Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:25 pm
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This should be crossposted from my DW account onto LJ...

To actually put content into this post, I guess this sums up the past weel

1) I came back from Ohayocon 2012 and blogged about it on Tumblr.
2) Right after Ohayocon I now learn of Colossalcon
3) I've started watching Supernatural
4) I just had my last class until the new semester next week
4.5) To celebrate I'm watching Supernatural
5) I also got an account on ao3 for archiving purposes (of course)
6) I'm having myself go on Gaia
7) I'm making myself do a lot of social things
9.5) UGHHH
10) I got an alpaca plush at Ohayocon and now I have to be a part of the community!!!

I wish I could go into more detail (at least making this list was good for me) but I have to go watch more Supernatural because I'm only on season 2 oooooh shit.
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I have my finals this week and I studied shit, even though I know I should have done something for the one class I'm not passing. I seriously only have one full week of classes left and it seems I have quite a lot to do because I have to factor in the work I'll have to do if I don't ace my finals as well as redoing any previous work. Granted I'm probably in better shape than others in terms of having to make up, and it's because I didn't put off doing corrections for my work until now.
Life, blah, my hair is a big issue, and football )

My life has quite a bit of what-ifs occurring, I have to stop watching Batman Beyond and do something. But oh man, Batman Beyond is so good I can't quit. In fact, I'm going to go add the complete series on DVD on my Amazon wishlist to buy when I have money when I get a job.
Batman Beyond is awesome, I will now have so many awesome things about it in my mind forever. I demand acknowledgment on this show, because it deserves it. Awesomeawesomeawesomeawesome.
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This is me coloring the Haro poster my sister and I made.
Anime Punch 2011 )

Also, Happy Easter! My great-grandmother's birthday was today this year, and she's 97 now. I couldn't tell her happy birthday or anything because she's probably forgotten all English and me as well.
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I just had to do it. The song has been stuck in my head all week and finally is it appropriate to share my happy feelings of today!
Carrying on )
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I have a Kindle, and I could lots of books and stuff and read whatever I want, right? I gave it a nice name (in fact, I named it after the person quoted above) I only have one book on my Kindle. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice.
Don't ask why I'm randomly reading the book, just know that I might be getting into it only for the romance.
It's a romance novel, isn't it? Are real romance novels always this slow starting? I can't even tell how many pages I've read because it's a kindle with it's tiny electronic pages. But I have to keep reading, or else I'll feel bad about no finishing a classic like this.
Life, Easter, and rage at fandom )

Oh god, I don't want to think about it. It makes me feel so sad I haven't had a history class all this year.
And then it makes me wonder if I get to visit family in Germany this year.
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It's getting pretty late and I have an important assignment that needs to be done by tomorrow morning, so I can't spend too much time on the entry tonight, even though I have a lot to say!

Three topics covered )
I think I'll leave it off at that. Friday is tomorrow so it'll be the weekend once more.
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Holy. Shit. I had a twisted dream last night. I wake up from it and saying, "I have to write this gold down." Oh man. It's like a culmination of what my life has become plus so much awkwardness.

I sometimes mistake dreams for reality )
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Today was Manuel Neuer's birthday! <3

I totally would share a second Neuer-centric picspam on my LJ of him today, but seeing as it would probably be better, I just held the picspam on my Tumblr by spamming pics of him over the day. It made me really happy seeing so much of him.
Did I mention how adorable he is?

Life )
Day Twenty-Nine almost there )
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Today actually got it over and saved that truck load of Mannschaft pics from the Italy game and training a while back. Now I gotta transfer those to my computer.
Also, it's sad I have no good walking shoes. The only pair of canvas slip-ons I have hurt after so long. And then I have dress shoes. And then those hideous sheep-skin boots that hurt. And then flip flops. I'm going to have to go a pair of closed, comfortable tennis shoes just for walking and such so I could walk through wet grass.
I was extremely tired this morning after an unusual dream, I'm glad my classes aren't until later in the morning and short right now.

Day Eighteen )
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Rants, rants, rants, and a new meme I'm doing.

Cons, Nintendo, changes, and meme )
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Expect something better... this weekend? This weekend will finally be a not busy weekend with no horse lessons! But ah, I have to go back to photoshopping myself something stupid for class.
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I can't believe I forgot to mention how I recently built my ZZ Gundam!
So I bought the model at Ohayocon the week before, and last weekend I built it! It's kind of my bb Gundam, as it's the only Gundam we have that's one of my favorites. For some odd reason, despite not having watched Gundam SEED, we have a few Gundams from that series...
I'm too lazy to share a picture of it, though. Sorry.

Also, I got Pokemon Diamond! It's my first ever Pokemon game orz;; I'm going to start playing that as well. Let's see how addicted I get!
I'm busy this weekend- lesson, close friends, movies, projects to finish... But I'd really like to write two new fanfics for Valentine's Day.

