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Today was Manuel Neuer's birthday! <3

I totally would share a second Neuer-centric picspam on my LJ of him today, but seeing as it would probably be better, I just held the picspam on my Tumblr by spamming pics of him over the day. It made me really happy seeing so much of him.
Did I mention how adorable he is?

Life )
Day Twenty-Nine almost there )
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I actually left the house today!
Today as well as yesterday thoughts )

Days Twenty-Three & Twenty-Four )
My dog gave me that look. Yes, I heard you belch.
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Ohhhh yeah. I love Inoue like this. Her usual bubbly personality, sudden serious when mention of hurting her friends, and her looks.
And I totally can't wait for Rukia again.
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I can't believe I forgot to mention how I recently built my ZZ Gundam!
So I bought the model at Ohayocon the week before, and last weekend I built it! It's kind of my bb Gundam, as it's the only Gundam we have that's one of my favorites. For some odd reason, despite not having watched Gundam SEED, we have a few Gundams from that series...
I'm too lazy to share a picture of it, though. Sorry.

Also, I got Pokemon Diamond! It's my first ever Pokemon game orz;; I'm going to start playing that as well. Let's see how addicted I get!
I'm busy this weekend- lesson, close friends, movies, projects to finish... But I'd really like to write two new fanfics for Valentine's Day.

Also, Germany had a friendly this week with Italy! It was a tie, but Germany almost won bragging rights. All of my most favorite players played, it made me so happy! <3 I recently told my aunt in Germany about how it would be great to catch a soccer game whenever I visit, but I'm not sure if there's actually any Bundesliga club games that happen in Berlin... But let me just say this:
HNNGGGHGH NEUER. THAT is why he is my icon.

Also, this week I've had a sudden strong desire, or change of heart. It includes traveling. I'll just leave it at that.

Not to mention I also had a revelation this week! I actually have a favorite album, and it's Daft Punk's Discovery. Yeah, it's 10 years old now, but if I was able to like the entire album and listen to nothing but it now and years back, it's an album worth remembering for me.

On my list of anime to watch is Gundam Zeta. Then I might either go back to Gundam 0083, or Gurren Lagann and finish up those series. Actually glad there's no anime airing in Japan right now that is remotely interesting, or I would something else to watch and never finish anything!

Also, I want to hit myself right now for thinking, 'Maybe I should change my layout again'. Crappy time to remember that. I'll put that on my to-do list for Spring Break.
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If I were to, say, write something about Japan actually dressing in some of the subculture fashions of his, what would be better; a Fem!Japan or just Japan cross-dressing like Mana in lolita?
I think it's a great idea, but I'm stuck trying to think which one would be more appealing, I guess is a fitting word.
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Two things:

One, Kuragehime. THE ANIME IS HYUUUUUNG. <3
I really enjoyed watching this anime. Awesome, AWESOME story- yet again another anime/manga I strongly like that has cross-dressing/unconventional gender roles, coincidence?
It's something different, and the anime is airing in Japan this season, feels good feeling like I'm keeping up when I'm really not. I mean, I gotta at least see one or two episodes of Gurren Lagann.
And look into seeing Gintama.
And watch more of Gundam 0083.
And Gundam Unicorn.
Maybe I'll just go play with my Gundam game...
Back to Kuragehime, I also think the opening/endings are cute. Opening is of course better animation-wise, but you can't beat the ending with the music by Sambomaster. I spent the entire first time listening to it thinking, "I KNOW WHO THIS IS, BUT'S BEEN SO LONG...THEY FUCKING HAD SONGS FOR BLEACH, YES, THAT GROUP.... WHAT'S THEIR NAME?!"
Now I have to go look around for their recent music, but I can still remember their second Bleach ending song I still have not found. It's just been a while since I have been going back to just my alternative and indie pop and forgetting of the popular Jpop being released. Cold War Kids, Passion Pit, Mumford and Sons, Phoenix, MGMT...

Second, really?
Is it THAT hard to figure out how to use an Lj-cut? They actually have a question EXPLAINING JUST HOW TO on the site. It seems very obvious when you post to a community without an Lj-cut and ask how you make them that you only bothered to join LJ to post that one time. Personally, it helps having an LJ and lurking everywhere, so whenever(if ever) I first post on a community, I'm not having to ask the whole "How do LJ-cut?".
I've seriously seen it several times, twice or so this week FROM THE SAME COMMUNITY. DDD:

And as an extra note, some random lines from life.
Had a wickedly scary dream last night. I woke up and tried to fall asleep but then I just dreamed A CONTINUATION. Was not fun.
I actually have a Death Note tag? Odd.
As always, forever alone.
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So, how has everyone's week been? I'm on break right now, so I've been home all day. You would think I'd be having a great time doing nothing and sitting at home, but I've actually been very bored.
Very. Bored.
Bored-of-even-the-internet-bored even.

