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The last Bleach chapter was glorious.
I mean, I've been supportive of the new looks of the characters, and seeing Rukia's, Byakuya's, Renji's, Kenpachi's...
I don't even think I can write anything coherent because I'm not very good at this when all I can think about it flailing in happiness at this long-last reunion after weeks and months of previous chapters that lead it all up to this. And to think that Byakuya, Renji, and the others would have appeared-


Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:57 pm
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Ohhhh yeah. I love Inoue like this. Her usual bubbly personality, sudden serious when mention of hurting her friends, and her looks.
And I totally can't wait for Rukia again.
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Two things:

One, Kuragehime. THE ANIME IS HYUUUUUNG. <3
I really enjoyed watching this anime. Awesome, AWESOME story- yet again another anime/manga I strongly like that has cross-dressing/unconventional gender roles, coincidence?
It's something different, and the anime is airing in Japan this season, feels good feeling like I'm keeping up when I'm really not. I mean, I gotta at least see one or two episodes of Gurren Lagann.
And look into seeing Gintama.
And watch more of Gundam 0083.
And Gundam Unicorn.
Maybe I'll just go play with my Gundam game...
Back to Kuragehime, I also think the opening/endings are cute. Opening is of course better animation-wise, but you can't beat the ending with the music by Sambomaster. I spent the entire first time listening to it thinking, "I KNOW WHO THIS IS, BUT'S BEEN SO LONG...THEY FUCKING HAD SONGS FOR BLEACH, YES, THAT GROUP.... WHAT'S THEIR NAME?!"
Now I have to go look around for their recent music, but I can still remember their second Bleach ending song I still have not found. It's just been a while since I have been going back to just my alternative and indie pop and forgetting of the popular Jpop being released. Cold War Kids, Passion Pit, Mumford and Sons, Phoenix, MGMT...

Second, really?
Is it THAT hard to figure out how to use an Lj-cut? They actually have a question EXPLAINING JUST HOW TO on the site. It seems very obvious when you post to a community without an Lj-cut and ask how you make them that you only bothered to join LJ to post that one time. Personally, it helps having an LJ and lurking everywhere, so whenever(if ever) I first post on a community, I'm not having to ask the whole "How do LJ-cut?".
I've seriously seen it several times, twice or so this week FROM THE SAME COMMUNITY. DDD:

And as an extra note, some random lines from life.
Had a wickedly scary dream last night. I woke up and tried to fall asleep but then I just dreamed A CONTINUATION. Was not fun.
I actually have a Death Note tag? Odd.
As always, forever alone.
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Hey, totally forgot!
Monday was my birthday! :D

Also, yes, I've started NANOWRIMO. Don't expect it, though.


Star Trek. <3

Also, I've got myself a good list of anime to watch whenever I'm in the mood for new anime. Some of what I was thinking was Eyeshield 21, Mobile Suit Gundam: Stardust Memory, Paranoi Agent, and a couple more.
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I'll just use a few words to describe the new Bleach chapter out:


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The industry has now decided to do something about all the online manga readers out there on the internet, "stealing all their money away". Now, top sites have been asked to shut down. Onemanga.com is going to soon be gone. D:
I made sure I got a list of all the manga I've read there, so I can search for the titles by myself now.
Ranting on sucky VIZ )

And no, I refuse to buy Shounen Monthly Jump here. It's a waste of money, and the feeling that I wait a whole month for the next chapter people have already read 3 weeks ago and 3 chapters ahead is not a pleasant one, since I'm not ignorant of what publishers are doing.

*Sigh* On to something else...

Poor, poor Sweden )

I'm so happy for Onenote, it helps keep me organized and it's a great place to hold my list of manga to continue reading.
Anyways, I have a head ache, I'm going to sleep now. I almost fell asleep while watching Star Trek- actually, I closed my eyes after awhile so it became listening to Star Trek- the episode was crazy.
Incredibly crazy.
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I was too tired and forgot last night to do this, plus I want to type up that fic, auugh! Well, here's my latest rants and rambles this week:

-Bleach 403
-Naruto 494
-Fullmetal Alchemist 107
-Bakuman 85
-Kamisama Hajimemashita 18


Yup, that's pretty much it. Now off to doing something this weekend... maybe play Guild Wars?

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Exams are coming up, and what am I doing in school?
Writing fail!fairytales of Germany and Italy.
Class well spent, since we weren't doing much else. I'll see if I can post the short story up this week, just for fun.

