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Title: Untitled
Fandom: Bleach Ichigo/Rukia
Rating: Teen for blood
Disclaimer: Bleach not by me, by Kubo.
Summary: During the Winter War where Ichigo thinks up a harsh plan so Rukia can be safe, even though he could never actually tell her the truth. (Is being very vague for a reason)
Notes: Inspired by IchiRuki theme #37 'Losing My Grip'. Preview only, another new idea that came up while I am on hiatus. Thoughts I will have this done by hiatus is over? Not that likely- the same with previous preview I made. Has a few mistakes but it's only a preview of content.

I could feel blood dripping her my body, staining my shihakusho. My eyesight is starting to go blurred at the edges of my eyesight, but I can't stop. I can ignore all the stress a pain, just for now.
I knew what I had to do, they were only after me, they would leave all the weak ones she can handle- I'll lead the stronger away from her. I'll have them create distance from her, and not try another dirty idea of using her in a fight. I'll create distance from her, and that's what pain I couldn't ignore.
"Ichigo- what do you think you're doing?" Her voice rang out in my ears as I snapped out of my thoughts, and looked over at her. She was in a rough condition herself- her hair was matted with sweat, dirt, and blood and didn't shine like it usually did. Her own shihakusho was torn in several places, not like I'd want to think about it too much. She had several cuts, minor to moderate covering her body. I couldn't help but think how she looked when she almost died earlier, I had the vague yet grim details from what that Ulquiorra bastard said about her being skewered. I could let that happen again- and I couldn't let her be in danger of any of them going after me.
I looked over at her, seeing the obvious concern written all over her face. I could only stare at her as I saw she was obviously waiting for an answer. I broke away from her gaze and turned around. More were coming in their direction, I had to leave.
He tightened his grip on the hilt of Zangetsu.
"Ichigo, don't go!" Rukia's voice was full of desperation, and I couldn't help but turn back to look at her.
"Stay here, Rukia." I told her, it was almost like an order.
"Excuse me, you can't tell me what to do! Ichigo, you can't stand up any longer, you can't go!" Rukia protested, annoyance crawled onto her face. I remained silent and finally looked forward- I couldn't stay here any longer. "Ichigo!" He heard light footsteps coming towards him.
"Don't worry, I won't die yet midget."
I could only say that, to not let her worry about him. Before I could hear her reply, I had already went off away from where Rukia was, and steadily made distance between both of us.

I felt the sword pierce through me, right in the chest where there was already several wounds. I felt speechless except for grunts of pain as I looked down, but my already blurred eyesight was quickly dimming. I looked back up to see the bastard's form a few meters away, smiling that disturbing smile.
"Sorry kid, time for me to go! Hope ya' the best o' luck if ya' do survive! Bye bye!" I couldn't look at him any longer as my eyes closed, and his sword retreated from my body, causing even more pain. I felt like I was falling, but I never felt the impact of hitting the ground. I could only feel my hand that held Zangetsu open with no strength to clench.

I couldn't save you gripping it no matter how long I held it... You'll probably never know- I'll probably never feel your warm presence again.

I finally lost my grip.

On another note, while going shopping and got a new polo and jeans, I went to Barnes and Nobles and got two new books- volume 22 of Bleach and Volume 12 of Death Note. I now have a tendency to not buy the first volumes of Manga (especially if I already seen the beginning) and just go for special volumes that I really like- hence why I had gotten volume 12 (the last volume) when I have no other volume on Death Note.
And I'm still going to ask for the untranslated volume 30 of Bleach for my birthday November. I want sexy Kaien bad.
I don't know why I chose volume 22 instead of 23 when it has Rukia also, AND chapter 0! Maybe the sight of a half-naked Ikkaku would make my mother question about getting me it. I would've also had gotten volume 16, but Barnes and Noble didn't have the volume EITHER or any of the volumes between 10-20 for that matter.
I have to stay up to watch Adult Swim. It makes me think of back when they showed Cowboy Bebop, and even back when Outlaw Star was on Cartoon Network. Now, they made their schedule so any anime is past midnight, which is utter bullshit since many people who have been watching them watched them for the Japanese shows they had.


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