So I went and found our little PS2 to play some video games. The only thing is, we don't own that many games. Most of really stupid casual games like Guitar Hero and karaoke. Then we have some games from earlier in this decade that I had completed.
We did get three games last year though- God of War, Devil May Cry 3, and Gundam Dynasty Warriors 2. So I tried them.

God of War? No. I never liked violent games, plus I don't think I'd be smart enough to get very far in it. Can't find it either.
Devil May Cry? No. I spent 10 minutes and didn't even beat the first boss. The dualshock every 5 seconds also really turned me off from the game(SO MUCH PUN), so I just quit.
So then I tried out the Gundam game. I thought I was not going to like it either, because my sister didn't last 10 minutes before quitting. I also was utterly confused watching her place, especially on missions in space.
But I played the game, and I got into it. 9 hours straight means into it, right?
Yeah, I really like the game, because it has multiple options of missions and characters. Like, right now I'm stuck on a mission with a creepy gundam mutant, but I've been able to play other missions as well! I'll get back to it sometime.

I'm not a huge gamer, if telling how I have only a Playstation, PS2, and DS with few games makes it any obvious. I do play Guild Wars some on the PC, but so far I don't have access to a PC able to run the game so it's been a little while since I've played. Most of my games are casual or games for children, like Spyro. I was actually proud of myself when I finished that game.
I have, though, been able to get into my games. Guild Wars is easy to find yourself playing for hours. But then I have Harvest Moon, which I can also spend a good long time playing to get through a whole year.
So really, I'm not new to playing video games, I'm just not a serious gamer with the cool games that even I would like to have.*Shifts to Pheonix Wright and Professor Layton*

Well, I have been playing that for 9 hours and it's getting pretty late, so I'm just gonna go pass out.
I did have a ridiculously long dream last night. I woke up early in the morning and fell back asleep and the dream continued. It had a lot of tension, and I remember trying to navigate my way in a suburb by the city late in the evening trying to find a bus to get home after running away from someone's property. Can't give you much detail other than that, though.

Good night!

Screw ups

Oct. 24th, 2010 05:47 pm
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Hi, I'm it's-been-forever-since-I've-posted. You may not know me because the last time I've posted has been a month ago and I rarely ever comment things.

Cut for long ramblings and excuses )

So that's been my life... Although I've forgotten to mention a few things, so I'll put it down here:

-I've seen a lot of new anime. Steamboy, Akira, Tokyo Godfathers to name a few. Found out Bakuman is NOT a good anime too.
-Die Mannschaft. Still fangirling, and waiting for their next game against Sweden
-I'm hooked to reading drama. And lots of it.
-THE DREAMS I'VE RECENTLY HAD- Cons, Gundam-helmets, Gaia, boats, and Germany. WHAAAAAAT.

I'll post again when/if I have something to actually show... or next time it might be more rants. Who knows?
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I recently found out Alexander Rybak came out with a new album called No Boundaries not long ago. OK- it came out last month, but that's as current as foreign music can get in the US.

As for opinions on the songs?
Suomi is a definite buy. IT'S AWESOME. Dramatic, more intense than his songs previously. LISTEN TO IT. Europe's Skies is also a buy. It's familiar to the last album, being more fantasy-like, and just Alexander singing and his fiddle-playing. I'm in Love is actually different, it's dance-music-like...you know? The lyrics were a bit meh, and the song isn't genius. Hear it if you want to get it.
Why Not Me?
is also different as it also doesn't have fiddles and is um... is that a guitar? Or fake guitar? It's also different, but it's better than I'm in Love, in my mind. Dare I Say is also a good song.

I wonder if what any of the music videos will be...?
EDIT: Totally forgot to mention how Oah was in the album. It left my mind because I've had the song when it was released as a single a while ago.
EDIT#2: I just not realized what Suomi meant- it's Finland in Finnish. The realization why this song was so perfect for the SuFin FST I got it from hit me hard.

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Terrible news! 
The US lost against Ghana today! Now they're out of the running in the World Cup. Not to mention the earlier loss Italy face not even advancing. 
Tomorrow, I gotta be ready to watch the Germany vs. England game. GERMANY'S GOTTA WIN, AND KEEP GOING!

