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Thoughts on the beginning of chapter 264.
Spoilers from Hueco Mundo/Nakama arc and Pendulum mini-arc.
I had not understood why Kubo added the first scene in 264 with Gin and Ulquiorra conversing and a bad habit of mine (especially when I'm reading a good part with of my favorite characters)  was just to skip it and go on to read about Rukia vs. Noveno Espada/Psuedo-Kaien. It wasn't until recently did I re-read the chapter and read closely to the converasion did I realize something- Gin was talking about Rukia and her past of killing Kaien, right? Then it made me a little confused- how did Gin know about Rukia's past? From what we had known of Gin from 100 years ago, he was newly appointed into the Gotei 13 Squads- and being a complete genius he probably went through the ranks in the years before Rukia met Kaien. He also had already started helping Aizen soon after, so he was probably told from Aizen what he knew and was planning. So it was probably easy to learn about the event.
  • When Rukia had been adopted and entered the 13th division, Gin was already captain. He could have known about the death of Kaien from Ukitake or the news had spread since Kaien was the vice-captain.
  • Gin probably even knew the hollow that possessed Miyako and Kaien was from Aizen.
I just found it a little disturbing Gin was watching the controls when coincidentally Rukia met Noveno Espada, yet he says "Oh no, I ain't doin' nothin' mean like that, 'sides... I jus' hate sad stories."
Gin wasn't going to watch Rukia crack at seeing Psuedo-Kaien, and he knew it would be sad.
I don't- I just find Gin so weird yet awesome like that.
Edit: I finally understood now that part...
It must have been Gin who changed the hallways Rukia was in to where she would meet the Noveno Espada.
I said no sort of interesting take on the chapter, what a waste. I felt so stupid after I realized why Kubo drew the Gin scene.... stupid me.
Death Note, Cowbow Bepop, Bleach (although the dub sucks ASS), and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone is on tonight!
I might just rant tomorrow about dubs.


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