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Title: Afterward
Fandom: Hetalia Sweden/Finland
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Hetalia goes to Himaruya, while Eurovision is just... Eurovision
Summary: The Nordics always sit together to watch Eurovision. Sweden and Finland clean up after 2011's competition is over.
Notes: In reality or comparison to Eurovision, this doesn't make much sense because Finland should be pissed at Sweden for only giving them 6 or 7 points and giving Denmark, Sweden's "neighbor", 10 points, and Finland landing in twenty-first place. I loved Finland's song, as well as Iceland's. Also, obvious references to Sweden's Eric Saade becauseIabsolutelylovehim and it's the best thing to think of Sweden acknowledging that Eric Saade is representing him in ESC. But really I think Denmark and Sweden would be together celebrating while Finland's pissed and Iceland and Norway sit kind of dejected.


After Denmark had been taken away with Norway and Iceland, Finland volunteered to help Sweden clean up from that night of the beer bottles that littered the floor of Sweden’s house.

“It was very fun, Su! It’s so great when we all get together to watch Eurovision.” Finland said cheerfully, making conversation.

“Mm. A bit of a mess though.” Sweden comments on, although it was more about Denmark, the source of half the bottles.

“Denmark was celebrating over the good results his song came in fifth place.”

“Jus’ an excuse to trash m’ house. It’s fifth place.” Sweden retorted.

“You’re right.” Finland chuckled as they went back to a comfortable silence. Soon enough they finished and sat down with a fresh bottle for themselves before Finland would go.

“Your song was really fun, Sweden! And you were so close…” Finland said, taking a sip.

“Ah. Better luck next time.”

“Are you going to have this Eric again? I kind of like him.” Finland gave a suggestive grin. Sweden said absolutely nothing, but Finland knew his red face was not from the alcohol as he quickly turned his head away. It was a moment later that Sweden stuttered a reply.

“-Really liked your song. Was cute.” He mumbled in his heavy accent. This time it was Finland’s turn to blush.

“Th-thanks. It was a nice song about saving the planet.”

After that, they finished the last bottle and said their good byes. They would all do this again next year when the next competition began.


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