By the way, I'm thinking it ought to be time to change the layout again... I don't quite remember how long my Bleach: Fade to Black header has been up. Maybe it's been a year aleady, I don't really know.
Ah, but what should the next header be, the next color scheme? The header will most likely be a Hetalia header, and I'll probably make myself a header, but of what characters, and the questions go on...
Right now, my list for headers are these:
  • Nordic 5
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Axis 'family' including Prussia & Romano
It should probably be something neutral, as I know I would feel slightly uncomfortable looking at something on someone's journal and they have an image that is not in my taste. 
Oh man, I'm just remembering now about the CSS of the layout... I'll have to go through the entire thing to replace all the colors with the next color scheme, and I'll probably be making some mistake with the wrong color or something.
I'm definitely not a web designer or anything, especially CSS. I learned about HTML first with its basic tags and such- which really helps now, because for every link I put in an entry, I always type out the HTML code since I have it memorized.

Anyone have reccomendations for good books to read?
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 Last week was the last chapter of Fullmetal Alchemist, and of course I did read it. 

I was going to write my reactions. 

But I have such little reaction because I wanted more to the ending, it would be stupid to type it. Plus my feelings for it are tilted more toward the 'unhappy side' of a meter than the 'happy side'.

Read it for yourself!

*Goes back to playing Harvest Moon*


Jun. 12th, 2010 11:31 pm
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 Funny thing I found out when I was looking something up today. 

More than 50 countries celebrate Father's Day on the 3rd Sunday in June, while some countries-like the Nordics but NOT Denmark-celebrate it months later. 
I gotta remember that.

There's thunder and lightning rolling over, it's kind of scary.
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I was too tired and forgot last night to do this, plus I want to type up that fic, auugh! Well, here's my latest rants and rambles this week:

-Bleach 403
-Naruto 494
-Fullmetal Alchemist 107
-Bakuman 85
-Kamisama Hajimemashita 18


Yup, that's pretty much it. Now off to doing something this weekend... maybe play Guild Wars?

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I'm just going through it right now. Quite a few things have been going on, but I'm just not good at remembering them. How has April been for you? 

I've been trying to write, but nothing major. I was hoping to write something of Fem!Germany, but alas- still in those dirty stages. I'd rather dream about her since my writing isn't doing justice.

I would really like to watch more Durarara! Maybe I'll hunt down the episodes myself. I need to see episode 4 now.

Have you heard? There's two new Pokemon games that have been announced with only the titles and logo. They'll be called Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. This is one of the first news of the game, so I'd think it'll be a while before it comes in a Japan- and even longer in America.

In terms of recent chapters, Bleach has been OHDEARGODYES awesome what with Isshin appearing. I've also had reread Skip Beat. I had missed all the love triangles, couldn't help it! I should look into rereading another shoujo for now...
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Whaaaa, it's only Thursday! But the new chapters are already out, and I learned a lot watching lots of Fullmetal Alchemist today!
Fangirling time!

Spoilers! )
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*Continues freaking out*
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Note: This is not to be taken that seriously- writer's block called for a possible bashing-fest from all the drama I've been reading in fandoms, so I wrote it. Terrible of me since I should be writing something else, but oh well....

Do you know someone in your life who is a weeaboo? Are you yourself a weeaboo? Mostly used on the internets, weeaboo is a term for those people so obsessed with anime/manga or Japan that they practically breathe it and always talk of it- even randomly using Japanese words like 'baka' and 'desu' they pick up from being so obsessive. Despite their RABU of Japan 24/7, many don't know much of Japan outside what they learn from the last episode of Naruto or Vampire Knight or whatever anime/manga those people are into. 


Read more... )
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The Hetalia Community momentarily exploded with the news of Hetalia being licensed by Funimation!

I was actually pretty surprised Hetalia was even going to introduced to the US by the industries for being 1) a web comic and not an actual manga, and 2) 5 minutes of anime that was even banned in Japan from airing on TV.
Maybe Funimation noticed the humongous fandom it had despite being 'underground', and decided what a big win for them to get this!

The first thing in my mind when I heard the news- The voices.
I mean, come on- it's a series about COUNTRIES, they have to have accents! I wonder if any of the seiyuus have even tried accents for Hetalia, while Himaruya gives them all interesting ways of talking- what with China saying Aru, America continually talking of heroes, Italy going 've~' and Sweden speach impairment(my friend actually called him that- I really like Sweden). I wouldn't know if the seiyuus attempted accents in Japanese, or how you even talk in a foreign accent in Japanese(This is what astounds me to see Anton Yelchin in a Japanese movie coming out soon!)
Anyways, America is notorious for voicing characters with bad accents, it's not something desirable in this anime. It was banned from airing by North Korea for being offensive, I wouldn't put it past others to find ridiculous accents even more offensive. Accents have to be relatively decent, and Funimation HAS been able to do that.
I had been thinking of good voices for Germany, and the first voice actor to pop up in my head is Crispin Freeman.
I love him so much, I remembered his voice as Tsume from Wolf's Rain, which I though definitely could suit Germany(then my little fangirl mind went on having the voice of Toboe being Italy-HURRRR).
But then someone mentioned how they thought voice actor would make a good Germany. I gasped, forgetting the lovely voice actor again. For being a great voice, I only know him from Fullmetal Alchemist as Mustang, and the only good voice in Bleach, the filler character Ashido. For those 2 or 3 episodes with Ashida, I was OK with hearing Michelle Ruff. But just barely.
Later, many fans were protesting to having big voice-actor Vic Mcgnogna voice, which made me laugh.
I understand the hate, but I don't really care about if Vic will voice in Hetalia- I care more if Johnny Yong Bosch got a role in it.

