Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:25 pm
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This should be crossposted from my DW account onto LJ...

To actually put content into this post, I guess this sums up the past weel

1) I came back from Ohayocon 2012 and blogged about it on Tumblr.
2) Right after Ohayocon I now learn of Colossalcon
3) I've started watching Supernatural
4) I just had my last class until the new semester next week
4.5) To celebrate I'm watching Supernatural
5) I also got an account on ao3 for archiving purposes (of course)
6) I'm having myself go on Gaia
7) I'm making myself do a lot of social things
9.5) UGHHH
10) I got an alpaca plush at Ohayocon and now I have to be a part of the community!!!

I wish I could go into more detail (at least making this list was good for me) but I have to go watch more Supernatural because I'm only on season 2 oooooh shit.
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Title: Sharing the Bed
Fandom: Hetalia
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Overly affectionate Prussia and France?
Summary: France wants to sleep with Germany too.
Notes: Soft, random ficlet from months ago I apparently did not post. Both France and Prussia are incredibly touchy-feely over Germany and always fight over him.

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Jan. 20th, 2012 11:12 pm
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It's for a joke that only I know of and think is funny but hopefully when I use this to make a banner and share it, people will get the joke!!!
Just this image is good enough.
Reminds me how I wish the next releases of Kuragehime would come fasterrrrr


Jan. 18th, 2012 11:19 pm
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Known as the day sites like Icanhaz and Wikipedia are gone and 4chan had bars and was too hard to read.

Also known as the day I spent 5 hours straight at the library working on a project that still needs more work on but it was supposed to be due tonight but it's not and it will not be decent quality because the project itself is shit.

8 more days until Ohayocon... 8 more days...

2011: Icons

Jan. 6th, 2012 06:46 pm
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Icons(Tiger & Bunny, Hetalia, & Misc)
Total: 47

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Late, but

Dec. 26th, 2011 05:54 pm
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Merry Christmas to everyone!

I couldn't really say it when it was actually Christmas because I traveled to see family and was then gone from any Internet.
I got a lot of really nice stuff from my family, it made me really happy.

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I can't even think give a better pic than that because I'm currently on my desktop instead of my laptop (which reminds me, I have to transfer a bunch of images on here). Today has been my first day of break and I didn't do very much except watch stuff like CSI and AMV Hell... Even Tumblr and cgl were slow(well duh it's the middle of the day on a Friday).

Busy month! )
Before I go slip into a food coma, I do want to mention that I finished Sailor Moon. I watched all 200 episodes. I loved the experience of watching all of the episodes I remembered, and then watching the very last season which ended up to by my favorite. Hnnnngh the Sailor Stars! Seiya! I fell hard. Sailor Moon SuperS is right after it because I love Chibiusa and Helios and it made me sad that Chibiusa seemingly NO LONGER EXISTED IN SAILOR STARS. Usagi had a picture in her room of her, Chibiusa, and Mamoru together and when everyone looked at it, CHIBIUSA WAS GONE I MEAN WAT. It might have been a different picture of just her and Mamoru or maybe it was a subtle sign of how Mamoru being killed changed Chibiusa's existence and know one could tell or maybe THERE WAS NO CONTINUITY.
But yeah. I loved it. I'll be getting Volume 3 of the manga in the mail next month, so I can't wait for it!

Ok I'll stop rambling now. Seeing as it's now break I'll make the time to post more!
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So right now I do not want to be browsing the internet because everything is incredibly slow.


Because we're currently downloading a torrent of Sailor Moon. And it's a relatively large size. How big? over 30 GB.
It's episode 1-200. The ETA is in 3 days, so it's gonna be a long 3 days it's finished.
And when it is finished, it's gonna be a time for some Sailor Moon marathoning, I think. My goal will be finish all 200 episodes before the end of the year.

