuya, Renji, and the others would have appeared-


Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:57 pm
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Ohhhh yeah. I love Inoue like this. Her usual bubbly personality, sudden serious when mention of hurting her friends, and her looks.
And I totally can't wait for Rukia again.
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I'll just use a few words to describe the new Bleach chapter out:


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Title: Shounen, Shoujo?
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia
Rating: PG or K+
Disclaimer: Other than Bleach not being mine? None.
Summary: ONE-SHOT. Ichigo, Rukia, and a short discussion of which is better- shounen or shoujo manga, along with a difference in tastes.
Notes: Lots of references in here, full notes at the bottom.

The irony, can you feel it? )
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Whaaaa, it's only Thursday! But the new chapters are already out, and I learned a lot watching lots of Fullmetal Alchemist today!
Fangirling time!

Spoilers! )
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Title: Threats and Chocolate
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo, some curses
Summary: When Rukia finds about the holiday after Valentine's Day, she's in. For Ichigo, White Day and chocolate is only for the market to sell to those willing to believe it- or shinigami that threaten for it.
Notes: My romantic holiday fic is again influenced by CLAMP! Whatever, whatever. I finally finished this, though.

Read it here!

To end, Happy White Day, Happy Pi Day, Happy Mother's Day(in UK), and a Happy birthday for a family member!
Whew, time to start Spring Break. orz
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Title: Countdown- Cat Forms
Bleach IchigoxRukia
Kubo is master of Bleach, and all of beautiful shounen.
Series of short stories made for the challenge at the IchRuki FC for Ichigo's birthday back in August. Seven different themes, seven similar stories between the Ichigo and Rukia.
Notes: It's all been said. I was really lazy last night to post this up despite posting the story up. Since its the holidays and break, I will most likely clump the rest of the chapters in just one entry, unless I am very bored.

(Chapter One- Cat Forms)
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Seeing all the wonderfully colored pages of Bleach's latest chapter with the IchiRuki and guilty Ichigo, I don't want to touch those pages.

Maybe in a month or two- or never.

I want some REAL action. As amazing as the cover of drowning Ichigo and the two meeting again, it's unsatisfying, and Ichigo needs some help.

I'm just re-reading and re-reading Cat Street, and saving my favorite pages.

But wait-!
Skip Beat has been released in Japan now! I can't wait for it to be scanned and translated!
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Watching the new episode of the dub, when I found out it was the whole Rukia Kaien/Espada episode, I was SO EXCITED. I wanted so bad to watch the emotional episode with the lovely Psuedo-Kaien mind-fucking Rukia…

But the dub, once again, screwed me over.

I already hate Rukia's dub voice by the Ruff woman- it doesn't suit her, and she's says it all weird. I actually hate pretty much all of the voices VIZ chose for the characters- they seem so god awful. The best voice actor they're gotten was the man known for voicing Roy Mustang in FMA as Ashido, and I actually really liked it. There, I could listen to a very nice voice and not mind Michelle's all that much.

But then that quality went back down the toilet when I heard the voice of Kaien.

He sounded stoned or something, just not lively and animated enough for the real Kaien. I couldn't stand it, and then along with Rukia's voice I had to keep it mute for most of the episode.

But that didn’t stop me from hearing what they said.

The whole dynamic between KaiRuki was ruined like pretty much every other relations of two people when you change how they call each other.

"Kaien! Kaien Shiba! Leutenient Shiba!"

What. The. Hell. Is. That.

Add to Kaien calling her Rukia.

That immediately killed their real interactions.

I had to keep it mute for the rest of the episode, placing the correct "Kuchiki" and "Kaien-dono" to ease my nerves. While doing that, I had to recognize the old fail of whoever draws the Bleach anime.

I mean, half the time Ichigo is pretty ugly, but Kaien had to suffer looking ridiculous for almost every frame of him!

That's the anime for you.

All in all, VIZ and Pierrot love to drive me away from the anime and just enjoy Kubo's lovely art in the manga, since every single person is pretty much beautiful and sexy.

I'm thinking Pierrot is even doing it on purpose with the whole quality control issues. When you look at Naruto and its anime(made also by Pierrot), Kishimoto's artwork wasn't entirely smooth and such, but by Naruto Shippuden it seems he's gotten to having characters look good and decent. The anime also started out with some question to being quality work as it most likely just styled after Kishi's work back then, but soon got much cleaner.

Bleach also started a bit different from Kubo's style now, and I must say he's really come quite far where  his styles is one of my most favorite from mangaka. He makes every character sexy, especially Aizen and Byakuya(hurrrrr). The anime in the beginning was styled just like the beginning(those very jutted chins and such) but also grew alongside with Kubo.

The only problem is that even now I've had question over why Ichigo looks so fugly here and there, especially in the lame dubs they come up with(not the zanpakutou arc, it's actually decent because it's Kubo-approved). The anime really hasn't gotten any better(more like worse) after they entered their first full filler arc.


Written last week during the actual episode. The next episode is tonight, and I probably will watch it again!

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I watched it full blast and squealed every few minutes for five minutes.
I am currently watching it again.


I'd like to see any other fanservice in Bleach beat this.

It had your characters, your fights, and Ichigo and Rukia.

It even was good quality, only a few frames I went "What's wrong with that...?"

The ending is pretty sad, but it ended happy, it really did.

The only thing is since Renji and co. did not remember Rukia, I saw very little of that, even of ByaRuki. It was all IchiRuki.
And I mean ALL IchiRuki, I didn't see much of anything else!
It's kind of sad Ishida, Inoue, and Chad didn't even appear AT ALL in the movie, they have had no screen time.

