Jan. 20th, 2012 11:12 pm
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It's for a joke that only I know of and think is funny but hopefully when I use this to make a banner and share it, people will get the joke!!!
Just this image is good enough.
Reminds me how I wish the next releases of Kuragehime would come fasterrrrr
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I can't even think give a better pic than that because I'm currently on my desktop instead of my laptop (which reminds me, I have to transfer a bunch of images on here). Today has been my first day of break and I didn't do very much except watch stuff like CSI and AMV Hell... Even Tumblr and cgl were slow(well duh it's the middle of the day on a Friday).

Busy month! )
Before I go slip into a food coma, I do want to mention that I finished Sailor Moon. I watched all 200 episodes. I loved the experience of watching all of the episodes I remembered, and then watching the very last season which ended up to by my favorite. Hnnnngh the Sailor Stars! Seiya! I fell hard. Sailor Moon SuperS is right after it because I love Chibiusa and Helios and it made me sad that Chibiusa seemingly NO LONGER EXISTED IN SAILOR STARS. Usagi had a picture in her room of her, Chibiusa, and Mamoru together and when everyone looked at it, CHIBIUSA WAS GONE I MEAN WAT. It might have been a different picture of just her and Mamoru or maybe it was a subtle sign of how Mamoru being killed changed Chibiusa's existence and know one could tell or maybe THERE WAS NO CONTINUITY.
But yeah. I loved it. I'll be getting Volume 3 of the manga in the mail next month, so I can't wait for it!

Ok I'll stop rambling now. Seeing as it's now break I'll make the time to post more!
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So right now I do not want to be browsing the internet because everything is incredibly slow.


Because we're currently downloading a torrent of Sailor Moon. And it's a relatively large size. How big? over 30 GB.
It's episode 1-200. The ETA is in 3 days, so it's gonna be a long 3 days it's finished.
And when it is finished, it's gonna be a time for some Sailor Moon marathoning, I think. My goal will be finish all 200 episodes before the end of the year.

  1. Mawaru Penguindrum- High Priority of watching every week. It used to be my guilty pleasure, but I don't care anymore. It should be expected from the people of Utena
  2. Sailor Moon- Yes
  3. Gundam Unicorn- EPISODE 4 HAS BEEN RELEASED ASDFGHTJUYKTGFDSGKU. I'm lurking all over /m/ for when someone shares a torrent for it. I'm excited to see this episode because IT'S THE LAST EPISODE OF GU THIS YEAR FFFFFFF
I had watched an episode of Gundam AGE but then I forgot about it. The art style is off-putting because I want it like the rest, but modern like GU. If I'm seriously bored I'll come back to it.
I also want to see this other older anime, but I don't think I'll have time this year unless I'm very bored in December and I somehow blitzed through Sailor Moon. I did some sloppy math and I would have to watch around 5 episode a day everyday, 7 everyday if I started watching it in December.

Also there is news of the new Tiger & Bunny stuff coming in 2012, but WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? This link here is about the Heroawards from yesterday or something. I pasted a paragraph into GTranslate and it said a 2012 production so now I'm excited it might by a movie! DOES ANYONE KNOW I JUST WANT TO KNOW THIS BY THE WAY I WISH I HAD MONEY SO I COULD BUY A WHOLE BUNCH OF MERCH.
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I just had to do it. The song has been stuck in my head all week and finally is it appropriate to share my happy feelings of today!
Carrying on )
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Did anyone else see this?

A more positive Hetalia secret, since most times it's ever mentioned on f!s it's negative. I don't even check out Captalia as I'm not at any sort of side-community of a fandom ever. /Awkwardandforeveralone
I've been in my room all day )

Yeah, easiest things taken care of from my to-do list on the first day. But I'll definitely keep going on.

Day Twenty-One )
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Two things:

One, Kuragehime. THE ANIME IS HYUUUUUNG. <3
I really enjoyed watching this anime. Awesome, AWESOME story- yet again another anime/manga I strongly like that has cross-dressing/unconventional gender roles, coincidence?
It's something different, and the anime is airing in Japan this season, feels good feeling like I'm keeping up when I'm really not. I mean, I gotta at least see one or two episodes of Gurren Lagann.
And look into seeing Gintama.
And watch more of Gundam 0083.
And Gundam Unicorn.
Maybe I'll just go play with my Gundam game...
Back to Kuragehime, I also think the opening/endings are cute. Opening is of course better animation-wise, but you can't beat the ending with the music by Sambomaster. I spent the entire first time listening to it thinking, "I KNOW WHO THIS IS, BUT'S BEEN SO LONG...THEY FUCKING HAD SONGS FOR BLEACH, YES, THAT GROUP.... WHAT'S THEIR NAME?!"
Now I have to go look around for their recent music, but I can still remember their second Bleach ending song I still have not found. It's just been a while since I have been going back to just my alternative and indie pop and forgetting of the popular Jpop being released. Cold War Kids, Passion Pit, Mumford and Sons, Phoenix, MGMT...