  1. Mawaru Penguindrum- High Priority of watching every week. It used to be my guilty pleasure, but I don't care anymore. It should be expected from the people of Utena
  2. Sailor Moon- Yes
  3. Gundam Unicorn- EPISODE 4 HAS BEEN RELEASED ASDFGHTJUYKTGFDSGKU. I'm lurking all over /m/ for when someone shares a torrent for it. I'm excited to see this episode because IT'S THE LAST EPISODE OF GU THIS YEAR FFFFFFF
I had watched an episode of Gundam AGE but then I forgot about it. The art style is off-putting because I want it like the rest, but modern like GU. If I'm seriously bored I'll come back to it.
I also want to see this other older anime, but I don't think I'll have time this year unless I'm very bored in December and I somehow blitzed through Sailor Moon. I did some sloppy math and I would have to watch around 5 episode a day everyday, 7 everyday if I started watching it in December.

Also there is news of the new Tiger & Bunny stuff coming in 2012, but WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? This link here is about the Heroawards from yesterday or something. I pasted a paragraph into GTranslate and it said a 2012 production so now I'm excited it might by a movie! DOES ANYONE KNOW I JUST WANT TO KNOW THIS BY THE WAY I WISH I HAD MONEY SO I COULD BUY A WHOLE BUNCH OF MERCH.
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I can't believe I seriously haven't update for so long!
It's become seriously busy now in the midst of classes, as well as much more going on irl.

But all I will say for now is I'm playing Guild Wars again.
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Because I found out about someone had leaked one of the unreleased episodes of Adventure Time, specifically the hyped genderbent episode. I was very excited about the episode and had been waiting for weeks so I watched it.
I won't say anything about it (but I will give a gif from the episode because it's funny) except I loved it and when it does come out in September, I will most definitely watch it again!

This is actually probably pretty bad.
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The last Bleach chapter was glorious.
I mean, I've been supportive of the new looks of the characters, and seeing Rukia's, Byakuya's, Renji's, Kenpachi's...
I don't even think I can write anything coherent because I'm not very good at this when all I can think about it flailing in happiness at this long-last reunion after weeks and months of previous chapters that lead it all up to this. And to think that Byakuya, Renji, and the others would have appeared-
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Oh god, the latest episode of Tiger & Bunny... made me absolutely horrified. I wanted to cry watching it. This whole scenario where a character is being cornered and it's only a matter before they lose- I hate it so much. It gives me such dreadful feelings, I can't bear watching something where it's such a one-sided fight.

I remember feeling this discouraged reading the Harry Potter DH because I was thinking "AUUGH NO OHGOD THEY CAN'T WIN. FUCK IT I CAN'T READ THIS ANYMORE."

I've also finished watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica! It was certainly an interesting watch and entertaining to watch.

Which brings me to this- I don't know what to watch next.
What should I see next?
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Welcome new friends from the T&B friending meme!

Participating in the friend meme was great, but it made me realize a few things-
one being that I really want to change my layout and make an intro post.

Oh well, it's Sunday at 8. I'm watching this reality show competition because I'm downloading Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I always always see the show being referenced everywhere and noticed it was quite popular. It's only a few episodes so I'll check it out.

I've also watched the last T&B episode and Ao No Exorcist and most of my reactions are on Tumblr but let me just say this about the last episode:
Noooo Barnaby was not supposed to react like that totally not like the fanfic
Oh, I see, Maverick was the one


Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:57 pm
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Wow, when's the last time I made a post about anything? A long time, in fact. Last month. See, I was particularly busy the past couple of weeks working so I had little to no time but to do some stuff.

But let's start of this public entry with a beautiful picture of Basti, because it's his birthday!

Basti invites you in to Tiger & Bunny and more! )
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I had seen the midnight premiere of the last Harry Potter movie earlier today.
Oh my god.
I was crying so much, especially at Snape's scene.
It's just

It was just so good, especially now that there's no way people can deny what a character Snape was because they didn't bother to read the books. If I could mention one thing that made JK Rowling a master writer, it would be Severus.
But I don't feel like talking about details other than hnnnnngh on all of the characters (except Ginny because really).

