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So, how has everyone's week been? I'm on break right now, so I've been home all day. You would think I'd be having a great time doing nothing and sitting at home, but I've actually been very bored.
Very. Bored.
Bored-of-even-the-internet-bored even.

So I went and found our little PS2 to play some video games. The only thing is, we don't own that many games. Most of really stupid casual games like Guitar Hero and karaoke. Then we have some games from earlier in this decade that I had completed.
We did get three games last year though- God of War, Devil May Cry 3, and Gundam Dynasty Warriors 2. So I tried them.

God of War? No. I never liked violent games, plus I don't think I'd be smart enough to get very far in it. Can't find it either.
Devil May Cry? No. I spent 10 minutes and didn't even beat the first boss. The dualshock every 5 seconds also really turned me off from the game(SO MUCH PUN), so I just quit.
So then I tried out the Gundam game. I thought I was not going to like it either, because my sister didn't last 10 minutes before quitting. I also was utterly confused watching her place, especially on missions in space.
But I played the game, and I got into it. 9 hours straight means into it, right?
Yeah, I really like the game, because it has multiple options of missions and characters. Like, right now I'm stuck on a mission with a creepy gundam mutant, but I've been able to play other missions as well! I'll get back to it sometime.

I'm not a huge gamer, if telling how I have only a Playstation, PS2, and DS with few games makes it any obvious. I do play Guild Wars some on the PC, but so far I don't have access to a PC able to run the game so it's been a little while since I've played. Most of my games are casual or games for children, like Spyro. I was actually proud of myself when I finished that game.
I have, though, been able to get into my games. Guild Wars is easy to find yourself playing for hours. But then I have Harvest Moon, which I can also spend a good long time playing to get through a whole year.
So really, I'm not new to playing video games, I'm just not a serious gamer with the cool games that even I would like to have.*Shifts to Pheonix Wright and Professor Layton*

Well, I have been playing that for 9 hours and it's getting pretty late, so I'm just gonna go pass out.
I did have a ridiculously long dream last night. I woke up early in the morning and fell back asleep and the dream continued. It had a lot of tension, and I remember trying to navigate my way in a suburb by the city late in the evening trying to find a bus to get home after running away from someone's property. Can't give you much detail other than that, though.

Good night!
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Icons (Bleach & Misc.)
[Total]: 57

Bleach, Kanjani8, Moonchild, & CCS )
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I broke my locker mirror yesterday, but that was after all my bad life.

My sister went to Armageddicon (small Columbus Con) for Easter, and I had to spend it with family. She bought us box
sets of Fullmetal Alchemist, which made me really happy(albeit I had to buy $50 for one box) and she bought me a bookmark an artists drew with Germany.

I want to continue watching the new Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood because I want to see where BONES takes this new anime to be closer to the storyline of the manga, despite jumbling the beginning very differently already. Sure, it introduced many of the characters, but it's filler. I also want to watch it because it's the first anime I have watched when it first premiered- I fail.

The recent chapters of Bleach can be summed up in a few partial sentences: Orihime doing the same crying, Ichigo god-moding, Ishida be fucked, immature child Ichigo, but the best thing of all?
The UlquiHime~~!
That chapter has to be one of my favorites because I'm such a fangirl. Bad points were Ishida was downplayed, Ichigo was downplayed, no IchiIshi WTF, and little Rukia. The best points were the gorgeous art(GOD WAS ORIHIME BEAUTIFUL!) and the ULQUIHIME!!!!
I fucking loved it.
Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
we are so canon. |
My sister said someone at Anime Punch cosplayed as Ulquiorra.
God I missed the sexiness of his wings.
I really have a lot to say, but not the time. I have homework to do before going to bed and any other goofing off. I haven't had the time to write my fanfic I'm still working on (10k words- I think this will be more than a one-shot) so yes.
I was also thinking of writing UlquiHime, but I dunno...

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Thoughts Bleach, chapter348
Ulquiorra is Lucifer's creature? No, I'm just sprouting nonsense, but he does look like one of the sinful creatures. Amazing godmode move, Kubo. Neither Aizen nor his total bad-ass espada (the GOOD ones) can be defeated.
And then suddenly on to IshiHime fanside. AWWW ISHIDA IS GIVING ORIHIME A RIDE! And him trying to look pathetic after showing off his little flying disk to Orihime. ISHIDA HAS OBSERVED HOW EMO-SPADA SCORES POINTS FROM 'HIME.
But really- Orihime on page 7 is GORGEOUS. She looks so pretty there, mumbling his name.
But then the rest of the chapter...
Ichigo isn't very sexy, despite being half naked.
Compared to his many outfits in SS arc, he looks kinda... odd.Maybe Kubo drew his thigh differently, judging by how his pose looks like he had his left thigh coming forward, so his muscles are making his thigh fat, and...
That pose just disturbs me.
His face also had disturbed me- SURPRISE BUTTSEX?
And then I just love staring at Ulquiorra on page 17.
One moment of familiar Ichigo, that was it.
And then when Orihime & Ishida finally made it, Ulquiorra saved her present(Yes, everyone is talking about Ichigo is her White Day gift) and totally OWNED ISHIDA putting the hole in Ichigo's chest.
Ichigo half-dead? Kinda seems like the "Dead Hinata" last Naruto chapter(BTW she isn't, and I want some SakuHina). Although she was moe questionable as a side-character while Ichigo is the MAIN character, he's not going to die yet, here.
I'm kind of annoyed, because I want to see RUKIA fighting. You know it's just a fangril's dream for her to rush to Ichigo when she sense him dying, because it's not going to happen.
The results for the zapakutous make me happy. Like the popularity results last year or whatever, Hitsugaya is 1st with his fangirl fandom, Rukia is 2nd, beating the main character of the series again.Haha, it's a very nice spread too.


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