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 I'm finally back home from out of state, but I had a really good time with family. A big thing I actually had a good time sleeping and always slept in even when woken up- in fact I had some strange dreams there. One was about how my mp3 player recently broke (found out on the trip there, but not surprising as it was cheap and crappy) and the small screen showed all these interesting designs with rainbows and musical notes... it was kind of weird.
I got a little pissed when I learned when setting up the DVR there to record Bleach, Code Geass (I've been interested watching the last episode), and Death Note- but Adult Swim changed their schedule, and it's all fucked up. Seriously- one night with Shin-chan Venture Brothers, and then Bleach and Code Geass past midnight and NO DEATH NOTE? I got angry staying up to watch the episodes.
Also I went shopping and got the 20th volume of Bleach because one of my wishes for Bleach was first get special volumes, like vol. 20 with the hypnosis chapters. Boy was I pissed reading it. I knew VIZ media took out the whole names dynamic in the anime (hearing Orihime and Ishida calling Ichigo and Rukia by their first names was really annoying, and vice versa) but they did it in the manga too?! I was also annoyed at the whole name order but that's expected of course- and then I always remember the one panel where Gin says sorry to Aizen when Ichigo appears, but in the VIZ translation, Gin allowed Ichigo to slip by. I'd have to side with online translators on this one, sadly.
THEY COULDN'T EVEN HAVE RUKIA CALLED BYAKUYA BROTHER?!! I HATE IT. That's why I'm wishing for someone to get me the Japanese vol. 30 of Bleach because I don't want the wonderful chapters of the Rukia vs. Noveno Espada fight tarnished by VIZ- plus VIZ won't even have release the volume by my birthday- it'll be out like next year.
And then I get woken up one morning by my dad telling me my mom and sister are dead.
They actually aren't but they got in a car accident the day before.
They were in my dad's truck when a car hit them, making the truck actually ROLL and totaling my dad's truck.
So now we have one good car, one shitty car that is trying to get sold, and one busted up truck I have yet to see since it's at the shop. My mom already has been looking for a new car- she wants a 2005 Ford Focus. We saw the car she is borrowing in the garage- and I thought it was a sedan.
Not, it's more wagon than sedan. The interior looked crappy and cheap, and I'm not so crazy about it, but oh well...
My mom and sister are both uninjured.
I have a lot of say but I'll be saving it for tomorrow and another time. It's really late since we got home at 8 pm due to traffic and I've been spending all of my time catching up on everything on the computer.
My mom already ordered the new inverter board. Hiatus will most likely be over soon.


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