On that note, I've also started watching Ao No Exorcist. I'm really enjoying the characters but the story hasn't been much so far... I think I'll check out the manga as well.
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For the Fourth of July (an explosion of patriotism for America) I actually went to a friend's house for the day and saw more fireworks. I had seen my city's main fireworks show last Friday but this one was being done by the suburb, but still very large. Incredibly memorable for me, because as long as I could remember I had spent July 4th that same for years, and today was completely new. It was pretty fantastic.
TIger&Bunny, Eric Saade, Neuer )

It's late and I have the hiccups I have to get rid of!
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 It had started out with me going to a new semester of classes but through all of the classes we were like, in a subway. And people kept looking out this window at sheep on a hill. You would just stare and there was a strange focus that zoomed in on one of the sheep but they didn’t move.

Apparently, despite us being in a subway around the city and continually walking around downtown for classes and shit, there were strict rules. I somehow was waiting on friends shopping when I realized I was 10 minutes late to class and I was going to die. orz

Breezing over stupid personal stuff that I think was about giving up/letting go, jumping out of subways was a no-no. But it’s OK, because the system the cops used in my dream to figure what to do with rule-breakers was based on some sort of 8-point system- the less points you had the better the chance you wouldn’t be punished. Leaving the personal drama, I went up these stairs, thinking “kay next level” which were apparently levels of Germany or something.

I got out and found myself in a tree-housey room in the air. There were old, German houses and Ferris wheels all over, but what stood out was that there was a Long John Silver’s. And right next to that fast food chain, was a whole picnic of weeaboos. I gasped and tried to hide, and left somewhere else.

Found myself in this huge store-like place that had AMAZING STUFF. Then I met with someone and we were walking around while I picked up amazing stuff like holographic Hello Kitty poster or whatever. But I was talking to this person, and I guess we had a fight and she was mad at me because I was trying to like, coax her into talking with me.

I found myself in an aisle of this weird jewelry that was all wooden but was poorly painted in red, where the paint was faded and peeled off. Suddenly Grissom from CSI and a few others characters were there talking about a case. What made it turn weird was when Sarah appeared, holding one of the old jewelry that was actually a knife, walking like a zombie towards Grissom. Someone was obviously controlling her, so they had to find the suspects. They came down to taking fingerprints of these golden statues shaped like large hands, which Grissom’s unusual topic of interest to solve the case was improv.


And he began explaining what improv was while getting copies of these papers you needed to do improv, that had like tables and stuff.

So then I left that place as soon as possible, but then ended up talking to someone about something. In the conversation person A needed to get something, and I was trying to figure out what to do. I finally said, “I’ll get it!” and whatever the thing was, it made me realized ‘I couldn’t get that if this wasn’t a dream’ and I woke up.

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I just took a shower and I smell like coffee. I found a recipe on making a scrub out of coffee grounds so I made a jar and tried it, and it's actually pretty nice! With the smell my skin is smooth, it feels great. I had said I wanted to try doing stuff like this so I am. I guess the next step would be to use a baking-soda mixture for shampoo.

TTGL- spoilers )

For now, I'll just focus on the amazing Tiger & Bunny, which I can happily enjoy watching every week.

But now I need something to do and this summer is going to be horrid.
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Title: Mirror
Fandom: Hetalia
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Fem!Germany-centric, set at the end of WWII, split Germanys
Summary: Everyone was silent until they heard a noise from the figure on the ground. Germany's eyes fell upon him. The one that caused it all. The one who was but a reflection.
Notes: I had an idea for a serious WWII fic that entertained the idea of two split Germanys- regular Germany and Nazi Germany- as well as make Germany a girl. I've had this idea for quite a while, and had initially started writing a fic about it late last year. Went I looked it over I decided it was really bad (like, really bad- I can't believe I even wrote that bad) so I started rewriting it and forgot about it. Found it again today and decided to finish it, as well as trying to focus on the idea I had. It's OK, not perfect, but I liked it well enough to say done! More notes at the end.

"Deutsches Reich, he was the one you were fighting if you didn't realize." )



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