One of my favorite moments was when Ichigo found Rukia the first time and she asked him who he was, he stuttered! And then he was all mopey afterward.

The seiyuus Fumiko and Morita were so excellent, they really made the disalogue shine(that, and Ichigo's open-side of all the "Rukia changed my life, you can't erase our bond" was spectacular)!
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Yay for new layout!
And a big YAAAAY for the header I finally made so I can change the layout! The amazing scans of Rukia and Ichigo for the Fade to Black movie that came from the special edition DVDs that came out. The two just look AMAZING and I decided to make the header using it!
Simple things I did, only playing with colors.

The only problem is that part of the header is not showing up, and I have NO IDEA how to fix it. I'm still looking into it.

I really need to start writing more IchiRuki!

The first Bleach movie was on Adult Swim last night.
BLEGGH. I did not watch it. NO WAY IN HELL.


Aug. 30th, 2009 08:35 pm
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There is no more ribbon.

Life is going to be slowing down this month.

There doesn't even seem to be a chance for me to write!

Ogyaaaa... or however that sound goes.
Even though no one understands it at school, I go "Jiiiiiiiiiiiii~" as I stare at them.

I can only think of the Bleach movie being subbed soon(it's in September, right?), Rukia, and the next chapter of Skip Beat.
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Title: Lost Angels- Memories
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Bleach is by Kubo, title is of Gackt song.
Summary: Angels were a myth. Ichigo didn't believe in them until the night she met her under the tree. Despite what both had gone through, the fallen angel and the human go against the rules set to protect them: Angels must not share feelings with a living soul. (This is original summary, had to change it to type Last chapter on it)
Notes: IT'S THE LAST CHAPTER! I finally finished a fanfic! I'M SO HAPPY~~~! I'm also thinking of a sequel to it, but it's up in the air.

(Final Chapter- Memories)

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Title: Lost Angels- Farewell
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia Kaien/Rukia
Rating: Rated Teen for violence
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo, Gackt song title.
Summary: Angels were a myth. Ichigo didn't believe in them until the night she met her under the tree. Despite what both had gone through, the fallen angel and the human go against the rules set to protect them: Angels must not share feelings with a living soul.
It's also the climax of the story, next chapter is the last one!

(Chapter nine- Farewell)

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Title: Lost Angels- Compassion
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia, Rukia/Kaien
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo, Gackt's song title
Summary: Angels were a myth. Ichigo stopped believing the images of blond angels until he met her on the ground, dead wings. Despite what she had gone through, the fallen angel and the human go against the rule: Angels must not share feelings with a living soul.
Notes: I love this chapter because of the KaiRuki and subtle hints in it. Plus, it ends in a very serious cliff hanger, with the climax very soon, if not the next chapter. I'm planning on having the entire scene with the climax in one chapter, so it will definitely be longer than this. Before beta-ing this chapter, it was only 800 words.
The chapter title was kind of random, I could have made it something better for this chapter, but no matter. No one really cares about the chapter titles(except me, I would guess).

(Chaptper eight- Compassion)

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Name: Lost Angels- Understand
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia Rukia/Kaien
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Bleach by Kubo. Title of Gackt song.
Summary: Angels were a myth. Ichigo stopped believing the images of blond angels until he met her on the ground, dead wings. Despite what she had gone through, the fallen angel and the human go against the rule: Angels must not share feelings with a living soul.
Notes: Not much to say.
In the author's notes in the chapter I was rambling about thinking of writing a sequel. It's a tough decision because that means I have a few ideas for this story that seems wouldn't be a good idea to put in now, and with the sequel not only could I flesh out the story(because as the original one-shot it had very few characters except Ichigo and Rukia) I could pur those ideas in!

(Chapter seven- Understand)

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Title: Lost Angels- Cemetery
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia Rukia/Kaien
Rating: T
Summary: Angels were a myth. Ichigo stopped believing the images of blond angels until he met her on the ground, dead wings. Despite what she had gone through, the fallen angel and the human go against the rule: Angels must not share feelings with a living soul.
Notes: No, THIS is the shortest chapter. 1.4k words of actual story. Not much again, but it starts the whole cemetery visit. The next chapter finishes it, and will be longer!

(Chapter six- Cemetery)

I'm happy to know that last month I got 2,286 Hits and 1,388 Visitors for all my fanfics, although most of it was for Lost Angels, then One and Two and then the rest of my fanfics. Super happy to get so many hits and visitors!

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Syn from BleachAsylum gave me this truly wonderful signature I requested as a gift for finishing the 7-day fanfic challenge! <3 I've always been crazy about how in the IchiRuki relationship they are individuals fighting to keep standing, but allow the other to support them.
II've always imagines this when pictures as the two on ionic pillars, back to back, with their fingers intertwined and looking up.
Of course, there's no picture (fan-made or not), Syn made this wonderful banner for me with the theme support!

Truly wonderful.
She mentioned how she spent hours coloring it because she was trying a new style, and it truly looks worth the hours it took her with so amazing quality!
I just love it, and it makes me feel all nice and warm to think it was made for me to use only, since it as my name on it! <3
Now if only I could find an artist that could my picturization of the theme. xD I've had funny dreaming of scenes of Rukia, including-
"A scene of the two riding a motorcycle in a desert, inspired by the song Ruby by Kasier Cheifs"
"Rukia lying with her torso completely bandages lying on a medical futon. Ichigo right beside her, holding her hand. While they look into each other's eyes, the only stains of blood soaking through the bandages are over her left breast. Theme Bleed your heart out."
Hur hur.


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