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Title: Storms (Original IKR)
Fandom: Hetalia light Prussia/Germany/Italy
Rating: K+/Teen for some cursing
Disclaimer: Fluff for no good reason
Summary: In the middle of the night, a very loud storm goes over Germany's house. Prussia, being the big brother he is, goes to comfort his little brother from the storm. It comes to entail an scared Italian as well.
Notes: I woke up at 3 in the morning today because of a storm, and was it loud. While I tried to stay calm and fall back asleep, I thought of this.

What a lack of sleep can do )
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Fandom: Hetalia Prussia/Germany
Rating: K+ or T
Notes: 221 words, something I wanted to write right before I went to bed last night. I'm not sure what to call this, whether it's a ficlet or vignette or something else... But what does it matter? Hardly anyone will see this
Ohne dich kann ich nicht leben. ) 

I'll look into Valentine's Day fanfics.
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Alright, so I just finished the 4 Gundam movies, gonna report out on Ohayocon!

Almost step-by-step, too! )

So that was basically what I did! I could've done more, but it was still fun. I'm just sad I didn't buy more at the con, I probably could have bought a Gundam Unicorn model set or find a decent poster! Honestly, there wasn't much I wanted from what I saw selling, or it was overpriced.

Did anyone else go and see nice cosplayers? I saw just a couple of actually good cosplay. I got like, 5 pictures of people, but there were definitely more out there. It was quite obvious the difference of good Hetalia and bad Hetalia cosplay. Again, the Russia and America from the panel were awesome.
Maybe a resolution I should make for the next con I go to(if it's Ohayocon '12 next year), I should actually stick with plans of seeing panels and awesome people. I want to kick myself for missing Chris Sabat. Aw well.

So, I'm just going end it there. Can't wait for a free weekend to make my ZZ Gundam. It would have been AMAZING if I had $60 to buy that larger Zeta Gundam. Which reminds me, I have to find Gundam Zeta somewhere online not in the horrid dub...
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Title: Mornings
Fandom: Hetalia Denmark/Sweden-centric
Rating: K+ or Teen, mention of nudity and partying
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not mine. Naked Sweden.
Summary: The Nordics waking from a night that is never described clearly. Calm enough mornings with two in a bed and three on the floor.
Notes: Oh god whyyyyy? This was supposed to be more fluffy and more like how that one fanart is like! It just turned... odd. It must be from not writing for a good month or so. Or something. Also, while it mentions all of the Nordics, it's mostly centered on Denmark, Sweden, and Norway at the end.


It had been a crazy night. )

Yare, yare

Nov. 1st, 2009 05:35 pm
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Completely ignoring that my birthday was today, I must make some notes, mostly to myself really, that have happened last month that I never mentioned before!

I recently read the available chapters of these shoujos:
Hadashu de Bara wo Fume
Dengeki Daisy

I really like both, DD especially. Just like in Kaichou wa Maid-sama(anime of it in the makings!), the guy could be a shoujo-version of Ichigo, but you would really have to stretch his character to fit with Kurosaki- yes, they have the same last name too.
-That reminds me, Tsubasa ended! AAAAGGHHH I DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL.

The art is lovely, and I always love a oblivious character like Teru. D'awwwww.

Then there is HdBwF(too lazy to write it fully or give the English title). I wondered why it said in the tags Historical, but now I do know why.
I did not know Japan was like that in the 1800s! Good lord, while Beethoven and Haydn lived and composed, most of the Japanese population still only had yukatas, yet the richest would wear western clothing?
Is this even historically accurate?
It's a nice, story though. Lovely how they turned her 'prince' to being so in love with her, he goes downright insane, kidnapping her, and idolizing a very-disconcerting- painting he did of her.
I wish for these two to get the next chapters scanned as soon as possible so I don't forget of them!

That reminds me of how I should update tags and interests with these titles to help not forget!

In the times of music- I''ve been listening to the same thing for quite a while, it's getting boring. I really like B'z's new single that was #1 on the Oricon charts recently, but YUIs singles were not as good.
But then I found downloads to UVERworld's new single, and today Kanjani8's new single!
I'm excited, I should really have a listen to the songs and look at getting them!

Today is also the start of NaNoWriMo, so I'm looking to working very hard on that! That means I shouldn't be doing any fanfics when  I should be trying to get 20k (hurrrr for YWP) words on my idea.
You should try NaNoWriMo! Especially if you have an interest in writing, it helps because you can see how much to a novel you can write in one month.
The site says you shouldn't edit or revise, but I'll probably do it anyway, because I'm anal like that.

I had a goal to watch a Japanese drama, or atleast an episode, and I did. Last episode of Hana Yori Dango.
Then I got the first Death Note movie.
Still waiting for the second to arrive from the library!

To end this lovely tying of the month, I'll share what I got for my birthday today-
All Hello Kitty stuff- two bags, a cake, and edible paper.
This makes me rather happy!

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Title: Don't Be Late
Fandom: Bleach IchigoxRukia
Rating: Teen (a couple of curse words)
Disclaimer: There's no spoilers that I know of! Bleach by Kubo.
Summary: She says she will be back tomorrow, but no sign. Everyone asks him where she is, and he answers the same irritated answer.
Notes: This was for Ichigo's birthday today. Haha I hope people don't hate me for the Orihime bit, I love her though- I would cry if I wrote something that had her not like IchiRuki and get upset at seeing them or Ichigo and Rukia insulting her.

(Don't Be Late- Promise!)


