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Title: Mirror
Fandom: Hetalia
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Fem!Germany-centric, set at the end of WWII, split Germanys
Summary: Everyone was silent until they heard a noise from the figure on the ground. Germany's eyes fell upon him. The one that caused it all. The one who was but a reflection.
Notes: I had an idea for a serious WWII fic that entertained the idea of two split Germanys- regular Germany and Nazi Germany- as well as make Germany a girl. I've had this idea for quite a while, and had initially started writing a fic about it late last year. Went I looked it over I decided it was really bad (like, really bad- I can't believe I even wrote that bad) so I started rewriting it and forgot about it. Found it again today and decided to finish it, as well as trying to focus on the idea I had. It's OK, not perfect, but I liked it well enough to say done! More notes at the end.

"Deutsches Reich, he was the one you were fighting if you didn't realize." )


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Title: Hinata-Hime
Rating: Teen
Notes: Sequel to previous chapter, #7. I just loved the AU.
Link “Come this way, Hinata-hime.”

I really have nothing to say right now. I spent about 12 hours watching the first episodes of Bleach (I still missed some parts I've wanted to see) and fortunately, my grandmother is leaving soon.
From the response and the number of views I've gotten for my (oneshot?) Bleach fanfic, I might just continue it. Just how I'm going to continue it will be my problem that will hold me back, then there's the problem of the first chapter being 5k words...


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