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Today was upsetting. I can never get anywhere on time because of somebody else. And it feels I'm the only one ever doing work, and I become so exhausted from all of my work during the week I just want to do nothing on the weekend but no even more work to do while I have assignments to work on.

I think one of the only good things that happened today was this video even though I planned on watching it Friday night when it aired- but alas, I was too tired to stay up for the late-night shows. Seriously, I just wanted to get out of class on Friday and did nothing for Aprils Fools. I did make two joke statuses, but it seems people actually believe it when I said Rebecca Black was getting a real record deal. Only one friend noticed my 2nd joke status of moving and freaked out... today on Saturday.

I think the other good things that happened today would be seeing friends at the barn (even though I didn't want to be there) and going to the grocery store at 9 pm with my sister for juice and carbonated water for schorle. We stopped in the Easter aisle and bought two bags because we'd be buying our own candy for Easter again.

I did catch up on Bakuman today, too. I had about 20 chapters to read which I guess isn't bad, but it's amazing how I stopped keeping up with such a good manga so many weeks ago (add two or three weeks when Jump didn't publish). But I couldn't help but automatically connect one of the new character Nanamine to Italy from Hetalia because they're loud and well-intentioned ways. Until I read the next chapter and found out Nanamine was just acting and was a deceitful bastard. He has to be the first real villainous antagonist in Bakuman and I really liked the chapters so far with him and Ashirogi.
Also, Nakai is a fatass. Is he seriously older than 30? I wonder if he'll ever become a redeeming character again.

Also saw the Homestuck update today.

Then I warched Star Trek TNG because several episodes played on BBC. They were OK, and it was even the episode where Worf's son first appeared. <3 He was one of the cutest things on Star Trek, being a little mini Klingon.

I'm getting the hang of Tumblr now. I posted a cosplay I found of Daft Punk from 4Chan and it's getting a lot of notes. @.@ I also enjoy all of my new influx of Mannschaft pictures from everyone I'm following. 


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