Second, really?
Is it THAT hard to figure out how to use an Lj-cut? They actually have a question EXPLAINING JUST HOW TO on the site. It seems very obvious when you post to a community without an Lj-cut and ask how you make them that you only bothered to join LJ to post that one time. Personally, it helps having an LJ and lurking everywhere, so whenever(if ever) I first post on a community, I'm not having to ask the whole "How do LJ-cut?".
I've seriously seen it several times, twice or so this week FROM THE SAME COMMUNITY. DDD:

And as an extra note, some random lines from life.
Had a wickedly scary dream last night. I woke up and tried to fall asleep but then I just dreamed A CONTINUATION. Was not fun.
I actually have a Death Note tag? Odd.
As always, forever alone.
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The industry has now decided to do something about all the online manga readers out there on the internet, "stealing all their money away". Now, top sites have been asked to shut down. Onemanga.com is going to soon be gone. D:
I made sure I got a list of all the manga I've read there, so I can search for the titles by myself now.
Ranting on sucky VIZ )

And no, I refuse to buy Shounen Monthly Jump here. It's a waste of money, and the feeling that I wait a whole month for the next chapter people have already read 3 weeks ago and 3 chapters ahead is not a pleasant one, since I'm not ignorant of what publishers are doing.

*Sigh* On to something else...

Poor, poor Sweden )

I'm so happy for Onenote, it helps keep me organized and it's a great place to hold my list of manga to continue reading.
Anyways, I have a head ache, I'm going to sleep now. I almost fell asleep while watching Star Trek- actually, I closed my eyes after awhile so it became listening to Star Trek- the episode was crazy.
Incredibly crazy.
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I was too tired and forgot last night to do this, plus I want to type up that fic, auugh! Well, here's my latest rants and rambles this week:

-Bleach 403
-Naruto 494
-Fullmetal Alchemist 107
-Bakuman 85
-Kamisama Hajimemashita 18


Yup, that's pretty much it. Now off to doing something this weekend... maybe play Guild Wars?

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Exams are coming up, and what am I doing in school?
Writing fail!fairytales of Germany and Italy.
Class well spent, since we weren't doing much else. I'll see if I can post the short story up this week, just for fun.

And since Fullmetal Alchemist also came out this week, I have to remember to do a reactions entry. Here's a spoiler of my reaction after reading the latest Fullmetal Alchemist chapter: "SQUEEEEEEEE HOLY LORD-NOOOOOO".
Make of it as you will, my friends like to joke about me having my own language. Well- you make some weird noises reading manga or watching anime. orz

I'm also a bit happier now because a scan group is translating a shoujo I've been reading like crazy after having me look at the RAWs a while ago. I try my best not to forget about manga I've read and want to continue reading- it seems almost no shoujo being translated has a fixed schedule, so I would wait a few weeks, then a few months, until it turns into a year for a new chapter scanlated.
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Spoilers Ahead, don't read if you get upset over spoilers(cause I don't)

I don't have a general birthday 'fic or anything, but I do have something Spain related I'll be sharing soon! 'Til then...

My short thoughts on new releases this week!
Read more... )


Jan. 27th, 2010 07:07 pm
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2 Days!

Also, I'm officially reading Bakuman. I'm pretty happy to have read the new chapter today! I'm really glad that it's also released every week in Jump, unlike most shoujo(WTF Skip Beat... D:)


That is all.
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I like this late Christmas gift-!