And since Fullmetal Alchemist also came out this week, I have to remember to do a reactions entry. Here's a spoiler of my reaction after reading the latest Fullmetal Alchemist chapter: "SQUEEEEEEEE HOLY LORD-NOOOOOO".
Make of it as you will, my friends like to joke about me having my own language. Well- you make some weird noises reading manga or watching anime. orz

I'm also a bit happier now because a scan group is translating a shoujo I've been reading like crazy after having me look at the RAWs a while ago. I try my best not to forget about manga I've read and want to continue reading- it seems almost no shoujo being translated has a fixed schedule, so I would wait a few weeks, then a few months, until it turns into a year for a new chapter scanlated.
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When you're a fangirl or shipper or just fan of a series, there are some people you like as a couple. Whether or not you officially ship them or just don't mind them being together. You see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

But then. )

So I'm done ranting.
It's always been a big, big, thing to me.
And I do feel kind of hypocritical that  I only like some threesomes like HungaryxAustriaxPrussia and PrussiaxGermanyxItaly ONLY IF Hungary and Prussia are interested in Austria only, and Prussia and Italy are only interest in Germany.
It's also true in Naruto and Bleach.
But not Star Trek.
Well, actually yes, since I guess I just want everyone to love Kirk.
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Spoilers Ahead, don't read if you get upset over spoilers(cause I don't)

I don't have a general birthday 'fic or anything, but I do have something Spain related I'll be sharing soon! 'Til then...

My short thoughts on new releases this week!
Read more... )


Jan. 27th, 2010 07:07 pm
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2 Days!

Also, I'm officially reading Bakuman. I'm pretty happy to have read the new chapter today! I'm really glad that it's also released every week in Jump, unlike most shoujo(WTF Skip Beat... D:)


That is all.


Jul. 19th, 2009 01:04 pm
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Usually I just buy shounen from Barnes and Nobles like Bleach and Death Note for my collection of the series because I like it and it's cheaper than other manga.
But I felt like buying something else, other than the two volumes of Bleach that have been released last time I checked(I was sure volume 30 was supposed to be out by now!) and Death Notes.
That's when I remembered about how I knew Skip Beat and other shoujo I had gotten obsessed with were probably there too, so I checked it out.
I found Skip Beat and High School Debut! <3
I could only buy one book, and the best volume I found of the two was volume 9 of High School Debut, the start of the Sports Festival with Asaoka and Yoh in the old-school uniform looking awesome-!
HSD translation seems decent, I couldn't care if they did frist name,family name- I'm so judgemental. In Bleach it doesn't sound right if you don't say their full name by family first, or if Rukia calls Inoue Orihime or Inoue vice versa.
I skimmed through a volume of Skip Beat- it also looked OK, I only noticed since Kyouko called Ren Tsuruga-san, they translated it to Mr. Tsuruga, and the same with him calling her Ms. Kyouko... kind of annoying.
I only found the Code Geass manga Code Geass Nightmare of Nunally DDD:
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Top 10 Manga I've read this year:

1. Bleach
2. Fullmetal Alchemist
3. Tsubasa RC
4. Ouran High School Host Club
5. Gokusen
6. Double Arts
7. Akuma to Dolce
8. Absolute Boyfriend
9. Hana Yori Dango
10. Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
No particular order since I always have problems ranking by which I like more- but Bleach is definitely #1. By the way, I totally own the title "Opiniated to a degree." because it is totally me. I need to remember this and introduce myself with this.
"Tamas: opiniated to a degree."

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The latest Bleach movie: Fade to Black CM is out, and instead of Ichigo -> Rukia, Karakura gang -> Rukia, its Renji -> Rukia, which warms my heart they're showing the rest of the harem men important to Rukia.

But... the IchiRukiRen-ness only lasted in me for a short while, when I remembered Ichigo's similar quote.

Renji: "What is... this nostalgic feeling? Urgh, it's no good, I can't remember."
Ichigo: "Rukia, there is no way I will ever forget you!!"

Renji, who we all probably agree is/was in love with Rukia, doesn't remember. Ichigo's quote though, shows he could never forget Rukia, which severely beats Renji, yet again.
Poor Renji gets overshadowed by Ichigo for both strength and the girl.
You know what, I should type my thoughts up about that sometime...
Byakuya -> Rukia CM maybe? 

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Title: Hinata's Story Chapter 9- Kiba's Shock
Fandom: Naruto (Naruto x Hinata)
Rating: Teen (Light swearing)
Disclaimer: Spoiler to recent chapter, Naruto is not owned by me.
Summary: What happened to Kiba and Akamaru around the same time when Hinata had woke up in the genjutsu.
Notes: This took me a long time because my lack of motivation and lack of liking Naruto anymore. Next chapter will be a little while since of these complications and I'll be away from my computer for a couple of days.

(Chapter 9- Kiba's Shock)

I also found another reason why I like Bleach better than Naruto now. Bleach has some shoujo moments when it's a shounen manga, which I love!
Will be gone until Tuesday to see family and celebrate my cousin's birthday on the 4th. Lucky boy- he gets fireworks all over the United States for his birthday, and I remember there was a rainbow outside the hospital when he was born. I was lucky to have been there since my parents left me there and went home.


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