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Did anyone else see this?

A more positive Hetalia secret, since most times it's ever mentioned on f!s it's negative. I don't even check out Captalia as I'm not at any sort of side-community of a fandom ever. /Awkwardandforeveralone
I've been in my room all day )

Yeah, easiest things taken care of from my to-do list on the first day. But I'll definitely keep going on.

Day Twenty-One )
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Spoilers Ahead, don't read if you get upset over spoilers(cause I don't)

I don't have a general birthday 'fic or anything, but I do have something Spain related I'll be sharing soon! 'Til then...

My short thoughts on new releases this week!
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I like this late Christmas gift-!

7 volumes of Chobits, mere mint condition and only $5 per volume!
I remember watching a few episodes of the anime, and know pretty much the whole storyline(except the whole Freya and those persocoms looking for Chi, I was never good when CLAMP made it suddenly much more complicated) but now I have the entire series sans the last volume(LOL was it lost?)
I'm on to volume 3 now- I could definitely be going a lot faster, but I don't want to spoil everything in one day. That, or I'm too lazy to even read.*Shrugs*

Also today, I borrowed a DVD from the library of the old anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. OK, it's late 90's, early 2000's... I consider this old because I barely remember when I was younger when I watched the series. It was very haunting, and I really wanted to see the episodes again. 
I watched this DVD, that had something like episodes 25-30 or so, in the middle of the series. It didn't matter to me because I read the 5 volumes of manga(did not like the ending, tbh) and I really wanted those episodes I remember of someone being focused on that episode that had a serious problem and went into this small booth, and confessed about it. They would then duel with Utena and the place below the upside-down castle they always fought would have some neat set up, referring to the character brainwashed.

Sadly, I did not see the episodes like these- it almost makes me think I conjured these false memories myself when I was young. I watched the episodes anyway, and enjoyed the surrealism of it all.
All the WTF-ery with Akio's and Touga with their uniforms shirts suddenly coming open and the whole car of Akio's...
Plus the music was very, very, deep and catchy. When I first listened to the opening song Rinbu Revolution, I realized how familiar it sounded, almost like the song was by Two-Mix! Apparently not, but I digress...

One of the most haunting parts in my mind of the series was when Utena went up to the duel by the elevator, that song that played was so eerie and almost scary- I even have it now for convenient listening use.
The entire series as a manga and anime(not the movie though- I have yet to see it and have heard the art is not the only thing different) is very good, and I do reccomend it to friend who could be into that- it may be shoujo, but it's not the regular shoujo! The characters are a bit weird- hell, Utena is supposed to be 14, and Miki a 7th grader. Not only that but Touga is a creep casanova(it freaked me out when I got the first volume, but then again I can't even read it since it's in German), Anthy is not to be the character you assume, and Akio is... *shivers*

It doesn't really matter, I am always up for old anime or manga- even better if they were from my childhood like this one- since the nostalgic feelings of it all brings good times.

EDIT: Looking up in good ol' Wikipedia, my memories WERE real, they were of episodes before in the series! Good to know not all of my memories as a child were made up. xD I really want to see these again. I'll see to reserve the DVDs if they're available at the library.
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It all started with this APH MAD video here
Like most fan videos, you might have recognized the video as a spoof off of the series Baccano!
I decided to watch it, and it took me all day today to watch all 13 episodes.

I really liked the series! I got kind of focused on the characters because of the video using Hetalia characters, so I got obsessed...
Here are my random comments:
  • Psycho Ladd! His whole skipping over the thought of killing and even jumping in a puddle of blood- morbid, yet amusing.
  • Having mentioned blood- I didn't realize how gorey it was.
  • "I'm immortal! You can't kill me!" "Really? *Forces arm into train tracks on a speeding train* Wow! You're blood comes back and forms your arm!" "Even if you shoot me, cut me, or even gouge my eyes out!"
  • Yes... the gore.
  • JACUZZI AND NICE. Favorite pairing, and it sadly did get influenced by it being Germany and Italy in the MAD.
  • Every time I see scared Jacuzzi, he reminds me of another character... kinda like Al from FMA?
  • Speaking of FMA, the seiyuu of Ladd did Maes Hughes from FMA! >w<
  • Alchemists too in Baccano, just saying. Plot point.
  • Not to mention cool seiyuus, the voice of Isaac does France(who France was in the MAD!) and had voiced Cerberus from Cardcaptor Sakura! I don't even have to go back to watch an episode to remember Cerberus' loud and charismatic voice, and IS Masaya Onosaka! The guy was also Vash from Vash the Stampede. Win.
  • And Shinji from Bleach.
  • Isaac and Miria. The best duo EVER.
  • "Take the watches, steal time!" Oh yes, the duo is amazing.
  • WTF is with the layout of the episodes. The worst part of the anime was it was different POVs of the cast of over 2-3 years, and it confused me SO. The media player was set to play all the episodes but apparently it went out of order because I saw the last episode in the middle! I didn't even realize it because of how scattered the episodes are.
  • That Rail Tracer. Crazy shit, yo.
  • He was only referred to a name other than the Rail Tracer once.
  • The two most boring things about the series: That assassin girl whose father was an immortal, and Eve and Dallas.
  • Firo and Maize... *Fangirl giggle* Smooooooooth.
  • The episode showing the beginning of the immortals 200 years ago... I loved it!
  • The little immortal boy needs to get checked after so many years of toture...
  • Ooooooh Jacuzzi and Nice <3
I just HAD to end it like that. I really liked them.
This coming week is hard work of sitting for long periods of time! But Friday is the start of Winter break!
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Icons (Bleach & Misc.)
[Total]: 57

Bleach, Kanjani8, Moonchild, & CCS )
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I was on the bus listening to Ashita e no Melody, which is the ending theme for the CCS Sealed Card movie.
And you know what?
There should be a fanfic of a gender-bending cross-series crackfic of Bleach and Cardcaptor Sakura.
The characters? Ichigo is Sakura, Rukia is Shaoran, Ishida is Tomoyo, and Renji is Meilin!