7 volumes of Chobits, mere mint condition and only $5 per volume!
I remember watching a few episodes of the anime, and know pretty much the whole storyline(except the whole Freya and those persocoms looking for Chi, I was never good when CLAMP made it suddenly much more complicated) but now I have the entire series sans the last volume(LOL was it lost?)
I'm on to volume 3 now- I could definitely be going a lot faster, but I don't want to spoil everything in one day. That, or I'm too lazy to even read.*Shrugs*

Also today, I borrowed a DVD from the library of the old anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. OK, it's late 90's, early 2000's... I consider this old because I barely remember when I was younger when I watched the series. It was very haunting, and I really wanted to see the episodes again. 
I watched this DVD, that had something like episodes 25-30 or so, in the middle of the series. It didn't matter to me because I read the 5 volumes of manga(did not like the ending, tbh) and I really wanted those episodes I remember of someone being focused on that episode that had a serious problem and went into this small booth, and confessed about it. They would then duel with Utena and the place below the upside-down castle they always fought would have some neat set up, referring to the character brainwashed.

Sadly, I did not see the episodes like these- it almost makes me think I conjured these false memories myself when I was young. I watched the episodes anyway, and enjoyed the surrealism of it all.
All the WTF-ery with Akio's and Touga with their uniforms shirts suddenly coming open and the whole car of Akio's...
Plus the music was very, very, deep and catchy. When I first listened to the opening song Rinbu Revolution, I realized how familiar it sounded, almost like the song was by Two-Mix! Apparently not, but I digress...

One of the most haunting parts in my mind of the series was when Utena went up to the duel by the elevator, that song that played was so eerie and almost scary- I even have it now for convenient listening use.
The entire series as a manga and anime(not the movie though- I have yet to see it and have heard the art is not the only thing different) is very good, and I do reccomend it to friend who could be into that- it may be shoujo, but it's not the regular shoujo! The characters are a bit weird- hell, Utena is supposed to be 14, and Miki a 7th grader. Not only that but Touga is a creep casanova(it freaked me out when I got the first volume, but then again I can't even read it since it's in German), Anthy is not to be the character you assume, and Akio is... *shivers*

It doesn't really matter, I am always up for old anime or manga- even better if they were from my childhood like this one- since the nostalgic feelings of it all brings good times.

EDIT: Looking up in good ol' Wikipedia, my memories WERE real, they were of episodes before in the series! Good to know not all of my memories as a child were made up. xD I really want to see these again. I'll see to reserve the DVDs if they're available at the library.
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I just had to say this since I just finished reading the scans of the new series by the author of Akuma to Dolce!

The new series is called Kamisama Hajimemashita(3 easy terms- "God-sama, nice to meet you") and is about a high school girl that loses her home until a man gives her his own, only for her to find out it's a shrine.
Just like Akuma to Dolce, it has a handsome demon! Another of the human girlxdemon boy shoujo.

This was a sudden turn of my weekend, since last night I was literally crying when I read a Hetalia doujin.
The doujin was about Prussia finding the living corpse of Hole Roman Empire after the 30 Years' War. The whole image was so sad... and then he takes HRE's body and resurrects it to become a baby Germany. Thus meeting Italy and a very, very, deep conversation about being a nation in human shape and HRE's memories.

This morning I cried again rereading the doujin, and now I read this cute manga.

I also ended the night with another sweet note other than watching Death Note and Ghost in the Shell at this very moment- I have my eyes on a cheap bodyline skirt that is rather popular- I can't quite remember if it is a brand replica(I think it is) or not, but for $19- I could even afford it right now!
I could wear that skirt ot Ohayocon than the skirt I got from Milanoo, but then I'd need to carefull choose shoes, because I was also thinking about getting shoes from Bodyline, and would need to consider what color to get them in. Obviously, if I went black, I couldn't coordinate them with the blue and sweets skirt... It looks like the best choice is white. I could also buy a decent-priced blouse at Bodyline- and look! I'm almost halfway there to a full outfit!

Yare, yare

Nov. 1st, 2009 05:35 pm
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Completely ignoring that my birthday was today, I must make some notes, mostly to myself really, that have happened last month that I never mentioned before!

I recently read the available chapters of these shoujos:
Hadashu de Bara wo Fume
Dengeki Daisy

I really like both, DD especially. Just like in Kaichou wa Maid-sama(anime of it in the makings!), the guy could be a shoujo-version of Ichigo, but you would really have to stretch his character to fit with Kurosaki- yes, they have the same last name too.
-That reminds me, Tsubasa ended! AAAAGGHHH I DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL.

The art is lovely, and I always love a oblivious character like Teru. D'awwwww.

