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I won't complain if you got the images you used from photobucket for slide-show videos, graphics, whatever...
But crediting the fanart by saying, "I found it on Photobucket"? 
I could tell you HALF of those images you found on Photobucket, can be found on PIXIV by the original artist. Who's to say other people know the sources of the rest of the pictures?
And it's basically implying you find any fanart you like on Photobucket, and not any such sites where artists display their own artwork. You know, many artists- including Japanese artists- don't like their photos being shared outside of their website- you never asked permission to- and finding one of their own pieces floating around the internet with nothing to say it was them that made it? I would be pissed.

It's a little-disheartening? Distraught?- to see people share all these different fanarts they find on Photobucket. I've seen them used for graphics and such- and the icon-maker does NOT just say, "Found the pics on Photobucket LOL" for their credits. They actually give the links of the fanart to PIXIV.

Rant of the week. It's been on my mind for a while since I've found this awesome video one youtube of a slide-show(and I usually dislike slide-show videos) but was shocked to see all the creator of the video would say to any inquiries on where she found the pictures used were "I found it on photobucket."

Macros and GIFs don't count, because most are so old there's no way of finding the original creator- who probably doesn't care anyway because it's a macro.

I've been writing a new fic, and I actually wish for someone to read it and correct any mistakes I've made.
...How many people are willing to read a Austria/Fem!Germany fic? @.@

Also, I just wanted to mention Otakon.

My sister got me a Hetalia poster at the Artists' Alley at Otakon. It's really nice, I like it! She also got me a Germany button. She kept asking me if I would want _____ and I kept saying no. xD I'm picky.
Also, I heard about the entire convention center having to evacuate. Made me laugh.
But then I heard about how in one of the Hetalia panels, they were playing one of the episodes of the dub- and they made a Jew joke.
I'm serious.
Romano: "I've got something for you, you bastard!" 
Germany: "What, another Jew?"


Just to let you know, I've watched the first first episode of the dub. That was a long 5 minutes. I can't stand the voices. And-ogod- all the script changes... I hate it.
Dammit Funimation. Who the hell likes heavy accents? I've met girls my age in Germany who could speaker English clearer than that, it's ridiculous.

Date: 2010-08-28 04:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pppr485.livejournal.com

Yeah, no. I'm not even going to watch that Funimation crap.


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