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Wow, when's the last time I made a post about anything? A long time, in fact. Last month. See, I was particularly busy the past couple of weeks working so I had little to no time but to do some stuff.

But let's start of this public entry with a beautiful picture of Basti, because it's his birthday!

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Today was upsetting. I can never get anywhere on time because of somebody else. And it feels I'm the only one ever doing work, and I become so exhausted from all of my work during the week I just want to do nothing on the weekend but no even more work to do while I have assignments to work on.

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It's getting pretty late and I have an important assignment that needs to be done by tomorrow morning, so I can't spend too much time on the entry tonight, even though I have a lot to say!

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I think I'll leave it off at that. Friday is tomorrow so it'll be the weekend once more.
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Ohhhh yeah. I love Inoue like this. Her usual bubbly personality, sudden serious when mention of hurting her friends, and her looks.
And I totally can't wait for Rukia again.
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Why, yes. This is a fangirl that just got back from seeing the latest Harry Potter movie.

I might come back in the morning and edit with details. If not, comment or GO SEE IT YOURSELF.
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I'll just use a few words to describe the new Bleach chapter out:


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I won't complain if you got the images you used from photobucket for slide-show videos, graphics, whatever...
But crediting the fanart by saying, "I found it on Photobucket"? 
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I've been writing a new fic, and I actually wish for someone to read it and correct any mistakes I've made.
...How many people are willing to read a Austria/Fem!Germany fic? @.@

Also, I just wanted to mention Otakon.

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Just to let you know, I've watched the first first episode of the dub. That was a long 5 minutes. I can't stand the voices. And-ogod- all the script changes... I hate it.
Dammit Funimation. Who the hell likes heavy accents? I've met girls my age in Germany who could speaker English clearer than that, it's ridiculous.
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The latest Bleach movie: Fade to Black CM is out, and instead of Ichigo -> Rukia, Karakura gang -> Rukia, its Renji -> Rukia, which warms my heart they're showing the rest of the harem men important to Rukia.

But... the IchiRukiRen-ness only lasted in me for a short while, when I remembered Ichigo's similar quote.

Renji: "What is... this nostalgic feeling? Urgh, it's no good, I can't remember."
Ichigo: "Rukia, there is no way I will ever forget you!!"

Renji, who we all probably agree is/was in love with Rukia, doesn't remember. Ichigo's quote though, shows he could never forget Rukia, which severely beats Renji, yet again.
Poor Renji gets overshadowed by Ichigo for both strength and the girl.
You know what, I should type my thoughts up about that sometime...
Byakuya -> Rukia CM maybe? 