Then there is HdBwF(too lazy to write it fully or give the English title). I wondered why it said in the tags Historical, but now I do know why.
I did not know Japan was like that in the 1800s! Good lord, while Beethoven and Haydn lived and composed, most of the Japanese population still only had yukatas, yet the richest would wear western clothing?
Is this even historically accurate?
It's a nice, story though. Lovely how they turned her 'prince' to being so in love with her, he goes downright insane, kidnapping her, and idolizing a very-disconcerting- painting he did of her.
I wish for these two to get the next chapters scanned as soon as possible so I don't forget of them!

That reminds me of how I should update tags and interests with these titles to help not forget!

In the times of music- I''ve been listening to the same thing for quite a while, it's getting boring. I really like B'z's new single that was #1 on the Oricon charts recently, but YUIs singles were not as good.
But then I found downloads to UVERworld's new single, and today Kanjani8's new single!
I'm excited, I should really have a listen to the songs and look at getting them!

Today is also the start of NaNoWriMo, so I'm looking to working very hard on that! That means I shouldn't be doing any fanfics when  I should be trying to get 20k (hurrrr for YWP) words on my idea.
You should try NaNoWriMo! Especially if you have an interest in writing, it helps because you can see how much to a novel you can write in one month.
The site says you shouldn't edit or revise, but I'll probably do it anyway, because I'm anal like that.

I had a goal to watch a Japanese drama, or atleast an episode, and I did. Last episode of Hana Yori Dango.
Then I got the first Death Note movie.
Still waiting for the second to arrive from the library!

To end this lovely tying of the month, I'll share what I got for my birthday today-
All Hello Kitty stuff- two bags, a cake, and edible paper.
This makes me rather happy!

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I found an entry here for some new ideas of manga(with loli) and even dramas. Right now my goal this month is to see a drama, but then I was hearing people talk about this manga/drama called Cat Street, so I decided to try it.
I think I finished reading the 35 chapters in 3 days!
I absolutely loved the manga, my type of shoujo!
Cat Street is a manga about a girl named Keito, who was a child actress. When she was 9 she was a main role for a musical, but froze on stage, ruining her career and making her a recluse for 7 years.
When she is out one day, she meets a man who shows her El Liston, a free school for people who couldn't attend regular schools because of their schedules or social problems, as you could go whenever you wanted to. She goes on to meet 3 friends  and it progresses of their lives and relationships.
First off, the art was pretty nice, I just loved Kouichi because he was so handsome in many panels.

Kouichi is one of Keito's best friends. Not only is he hot, he has an IQ of 200, but has had social problems, letting anyone getting close to him.
The art is pretty simplistic when I compare eyes to other shoujo, but it's still very good. In fact, I had noticed something familiar of the style.
The author, Yoko Kamio, did Hana Yori Dango.
As far as story, I think it was a good story. Keito is having to get used to people after staying in her room isolated for all the years, and getting over what happened to her on the stage.
Last is the romance that makes it a shoujo. It has good cases of romances. Right in the beginning there's an old childhood crush- later on another couple, jealously, and two finally confess after a period of almost 3 years being separated, including one or two unrequited cases. And I must say, I really love the person Keito ends up with, and how they got there.
Now, I'm interested in seeing what the drama is like. It's only 6 episodes, and the actors don't look as cute, but it's a goal I want to meet!


Jul. 19th, 2009 01:04 pm
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Usually I just buy shounen from Barnes and Nobles like Bleach and Death Note for my collection of the series because I like it and it's cheaper than other manga.
But I felt like buying something else, other than the two volumes of Bleach that have been released last time I checked(I was sure volume 30 was supposed to be out by now!) and Death Notes.
That's when I remembered about how I knew Skip Beat and other shoujo I had gotten obsessed with were probably there too, so I checked it out.
I found Skip Beat and High School Debut! <3
I could only buy one book, and the best volume I found of the two was volume 9 of High School Debut, the start of the Sports Festival with Asaoka and Yoh in the old-school uniform looking awesome-!
HSD translation seems decent, I couldn't care if they did frist name,family name- I'm so judgemental. In Bleach it doesn't sound right if you don't say their full name by family first, or if Rukia calls Inoue Orihime or Inoue vice versa.
I skimmed through a volume of Skip Beat- it also looked OK, I only noticed since Kyouko called Ren Tsuruga-san, they translated it to Mr. Tsuruga, and the same with him calling her Ms. Kyouko... kind of annoying.
I only found the Code Geass manga Code Geass Nightmare of Nunally DDD:
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To feel proud for the achievements I have done- they are very little. To see others that actually enjoy what I can do, it brings me happiness from the bottom of my heart. Oh the joy of  being able to do something 

I feel so happy for the beginning of the year! Even though I'm not excited for what's coming up in the very beginning of February, I'm currently living in the moment.
I'm happy that Blacklovemail is actually getting all of these views. People are actually leaving reviews how they wouldn't like the story, but want to see more or how it ends! This always happens when I read fanfics. I should really get to work on the next chapter next weekend.
What's better? Lovely Dressing, which I wrote for Rukia's brithday(albeit a day belated) and truly LOVED it myself- or at least the idea of Lolita and Lolicon. After writing that I had to research on some terms and learned a lot about the fashion, and now I'm rather interested in it. 