Also, Germany had a friendly this week with Italy! It was a tie, but Germany almost won bragging rights. All of my most favorite players played, it made me so happy! <3 I recently told my aunt in Germany about how it would be great to catch a soccer game whenever I visit, but I'm not sure if there's actually any Bundesliga club games that happen in Berlin... But let me just say this:
HNNGGGHGH NEUER. THAT is why he is my icon.

Also, this week I've had a sudden strong desire, or change of heart. It includes traveling. I'll just leave it at that.

Not to mention I also had a revelation this week! I actually have a favorite album, and it's Daft Punk's Discovery. Yeah, it's 10 years old now, but if I was able to like the entire album and listen to nothing but it now and years back, it's an album worth remembering for me.

On my list of anime to watch is Gundam Zeta. Then I might either go back to Gundam 0083, or Gurren Lagann and finish up those series. Actually glad there's no anime airing in Japan right now that is remotely interesting, or I would something else to watch and never finish anything!

Also, I want to hit myself right now for thinking, 'Maybe I should change my layout again'. Crappy time to remember that. I'll put that on my to-do list for Spring Break.

Screw ups

Oct. 24th, 2010 05:47 pm
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Hi, I'm it's-been-forever-since-I've-posted. You may not know me because the last time I've posted has been a month ago and I rarely ever comment things.

Cut for long ramblings and excuses )

So that's been my life... Although I've forgotten to mention a few things, so I'll put it down here:

-I've seen a lot of new anime. Steamboy, Akira, Tokyo Godfathers to name a few. Found out Bakuman is NOT a good anime too.
-Die Mannschaft. Still fangirling, and waiting for their next game against Sweden
-I'm hooked to reading drama. And lots of it.
-THE DREAMS I'VE RECENTLY HAD- Cons, Gundam-helmets, Gaia, boats, and Germany. WHAAAAAAT.

I'll post again when/if I have something to actually show... or next time it might be more rants. Who knows?
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Exams are coming up, and what am I doing in school?
Writing fail!fairytales of Germany and Italy.
Class well spent, since we weren't doing much else. I'll see if I can post the short story up this week, just for fun.

And since Fullmetal Alchemist also came out this week, I have to remember to do a reactions entry. Here's a spoiler of my reaction after reading the latest Fullmetal Alchemist chapter: "SQUEEEEEEEE HOLY LORD-NOOOOOO".
Make of it as you will, my friends like to joke about me having my own language. Well- you make some weird noises reading manga or watching anime. orz

I'm also a bit happier now because a scan group is translating a shoujo I've been reading like crazy after having me look at the RAWs a while ago. I try my best not to forget about manga I've read and want to continue reading- it seems almost no shoujo being translated has a fixed schedule, so I would wait a few weeks, then a few months, until it turns into a year for a new chapter scanlated.
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Now that school is over and break has started, I can do more/less. The thing is, I've recently turned to Hetalia whenever I've been feeling down. I'm a terrible, terrible fangirl. I should post more Hetalia. That's it! A new goal! I was also reminded how awesome manga or anime can have such a small fandom- or at least, a talented fandom. I wish there were more pretty Baccano fanart out there(ironic it can be) and for other series. Like jeebus- Naruto...Final Fantasy.... and sometimes Bleach. Hetalia is the only fandom being excluded since I'm focused on it right now. But no love for other series!! Shoujo! Amd not Vampire Knight, sadly. I reserved the last volume of Utena Revolutionary Girl from my library- it might be in decent condition but who knows for such an old manga being in the library... During my last final, I couldn't get England's song Pub and Go out of my head. The seiyuu is so lovely, I just want to gush about Ishida now. And during my other finals from the past days, I wrote two little drabbles. One survives because I  wrote it right on the back of m Spanish, but the other one had to go to the recycling bin as it was scrap paper. By the by, this week's Naruto proved not much emotion for me. "How DID Danzo get those sharingan eyes...?" But I wasn't disappointed by this week's Bleach! Tousen was scary as shit, but Hisagi~! No chapters  next week makes me peeved.
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It all started with this APH MAD video here
Like most fan videos, you might have recognized the video as a spoof off of the series Baccano!
I decided to watch it, and it took me all day today to watch all 13 episodes.

