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I made an amazing banner for myself everywhere on Gaia and BA:

Like it? I made a matching avatar for BA and a large sized picture of this that I made for posting styles on Gaia.


Jul. 19th, 2009 01:04 pm
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Usually I just buy shounen from Barnes and Nobles like Bleach and Death Note for my collection of the series because I like it and it's cheaper than other manga.
But I felt like buying something else, other than the two volumes of Bleach that have been released last time I checked(I was sure volume 30 was supposed to be out by now!) and Death Notes.
That's when I remembered about how I knew Skip Beat and other shoujo I had gotten obsessed with were probably there too, so I checked it out.
I found Skip Beat and High School Debut! <3
I could only buy one book, and the best volume I found of the two was volume 9 of High School Debut, the start of the Sports Festival with Asaoka and Yoh in the old-school uniform looking awesome-!
HSD translation seems decent, I couldn't care if they did frist name,family name- I'm so judgemental. In Bleach it doesn't sound right if you don't say their full name by family first, or if Rukia calls Inoue Orihime or Inoue vice versa.
I skimmed through a volume of Skip Beat- it also looked OK, I only noticed since Kyouko called Ren Tsuruga-san, they translated it to Mr. Tsuruga, and the same with him calling her Ms. Kyouko... kind of annoying.
I only found the Code Geass manga Code Geass Nightmare of Nunally DDD:
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If you're a big Rukia fangirl(or boy) like me, you probably also fangirl over her amazing seiyuu(Japanese voice) Fumiko Orikasa.
Fumiko is amazing on how in real life if you hear her talking normally her voice is high, but she's able to make low down as Rukia!

Morita (Ichigo's seiyuu) is a total fanboy of Rukia and IchiRuki, if you don't know yet. He always seems to gush about either or both! It's aboslutely cute.

I've been watching the DVDs of Code Geass because I wanted to watch it again and have Sister get into it, and so I was bored and checked out the audo commentary of the episode with the Shirley Drama and Mao.
Lelouch's seiyuu introduced himself, and I didn't know he was, but then I hear Fumiko's voice and see her name in the subtitles-
That really shows you her range.
With a high voice she can do the ever amazing Rukia, to Shirley, the mind-fucked girl, and get this- she did the Japanese dub of Gabriella(right name?) from High School Musical!
What makes it even funniwe? The seiyuu for Troy or whatever the lead boy's name is is MORITA.
I just find it funny- I'm not one of the crazed fangirls that tries to prove canon by showing canon couples from other series or anything like that.

Morita and Fumiko just seem to be the leading seiyuu duo for the leads in stuff!
Unfortunately I know of no English voice actor duo. It's usually just JYB getting all the lead boys in both good and awful dubs with whatever female voice actor they can find.
I don't like Michelle Ruff's Rukia at all.

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Last weekend I finally was able to go to Ohayocon, the biggest Anime con in Columbus! My sister has always gotten me one or two things with the little money I had, but this year I had over $100 to go for a day!
It was an amazing experience, even if it was short-lived. I spent almost everything save for some money I'll probably keep for Germany or school.
Some things I bought were:
A Bleach wall-hanging of Bankai! Ichigo AND Renji, obviously from Soul Society Arc.
13th Divsion Vice-captain badge
Orihime's Flower pins
Ichigo's hollow mask pin
Ohayocon water bottle
Death Note T-shirt- free Pocky included
A cute bag (Not quite sure the brand)I
ANOTHER cute bag inside a pouch in the shape of the bear's head (same brand)
Pink Gloomy T-shirt

Yes, I was very shocked I didn't buy any manga or even anime! One, the booth with all the manga was so crowded I didn't want to try it- and two, I found out that Part one of season one of Fullmetal Alchemist was like- $70 with my sister's discount.
Not cool.
Especially when last night my sister told me at target they had the ENTIRE first season for only $40, which seems impossible, since the booth is known for the best prices.
I also had been commented about my headdress- but there were so many more nice headdresses there, I wanted to get one.
And then there was a Rukia in a kimono plushie that was 6 inches tall, and it was $15. D: So I didn't get any plushie either.
Lucky for me I got to meet some awesome cosplayers- Team Fortress 2, A Game-boy man, Jesus, Kitten, Code Geass, Ulquiorra, GrimmHime and even ARMSTRONG!!
Maybe I'll get to go to Armageddicon again this year, or Matsuricon(The 2 other cons in Columbus- ridiculous, I know).
But now life is very stressful once more for the next two weeks.
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It's less than 5 minutes before midnight here in Eastern Coast Time!
I'm watching CNN with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper!
Because Kathy Griffin is AWESOME and funny! <3