Moving on quickly to my second part when I heard of it- The new people that will come into the fandom.
I'm not entirely saying GTFO to people who will be learning of Hetalia now in the US, but it's something I didn't really want happening, in case it turned ugly.
The fandom for Hetalia is so huge, it makes the character CDs reach the Oricon charts. It rivals mainstream anime and manga that I still believe to be big in the US like Bleach and Naruto. It's kind of hard to tell, though. Bleach and Naruto were both popular aired on TV in the US, and you will find many cosplayers at cons as Sasuke or Ichigo. The main Hetalia community is topping over 20k members while I found only -10k members in Naruto and Bleach communities.
But then again, the fandom is really only situated on Livejournal, including external sites that hold scanlations and then all of the Japanese fandom on Pixiv and their own sites. From what I know, Hetalia doesn't have a external forum like Bleach(Bleach Asylum) and Naruto(Naruto Fanboards or whatever).
And for a funny note- the Capslock Hetalia community has nothing.

Now that I've described the size of the current fandom enough, it makes us wonder what will happen when people who only watch/read what comes to them in their (imo) dumb magazines. Will we become mainstream like Naruto and Bleach, and become disliked because of the fandom with many tards that make everyone facepalm?
Will there be more wank to the pretty peaceful community? I guess we shouldn't because the series itself has yaoi, so people shouldn't be homophobic, it has history and conflict with nations, along with making fun of each of them, so there shouldn't be a hate or racist circles coming around.
How serious are the shipping battles between USxUK and FrxUK? Not as big as what goes between IchiRuki and IchiHime, or even NaruSaku and any other pairing conflicting.
There is serious wank that goes through the other two fandoms that make me dislike the fandom altogether- but the Hetalia community doesn't show that much. I don't hate any characters at all in the series- A few countries are my absolute favorites, and then some I like more than others. I also have very little hate for different pairings.
Maybe it's because everything is crack, anyway, since all you're doing is shipping countries who all have relationships that change over history.

Now wanting to wrap this all up so I can go to sleep for the impending tomorrow of school, I'll end it there.
And for fun, I've had tried coloring Hetalia, despite the dirtiness in the beginning. I used a clean lineart of Prussia, though, so it doesn't matter.
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Now that school is over and break has started, I can do more/less. The thing is, I've recently turned to Hetalia whenever I've been feeling down. I'm a terrible, terrible fangirl. I should post more Hetalia. That's it! A new goal! I was also reminded how awesome manga or anime can have such a small fandom- or at least, a talented fandom. I wish there were more pretty Baccano fanart out there(ironic it can be) and for other series. Like jeebus- Naruto...Final Fantasy.... and sometimes Bleach. Hetalia is the only fandom being excluded since I'm focused on it right now. But no love for other series!! Shoujo! Amd not Vampire Knight, sadly. I reserved the last volume of Utena Revolutionary Girl from my library- it might be in decent condition but who knows for such an old manga being in the library... During my last final, I couldn't get England's song Pub and Go out of my head. The seiyuu is so lovely, I just want to gush about Ishida now. And during my other finals from the past days, I wrote two little drabbles. One survives because I  wrote it right on the back of m Spanish, but the other one had to go to the recycling bin as it was scrap paper. By the by, this week's Naruto proved not much emotion for me. "How DID Danzo get those sharingan eyes...?" But I wasn't disappointed by this week's Bleach! Tousen was scary as shit, but Hisagi~! No chapters  next week makes me peeved.
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That chapters was so jam-packed with action and awesome!

I'm really worried about Ukitake and Shunsui, though! UKITAKE CAN'T DIE! That'll leave Divison 13 with no taicho or fuku-taicho.
Plus I love him too much. ;~;
And all the shinigami in despair with the Espada still standing while half of them are injured and the Superchunky from Hell is out as is Aizen... damn.
For some reason I always seem to color Kira. He's not a favorite character of mine, but i still color his wonderful faces...


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