I really liked the series! I got kind of focused on the characters because of the video using Hetalia characters, so I got obsessed...
Here are my random comments:
  • Psycho Ladd! His whole skipping over the thought of killing and even jumping in a puddle of blood- morbid, yet amusing.
  • Having mentioned blood- I didn't realize how gorey it was.
  • "I'm immortal! You can't kill me!" "Really? *Forces arm into train tracks on a speeding train* Wow! You're blood comes back and forms your arm!" "Even if you shoot me, cut me, or even gouge my eyes out!"
  • Yes... the gore.
  • JACUZZI AND NICE. Favorite pairing, and it sadly did get influenced by it being Germany and Italy in the MAD.
  • Every time I see scared Jacuzzi, he reminds me of another character... kinda like Al from FMA?
  • Speaking of FMA, the seiyuu of Ladd did Maes Hughes from FMA! >w<
  • Alchemists too in Baccano, just saying. Plot point.
  • Not to mention cool seiyuus, the voice of Isaac does France(who France was in the MAD!) and had voiced Cerberus from Cardcaptor Sakura! I don't even have to go back to watch an episode to remember Cerberus' loud and charismatic voice, and IS Masaya Onosaka! The guy was also Vash from Vash the Stampede. Win.
  • And Shinji from Bleach.
  • Isaac and Miria. The best duo EVER.
  • "Take the watches, steal time!" Oh yes, the duo is amazing.
  • WTF is with the layout of the episodes. The worst part of the anime was it was different POVs of the cast of over 2-3 years, and it confused me SO. The media player was set to play all the episodes but apparently it went out of order because I saw the last episode in the middle! I didn't even realize it because of how scattered the episodes are.
  • That Rail Tracer. Crazy shit, yo.
  • He was only referred to a name other than the Rail Tracer once.
  • The two most boring things about the series: That assassin girl whose father was an immortal, and Eve and Dallas.
  • Firo and Maize... *Fangirl giggle* Smooooooooth.
  • The episode showing the beginning of the immortals 200 years ago... I loved it!
  • The little immortal boy needs to get checked after so many years of toture...
  • Ooooooh Jacuzzi and Nice <3
I just HAD to end it like that. I really liked them.
This coming week is hard work of sitting for long periods of time! But Friday is the start of Winter break!
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To feel proud for the achievements I have done- they are very little. To see others that actually enjoy what I can do, it brings me happiness from the bottom of my heart. Oh the joy of  being able to do something 

I feel so happy for the beginning of the year! Even though I'm not excited for what's coming up in the very beginning of February, I'm currently living in the moment.
I'm happy that Blacklovemail is actually getting all of these views. People are actually leaving reviews how they wouldn't like the story, but want to see more or how it ends! This always happens when I read fanfics. I should really get to work on the next chapter next weekend.
What's better? Lovely Dressing, which I wrote for Rukia's brithday(albeit a day belated) and truly LOVED it myself- or at least the idea of Lolita and Lolicon. After writing that I had to research on some terms and learned a lot about the fashion, and now I'm rather interested in it. 

For school, I was able to color some manga, so I decided on practicing shoujo manga, and colored a favorite spread of mine for Cardcaptor Sakura. Of course the quality is rather poor, but my teacher won't be judging on the quality. I was even surprised when I printed it out at school, I was showing my friend when one of the students saw it and asked me if she could take a picture of it.

And now that I've already written a fanfic on my laptop, I can say I'm off hiatus. I'm just too lazy to get all of my pictures files and graphics. That Bleach page I've been coloring is in need of being finished. I was planning when I finish it I could try making some graphics with it, or print it out to show my friend since I mentioned it to her. 
And then leave it in my locker to let me see wonderful IchiRuki smex staring all colorful.

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It's less than 5 minutes before midnight here in Eastern Coast Time!
I'm watching CNN with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper!
Because Kathy Griffin is AWESOME and funny! <3

Happy New Year's again! This year definitely was big for me, as a few things that have happened to me:
-Anime convention, but then in '09 I'll be going to Ohayocon, which is even bigger than Armageddicon.
-Bleach and EVERYTHING that has happened, especially with all the IchiRuki lurve.
-The 2008 Presidential Election was a big part of discussion for me and humor.
-School competition and other hard times
-MUSIC Whether it's Katy Perry here or Porno Graffitti and ORANGE RANGE in Japan.
-My new found interest in graphics design, Photoshop or GIMP.
-Increased interest in writing~
-New found interest in learning Japanese- yes, I'm learning during my side time!
-I Love the New Millenium
-Code Geass!
-New interest in different manga!
-Building my Manga collection steadily.
-My fading interest in Naruto
-And more, mostly what I forget that happened in the beginning of 2008!

I hope everyone is celebrating happily and can't wait for the new year!
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Hope everyone had good holidays and school(or work) off!
I'm very alarmed I forgot about Hinata's birthday, I HAVE to write something for her!

Star Trek TNG marathon is awesome.
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Even though I've been going home much earlier now before the new year when I have to stay after school again for competition, I haven't had any time to write anything, or DO anything. It truly sucks.
I've been reading some shoujo... and I must tell you I've gotten addicted to a shoujo called Akuma to Dolce which is soooo cute! Beaut is an awesome character. There's a similarity between him and Death the Kidd.
Sadly there has only been 8 chapters and it's irregular, so I have NO idea when the next chapter will come out, although a chapter is due by now.
Christmas is putting me in a happier mood. I've already taken some Christmas gifts, so I probably won't have anything for me on Christmas at home, but family out of state will.

I've also have been taken aliking to Jpop songs. My favorite bands are Aqua Timez, uVERworld, Porno Graffitti, Kanjani8, TOKIO, and a few more.


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