Happy New Year's again! This year definitely was big for me, as a few things that have happened to me:
-Anime convention, but then in '09 I'll be going to Ohayocon, which is even bigger than Armageddicon.
-Bleach and EVERYTHING that has happened, especially with all the IchiRuki lurve.
-The 2008 Presidential Election was a big part of discussion for me and humor.
-School competition and other hard times
-MUSIC Whether it's Katy Perry here or Porno Graffitti and ORANGE RANGE in Japan.
-My new found interest in graphics design, Photoshop or GIMP.
-Increased interest in writing~
-New found interest in learning Japanese- yes, I'm learning during my side time!
-I Love the New Millenium
-Code Geass!
-New interest in different manga!
-Building my Manga collection steadily.
-My fading interest in Naruto
-And more, mostly what I forget that happened in the beginning of 2008!

I hope everyone is celebrating happily and can't wait for the new year!
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I spent time relaxing today and finished homework due tomorrow. Saturday was pretty neat because I went shopping for clothes for school, but instead I got the 23rd volume of Bleach and 7th volume of Death Note! 

I also spent today watching the first episodes of Code Geass, because it's pretty interesting. 

So, happy labor day to everyone since we were home. My father and sister went out of state WITH OUR CAT so it was only my mother and I. 

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 I'm finally back home from out of state, but I had a really good time with family. A big thing I actually had a good time sleeping and always slept in even when woken up- in fact I had some strange dreams there. One was about how my mp3 player recently broke (found out on the trip there, but not surprising as it was cheap and crappy) and the small screen showed all these interesting designs with rainbows and musical notes... it was kind of weird.
I got a little pissed when I learned when setting up the DVR there to record Bleach, Code Geass (I've been interested watching the last episode), and Death Note- but Adult Swim changed their schedule, and it's all fucked up. Seriously- one night with Shin-chan Venture Brothers, and then Bleach and Code Geass past midnight and NO DEATH NOTE? I got angry staying up to watch the episodes.
Also I went shopping and got the 20th volume of Bleach because one of my wishes for Bleach was first get special volumes, like vol. 20 with the hypnosis chapters. Boy was I pissed reading it. I knew VIZ media took out the whole names dynamic in the anime (hearing Orihime and Ishida calling Ichigo and Rukia by their first names was really annoying, and vice versa) but they did it in the manga too?! I was also annoyed at the whole name order but that's expected of course- and then I always remember the one panel where Gin says sorry to Aizen when Ichigo appears, but in the VIZ translation, Gin allowed Ichigo to slip by. I'd have to side with online translators on this one, sadly.
THEY COULDN'T EVEN HAVE RUKIA CALLED BYAKUYA BROTHER?!! I HATE IT. That's why I'm wishing for someone to get me the Japanese vol. 30 of Bleach because I don't want the wonderful chapters of the Rukia vs. Noveno Espada fight tarnished by VIZ- plus VIZ won't even have release the volume by my birthday- it'll be out like next year.
And then I get woken up one morning by my dad telling me my mom and sister are dead.
They actually aren't but they got in a car accident the day before.
They were in my dad's truck when a car hit them, making the truck actually ROLL and totaling my dad's truck.
So now we have one good car, one shitty car that is trying to get sold, and one busted up truck I have yet to see since it's at the shop. My mom already has been looking for a new car- she wants a 2005 Ford Focus. We saw the car she is borrowing in the garage- and I thought it was a sedan.
Not, it's more wagon than sedan. The interior looked crappy and cheap, and I'm not so crazy about it, but oh well...
My mom and sister are both uninjured.
I have a lot of say but I'll be saving it for tomorrow and another time. It's really late since we got home at 8 pm due to traffic and I've been spending all of my time catching up on everything on the computer.
My mom already ordered the new inverter board. Hiatus will most likely be over soon.


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