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My thoughts on the recent Bleach chapter 317 and  Bleach this week.
Therefore, if you haven't been up on this week's chapter or anything this week, you will be spoiled.
So we get the new chapter of Bleach, and I was so happy since there wasn't a chapter last week. Another thing that had me excited about this particular chapter was spoilers on it and the SJ Cover featuring Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji. They're in yukatas and what's funny is both Ichigo and Rukia are smiling happily, which is very strange as Ichigo rarely smiles. Many people say they're celebrating the Tanabata festival, but others say it's another festival around the same time as it is (which is incidentally Ichigo's birthday) because of the lantern Rukia has, but it doesn't really matter except if you're thinking about the Tanabata theories, the thing is Rukia is on the very shoujo-like cover smiling with Ichigo (Like many other covers they've been on together, they seem to not be as serious and are somewhat content).
Rukia hasn't been in recent chapters except when Byakuya comes to save her and her going to save Orihime, but also we haven't seen the Rukia and Ichigo reunion and neither have interacted with each other in like 2 years of our time- which is a very long time for everyone. So when this cover with Rukia was shown, the thoughts of Rukia finally returning and even a reunion among Nakama will be soon. Spoilers confirmed a reunion, making everyone happy. The spread sheet I'd like to say is also very beautiful and serene- the title of the chapter shows how this arc has been the Nakama arc, and not a romantic arc (like the Soul Society arc). Again Rukia is in pigtails, and we can only her head, as most of her body is hidden by a curtain. Ichigo is carrying drinked and other groceries while Chad is carrying thier umbrella and two chairs, Renji is carrying a watermelon, Orihime is carrying a bag with something in it, and Ishida is at a small table farther away, placing a table clothe on it. On the matter of what Ichigo, Rukia, and Orhime are looking at- I think they're all looking at the audiance. Rukia is obvious, Orihime would have to look even more to the side to be looking at Ichigo, and the same thing for Ichigo if he was looking at Rukia.
Then we finally get the chapter scanlated, and we get Ichigo rnning to Tower 5. I'm a little annoyed it says he's going to save Orihime, but also to defeat Ulquiorra, but being beaten by him already makes sense, and he was the one that brought Orihime here.
While Ichigo is getting there, Orihime and Ulquiorra are talking with each other, Orihime telling him (from previous chapter) she isn't afraid everyone is coming to save her. By what Ulquiorra asked, he doesn't believe her. Then she confessed about her feelings when he had told her they came to rescue her. When she told how she didn't get why they came to rescue her when she (thought) tried to protect them, she then mentioned it was after she felt Rukia get peirced from the Noveno Espada (thinking she was dead and lost) and saw Ichigo fight did she figure it didn't matter- she then says she just wanted to protect them (when it really didn't), but told him she realized it wasn't something uncommon for them to do if one of them left like she did.
"If one of them had disappeared the way I did, I know I'd do the same thing."
This was big character development for Orihime as she saw how they were all Nakama, and if one fell, everyone else would help them up.
Then back to Ichigo- he encounters Exequias and can't take on the large number. Then the reunion among Nakama starts. Renji appears, and Ichigo's face is in surprise at her appearance. Then we see Chad as he take chip of the building down as the Exequias fall. Ichigo smiles to see Chad, who gives him a smile and a thumbs up (which is wonderful, thinking back when Ichigo gave the message to Chad about how he couldn't even fight beside him). Without Ichigo realizing, one of the enemies tries to get him while his back is turned distracted. And who better saves Ichigo again but Rukia. Ichigo is even more joyed to see Rukia, alive and uninjured, when the last time she was mentioned to him it was when Ulquiorra told him she was dead, and he wanted to go save her. Ichigo now has a huge smile on his face (which again is unlike him) and staring up at her as he also shouts her name. Notice the lines in the last panel when he shouted her name- Kubo Tite didn't draw those for when he had shouted Renji's and Chad's names. Rukia realizes that Ichigo keeps getting distracted when they appeared (she had saved him when he was distracted) and could tell his focus at her, instead of rescuing Orihime.
"Save the reunion/greeting later! Hurry up and go, Ichigo!"
They definitely have no time to waste to talk when Orihime's safety and rescue is much more important (Rukia was one of the only people that actually went to rescue Orihime, and was still determined even lying in her blood and going to die. Ishida also had said he was there to 'save Inoue, not fight espada.' Of course Ichigo was just fighting every espada, and not as determined to save her as Rukia and Ishida). Ichigo is a little surprised, but we get a close up of Rukia's eyes, saying the same thing- "You have to go save her, she is more important than a reunion right now" And Ichigo understands, leaving. As he leaves we see Rukia smiling. Of course like everyone else, I loved the line about a reunion later (or greeting, whatever tranlsation you read. It's tells the same thing and the pictures are the same). To me, it's saying "Duties first- then we can talk when Orihime is safe again-- we won't die before then. Trust me." Because she knew he was most likely over-joyed to see her alive when he probably had felt her reiatsu fall before, and would just want to try to protect her. She had to remind him of going to save Orihime, which shouldn't be insulted that much since he's always very focused on her that they don't pay attention to everyone else.
Then the biggest thing is Ishida was no where. I'm hoping he went on to save Orihime already ("I came to save Orihime, not fight espada.") and is getting there.
Those are my thoughts about the chapter. Hopefully what Rukia says is right and they will have a bigger and better reunion after they save Orihime, and there'll be more character development- like Orihime talking to Ichigo after her realization and there's some good interaction to make them become even better friends.
These were my thoughts (although I kind of re-told the first half of the chapter) on Chapter 317 of Bleach this week and about the Shounen Jump cover and spread sheet. I'm sorry it's unorganized and it sounds weird like my previous entry.

Other news is 3rd Bleach movie isn't titled Sayonara Rukia, but even better-- Fade in Black "Call out your name" That sounds EVEN better  and it sounds familiar to Kubo's writing, why? Because he thought of the title himself. And the title make sense to the small promo of Ichigo "calling" Rukia's name. The words were just a interesting line to get us riled up, and it definitely worked. Plus with the promo and title and the small text on the 317 spread sheet about the movie, it definitely sounds Ichiruki, but they might be pulling our legs like with the Naruto Shippuden movie (I still haven't fully watched the Shippuden movie so I don't get the Sakura screaming on Naruto's grave).
I don't know why I've posted these thoughts on Bleach, maybe I've been thinking more on things since lurking in the Ichiruki FC on BA, as they have many discussions and thoughtful answer to things.


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