Jun. 27th, 2008 11:31 pm
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I had just gotten an idea for a new Bleach fanfiction (It's also IchiRuki, but not very romance- more like what you get from the Bleach movie) or how my story Hinata's Story is going, which I still haven't typed the new chapters. I've just become more interested in Bleach and Rukia- I just noticed I had a post about the 3rd Bleach movie, but I have yet to mention the 2nd Naruto Shippuden movie or 5th Naruto movie that is supposed to be about bonds, with Hinata.
The idea is toally crazy and stupid, and Rukia is definitely OOC since it's part of the story- which I hate. I'm one to not like stories very much if the characters are OOC- only if it's very well written, which is rare.
And being busy myself makes me not want to do it- I'd rather finish Hinata's Story and maybe even 30 Patient Kisses before starting typing the story- along with whether I will actually continue a chapter to The Regular, Orange Haired Shinobi. I'm pathetic.  Fortunately, I've written the idea of the story and all of my idea, so when I would like to start on it as a drabble or something, I can just easily read over it to remember what I was going to do.
I'm soooo pathetic.
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I finally put out the next chapter (short story) of my 30 Kisses collection.
Title: The Best Friend & Superstar
Theme: #7- Superstar
Warning: OOC-ness with a fluffy-acting Naruto
Discription: Hinata-chan wasn't anywhere, she was just at home, doing nothing. I had to show her the card!
Disclaimer: Characters of Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto.

On another note, I'm going somewhere during the weekend. Next week my grandmother is coming. D:
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That's right, new chapter out of my story! I've finally finished this new chapter after working on it everyday for a while. I couldn't do much because right now, I'm writing this large essay for school in science, and I really have to work more on it.
If you ever checked an early entry I made with a drabble, you'll see the event in the new chapter. I edited it some more because most of my drabbles, I put little detail because they're drabbles (Take the Haruki Puppet drabble- I have been dreaming of the whole thing in detail, but I was pretty much summarizing the thing in my single drabble last entry). I really made Hinata's Story just to share these next chapters, because I'm rather crazy like that.

And on the TamaYuki note: I'm worried people will seriously not read if they seriously took that comment. I just said that because really I wanted to focus this chapter on Hinata and/or Kiba, but instead 4/5 of the chapter is Yuki. I'm really acting like Kishimoto is doing with the Uchiha History Lesson. But just to clarify, TamaYuki is crack, and the story will be more on Hinata pairings. It's so good to say that. If people don't come look at this and take it seriously, I'm going cry.
It's half a hour until midnight- I'm going to sleep, or at least listen to some good Bleach music and more.
I've been rather obsessed with Miracle by Cascada, where I kept dreaming of Kibahina. I've also have been listening to Weird Al Yankovic parodies, lawl.
Check out my story at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4110371/1/Hinatas_Story!

The greatest review I've gotten yet on this story!
I've gotten the most useful critique from him! Yes, I was a little upset by both his opinions and what I've done in this story, I appreciated it very much.
-I understand how you and others don't like the foreign words I put. I can put less, but I'll still implement foreign words.
-Yes, Keizo told this to Hinata and Kiba. Shhhhhhh....
-This I really thank-you for pointing out to me! True critique I need.
-How did you know?! =O
-[This mission had started only a little after Naruto left, so Kiba hasn't trained to his great ability he is now.]

With this, I can continue the story and use his review to fix it! <3 Again, thank-you very much.    
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The new chapter of Hinata's Story, the story I'm writing, is up! I had been having a lot of trouble finishing this chapter. I've been really wanting to get to what I'll probably be getting to next chapter for so long! In fact, it's true I decided to write this whole story (The beginning) because I wanted to type this next part! ^.^
You'll be finding it strange in the next chapter, trust me. =/ I didn't realize this said "Naruhina" story doesn't have much in it except Naruto and Hinata commenting between the story, but hopefully you'll get it soon enough. =D

For my 30 Kisses short stories collection, I'm stuck on theme 4 (Superstar). I know you're allowed to do any number and not in order, but I want to make these short stories in order. I've been thinking for #4, but the plots have been retarded, but since the type of story I've been thinking for it isn't one I will do, it might be why.

I've also had a good breath of fresh air from Naruto- Bleach. I started reading it last weekend (Read up to the recent chapte in 2 days) and I'm obsessed with it. I especially like Rukia, which you can find since I'm a Hinatard and not a Sakutard. >.> I've already gotten a average collection of cute Bleach arts I've found on DeviantART. =)
You may be wanting to ask me what my Bleach couples are- I'll tell them:
  • Ichigo x Rukia
  • Renji x Rukia
  • Orihime x EVERYONE
  • Kaien x Rukia
  • Hitsugaya x Hinamori
IchiRuki: I love their relationship, platonic and/or romantic. They're both similar and care for each other.
RenRuki: Platonic or not, still love them.
OriEveryone: It's true- Orihime can be paired with everyone. Ichihime, Ishihime, Rukihime ect. (I'm not forgetting Yuri!)
KaiRuki: If he was alive, Ichigo would definitely want to know about their close relationship.
HitsuHina: Hitsugaya is awesome like that, and he acts so kind to the poor, conceited girl. Of course I also wouldn't mind him with Matsumoto if it happened.
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Hinata's Story, chapter 1
That's right! The drabble I posted yesterday can now be called a preview. Awesome! I had the first chapter typed up but then I went through it when I uploaded it and fixed mistakes and rewrote a lot of it. That's what a writer does anyway- revising. I usually don't like doing it, but I found it very fun to reread through ti after not doing anything with it. T-T
I'm planning on continuing the story, but it always helps when I get reviews, as when not motivated, I wouldn't do the next chapter until months later...

I really should get off now, as I want to do some decorating before taking a shower and going to bed. If you want to read the story, I'll leave a link to it here later.


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