Yes, I was actually day-dreaming of something like crack that.
I might try it, but I'd wish someone could do an amazing job at something like that.

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To feel proud for the achievements I have done- they are very little. To see others that actually enjoy what I can do, it brings me happiness from the bottom of my heart. Oh the joy of  being able to do something 

I feel so happy for the beginning of the year! Even though I'm not excited for what's coming up in the very beginning of February, I'm currently living in the moment.
I'm happy that Blacklovemail is actually getting all of these views. People are actually leaving reviews how they wouldn't like the story, but want to see more or how it ends! This always happens when I read fanfics. I should really get to work on the next chapter next weekend.
What's better? Lovely Dressing, which I wrote for Rukia's brithday(albeit a day belated) and truly LOVED it myself- or at least the idea of Lolita and Lolicon. After writing that I had to research on some terms and learned a lot about the fashion, and now I'm rather interested in it. 

For school, I was able to color some manga, so I decided on practicing shoujo manga, and colored a favorite spread of mine for Cardcaptor Sakura. Of course the quality is rather poor, but my teacher won't be judging on the quality. I was even surprised when I printed it out at school, I was showing my friend when one of the students saw it and asked me if she could take a picture of it.

And now that I've already written a fanfic on my laptop, I can say I'm off hiatus. I'm just too lazy to get all of my pictures files and graphics. That Bleach page I've been coloring is in need of being finished. I was planning when I finish it I could try making some graphics with it, or print it out to show my friend since I mentioned it to her. 
And then leave it in my locker to let me see wonderful IchiRuki smex staring all colorful.

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This was definitely funny:
On the twelfth day of Christmas, Tamabonotchi sent to me...
Twelve graphics drumming
Eleven jokes writing
Ten comedians a-doodling
Nine birds acting
Eight mp3s eating
Seven cats a-reading
Six fanworks a-drawing
Five bu-u-u-unnies
Four pranks
Three drawing eyes
Two video games
...and a syaoran in a germany.
Get your own Twelve Days:
I should totally go to school and sing this. xD My favorite line?

And a Syaoran in a Germany.

And I am busily writing the 4th chapter of Blacklovemail. Unfortunately I wanted to write more like some Naruhina, but it's Saturday night and I'll probably be finishing the chapter late tomorrow.
I don't have the will to post a preview unless it's Sunday and I know I won't finish.
Also today is the 13th, which means St. Lucia's Day and the premiere of Bleach Fade to Black! yesyesyes! I already got scans of the movie guide, which looked spectacular!
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 I'm finally back home from out of state, but I had a really good time with family. A big thing I actually had a good time sleeping and always slept in even when woken up- in fact I had some strange dreams there. One was about how my mp3 player recently broke (found out on the trip there, but not surprising as it was cheap and crappy) and the small screen showed all these interesting designs with rainbows and musical notes... it was kind of weird.
I got a little pissed when I learned when setting up the DVR there to record Bleach, Code Geass (I've been interested watching the last episode), and Death Note- but Adult Swim changed their schedule, and it's all fucked up. Seriously- one night with Shin-chan Venture Brothers, and then Bleach and Code Geass past midnight and NO DEATH NOTE? I got angry staying up to watch the episodes.
Also I went shopping and got the 20th volume of Bleach because one of my wishes for Bleach was first get special volumes, like vol. 20 with the hypnosis chapters. Boy was I pissed reading it. I knew VIZ media took out the whole names dynamic in the anime (hearing Orihime and Ishida calling Ichigo and Rukia by their first names was really annoying, and vice versa) but they did it in the manga too?! I was also annoyed at the whole name order but that's expected of course- and then I always remember the one panel where Gin says sorry to Aizen when Ichigo appears, but in the VIZ translation, Gin allowed Ichigo to slip by. I'd have to side with online translators on this one, sadly.
THEY COULDN'T EVEN HAVE RUKIA CALLED BYAKUYA BROTHER?!! I HATE IT. That's why I'm wishing for someone to get me the Japanese vol. 30 of Bleach because I don't want the wonderful chapters of the Rukia vs. Noveno Espada fight tarnished by VIZ- plus VIZ won't even have release the volume by my birthday- it'll be out like next year.
And then I get woken up one morning by my dad telling me my mom and sister are dead.
They actually aren't but they got in a car accident the day before.
They were in my dad's truck when a car hit them, making the truck actually ROLL and totaling my dad's truck.
So now we have one good car, one shitty car that is trying to get sold, and one busted up truck I have yet to see since it's at the shop. My mom already has been looking for a new car- she wants a 2005 Ford Focus. We saw the car she is borrowing in the garage- and I thought it was a sedan.
Not, it's more wagon than sedan. The interior looked crappy and cheap, and I'm not so crazy about it, but oh well...
My mom and sister are both uninjured.
I have a lot of say but I'll be saving it for tomorrow and another time. It's really late since we got home at 8 pm due to traffic and I've been spending all of my time catching up on everything on the computer.
My mom already ordered the new inverter board. Hiatus will most likely be over soon.


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