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This is me coloring the Haro poster my sister and I made.

So yesterday I went with my sister to Anime Punch yesterday for Saturday. I woke up feeling pretty bad with not being able to hear properly and my throat with a permanent glob stuck in it, but we still went because I really wanted to go. My sister dressed me in her kimono and we went off. Anime Punch was at the Hyatt, same place as Ohayocon- but there was a quarter of the rooms used. Yeah, it was pretty small. My sister looked through the dealer's room that had TONS of food and the artist alley. But since we were dirt poor, I only bought this old Gundam ZZ poster.
It was actually pretty cool finding such an old poster, it must have come from an older magazine but I got it because it was $3 and it was GUNDAM ZZ YOU KNOW GUNDAM THAT WAS FROM THE 80'S AND NEVER CAME TO THE US.
I saw DVD sets of Gundam Zeta and I was wailing at my sister saying "Waaaant, it's so good! ;o;" and she's like "NO". We WILL get it sometime though.
After that we checked out an AMV panel, it was pretty good, then walked around the place for a while. They were playing Ghost in the Shell SAC on the TVs in the hotel portion, so we took some chairs and moved them up and sat down to watch. While we were watching I see this guy cosplaying as Amuro and he had an Haro, and I whisper, "catch him!" But when my sister stood up and went into the hallway the guy went through, he was already gone. :c
After that, we went to find with Consuite where they were holding the autograph session with Brad Swaile- who was the main reason I even wanted to go to Anime Punch. First time hearing him is Quatre from Gundam Wing, then his most famous role Light from Death Note, and then I hear him as Amuro from Gundam, and boy did he make a good Amuro. We go into this Consuite and for the first time I've ever been to a con they're serving decent snacks and drinks for free. I was like in shock as I took a onigiri and can of soda.
The place was odd, where there were loud teens messing around and playing ninja, and you had large paper to draw on. We got a page and doodled random stuff on it. Then my sister told me to get another sheet and we came up with the idea to make a big picture of Haro for Brad Swaile to sign.
In the middle of waiting for him, this asian woman comes by and compliments us on our kimono. She then sits down and we have this conversation and she's practically spazzing at us on properly wearing kimono. She then asks us if we know Japanese, if we've been to Japan, and my sister points out the random Hiragana I was writing on the previous poster that was getting covered by henohenomohe and my name and she's like "OH WOW!" and then kept asking me what I knew.
I'm getting overwhelmed and answered, "Not a lot, I've tried to memorize my Hiragana but I can't do Kanji, etc." and she keeps asking if I know anymore.
The lady really liked us, it was kind of odd but really nice. And that was like, one of my only experiences meeting and talking to someone new at a convention.

Going on, I'm still waiting for Brad Swaile to show up since he had a panel right before the scheduled autograph session when I see the Amuro cosplayer appear in the room and I was happy because I really wanted his picture. It's not until a little after when the cosplayer does this maniacal laugh that silences the whole room did I realize that that's Brad Swaile.
And he's dressed up as Amuro.
The same guy I saw passing in the con and wanted to catch for a picture.
We rush to get in the long line, and it's not a long line at all, but we still wait in it for well over an hour. Why? Cause Brad really takes his time.
We get up there, and I unravel the poster and show it to him, and he's impressed by all of the haros we drew on it.
Brad: You want me to sign this?
Me: Yes!
Brad: Oh, I don't want to ruin this masterpiece...
HE WAS SO FUNNY OMG. He makes another joke or two about the poster, I have him also autograph on a Hello Kitty stationary and he made a joke out that and then I got a picture with him.
I was seriously so happy.

Brad Swaile is the second celeb I've ever met up close and gotten an autograph, and my dream is to meet older voice actors like him, because the most amazing VAs like Joshua Seth, Crispin Freeman, etc. are rarely guests for any convention I could go to or have retired.

After that, my exhaustion from not eating, standing for over an hour in that loud room, and my head cold made me not fun to be with at all. We went to see the Gundam panel but the host was a no-show and so the panel pretty much sucked. Then my sister wanted to go see the Shin Chan panel. I want to fall asleep but I couldn't over all the dick jokes and the funny of Shin Chan, because even though it is Shin Chan, the panel was not labeled an adults-only panel the off-topic remarks were best left for the Hentai Olympics everyone in the room apparently went to see the night before. Urgh.

I couldn't even last through the panel and we left. I pretty much couldn't stand to be there any longer and my sister acquiesced because there was nothing else interesting. I would've liked to have checked out the Protomen though.

After all of that I got home pretty sick. Today, though, I'm feeling much better but I hate colds, especially when they are like the first day where it feels like I have Strep Throat and my ears are infected at the same time. Because of that I decided to not go with my sister to the Asian Fest today, but whatever. It's a Sunday night, this week I have my midterms and I have only studied about 1 hour for any of them, and I have a project to finish for Tuesday and an essay to write tonight. I guess I should get working on those now.

Also, Happy Easter! My great-grandmother's birthday was today this year, and she's 97 now. I couldn't tell her happy birthday or anything because she's probably forgotten all English and me as well.


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