For school, I was able to color some manga, so I decided on practicing shoujo manga, and colored a favorite spread of mine for Cardcaptor Sakura. Of course the quality is rather poor, but my teacher won't be judging on the quality. I was even surprised when I printed it out at school, I was showing my friend when one of the students saw it and asked me if she could take a picture of it.

And now that I've already written a fanfic on my laptop, I can say I'm off hiatus. I'm just too lazy to get all of my pictures files and graphics. That Bleach page I've been coloring is in need of being finished. I was planning when I finish it I could try making some graphics with it, or print it out to show my friend since I mentioned it to her. 
And then leave it in my locker to let me see wonderful IchiRuki smex staring all colorful.

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Top 10 Manga I've read this year:

1. Bleach
2. Fullmetal Alchemist
3. Tsubasa RC
4. Ouran High School Host Club
5. Gokusen
6. Double Arts
7. Akuma to Dolce
8. Absolute Boyfriend
9. Hana Yori Dango
10. Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
No particular order since I always have problems ranking by which I like more- but Bleach is definitely #1. By the way, I totally own the title "Opiniated to a degree." because it is totally me. I need to remember this and introduce myself with this.
"Tamas: opiniated to a degree."

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Even though I've been going home much earlier now before the new year when I have to stay after school again for competition, I haven't had any time to write anything, or DO anything. It truly sucks.
I've been reading some shoujo... and I must tell you I've gotten addicted to a shoujo called Akuma to Dolce which is soooo cute! Beaut is an awesome character. There's a similarity between him and Death the Kidd.
Sadly there has only been 8 chapters and it's irregular, so I have NO idea when the next chapter will come out, although a chapter is due by now.
Christmas is putting me in a happier mood. I've already taken some Christmas gifts, so I probably won't have anything for me on Christmas at home, but family out of state will.

I've also have been taken aliking to Jpop songs. My favorite bands are Aqua Timez, uVERworld, Porno Graffitti, Kanjani8, TOKIO, and a few more.
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Title: Blacklovemail- Prologue, The Pendulum Sways
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia, Rukia/Kaien
Disclaimer: Teen for cursing, death.
Notes: See commentary.
Summary: The second part of the prologue. Rukia finally knew what to do, she could dream of what would happen. As much love she brought to the table to make her dreams come true, it never works with one-sided feelings; those dreams scarred with harsh reality.


Commentary: Yes, I did two prologues. It's just that I felt the need to separate both. One is the introduction of the AU with Rukia, Ichigo, and Kaien- the main characters. Thus the 2nd chapter is to be the prequel or whatever that is the catalyst of the plot. I did puprosely down play both deaths in the chapter- I just wasn't sure how to do that, and I was so lazy to give any detail. In fact, I didn't want to put so much detail at the end of the chapter.
Aha, I hpe another keen person will notice the references to the manga! It just kind of happened when I was typing it. Not to mention even the chapter titles are obvious references to Kubo. xD Unfortunately, as the series progresses, it will become very AU and OOC.
Why does Ichigo curse so much?! Because he's a teenager... I was actually typing it having him call Rukia a bitch... I know, bad me- how could I have Ichigo call his Rukia such a name?!
I also introduced Byakuya Nii-sama, Inoue, Ishida. While I was typing this chapter I was going, "...Am I going to introduce other characters as like students? Damn I really should think about not only the two characters in the story, but other characters! I mean yeah, I'm planning on Ichigo's family and Byakuya, and a few captains as teachers... but what about others like Renji?" I really need to think more about the story. 
All I thought about typing this story was Ichigo + extortion + Rukia = Story to make hot fluff. My mind is so simple.
Also... should I post the fanfic to the IchiRuki community? I'm not quite sure because it shouldn't be IchiRuki yet in the first two chapters, which are centered KaiRuki, so I shoud post it to the KaiRuki community... but it'll just end up IchiRuki! GRAAAH.


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