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Nov. 1st, 2009 05:35 pm
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Completely ignoring that my birthday was today, I must make some notes, mostly to myself really, that have happened last month that I never mentioned before!

I recently read the available chapters of these shoujos:
Hadashu de Bara wo Fume
Dengeki Daisy

I really like both, DD especially. Just like in Kaichou wa Maid-sama(anime of it in the makings!), the guy could be a shoujo-version of Ichigo, but you would really have to stretch his character to fit with Kurosaki- yes, they have the same last name too.
-That reminds me, Tsubasa ended! AAAAGGHHH I DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL.

The art is lovely, and I always love a oblivious character like Teru. D'awwwww.

Then there is HdBwF(too lazy to write it fully or give the English title). I wondered why it said in the tags Historical, but now I do know why.
I did not know Japan was like that in the 1800s! Good lord, while Beethoven and Haydn lived and composed, most of the Japanese population still only had yukatas, yet the richest would wear western clothing?
Is this even historically accurate?
It's a nice, story though. Lovely how they turned her 'prince' to being so in love with her, he goes downright insane, kidnapping her, and idolizing a very-disconcerting- painting he did of her.
I wish for these two to get the next chapters scanned as soon as possible so I don't forget of them!

That reminds me of how I should update tags and interests with these titles to help not forget!

In the times of music- I''ve been listening to the same thing for quite a while, it's getting boring. I really like B'z's new single that was #1 on the Oricon charts recently, but YUIs singles were not as good.
But then I found downloads to UVERworld's new single, and today Kanjani8's new single!
I'm excited, I should really have a listen to the songs and look at getting them!

Today is also the start of NaNoWriMo, so I'm looking to working very hard on that! That means I shouldn't be doing any fanfics when  I should be trying to get 20k (hurrrr for YWP) words on my idea.
You should try NaNoWriMo! Especially if you have an interest in writing, it helps because you can see how much to a novel you can write in one month.
The site says you shouldn't edit or revise, but I'll probably do it anyway, because I'm anal like that.

I had a goal to watch a Japanese drama, or atleast an episode, and I did. Last episode of Hana Yori Dango.
Then I got the first Death Note movie.
Still waiting for the second to arrive from the library!

To end this lovely tying of the month, I'll share what I got for my birthday today-
All Hello Kitty stuff- two bags, a cake, and edible paper.
This makes me rather happy!


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