Jul. 19th, 2009


Jul. 19th, 2009 01:04 pm
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Usually I just buy shounen from Barnes and Nobles like Bleach and Death Note for my collection of the series because I like it and it's cheaper than other manga.
But I felt like buying something else, other than the two volumes of Bleach that have been released last time I checked(I was sure volume 30 was supposed to be out by now!) and Death Notes.
That's when I remembered about how I knew Skip Beat and other shoujo I had gotten obsessed with were probably there too, so I checked it out.
I found Skip Beat and High School Debut! <3
I could only buy one book, and the best volume I found of the two was volume 9 of High School Debut, the start of the Sports Festival with Asaoka and Yoh in the old-school uniform looking awesome-!
HSD translation seems decent, I couldn't care if they did frist name,family name- I'm so judgemental. In Bleach it doesn't sound right if you don't say their full name by family first, or if Rukia calls Inoue Orihime or Inoue vice versa.
I skimmed through a volume of Skip Beat- it also looked OK, I only noticed since Kyouko called Ren Tsuruga-san, they translated it to Mr. Tsuruga, and the same with him calling her Ms. Kyouko... kind of annoying.
I only found the Code Geass manga Code Geass Nightmare of Nunally DDD:


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