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I had yet another dream today, and this also had anime- but this time Death Note! I hadn't watched it since Saturday and I've only been listening to one opening and ending but oh well...
So the dream started okay.

I was in the car, driving on a regular road that my bus took last year from school, but soon I'm suddenly driving over arches- and find myself scared REALLY REALLY high on what was commented in my dream "The tallest arch in the state" and I could see water and everything below me, making me really really scared. Then suddenly I'm off and the car is still driving, and I see this black roller coaster. At the very top are two small cars- one with L and one with Light, L suddenly goes down his track and Light comes closely after on his own track, and he's yelling he'll get L, and suddenly they get to a corner, where their car came off the discontinued track and the only thing they're on is this string that swings them to the right onto the track that continued again.
Then suddenly I'm in a field with my whole family. I don't know how though. The last thing I remember before waking at 6 this morning my sister and I were trying not to laugh at something...
Someone has make a drawing of L and Light on roller coasters!

And I found a post somewhere the listed all of the actual canon pairings in Bleach. Then I saw that all ended in tragedy:
.ByakuyaxHisana- Hisana died.
.IsshinxMasaki- Masaki died.
.KaienxMiyako- Both died!
Sad, sad, history...
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