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Well-- I rarely have dreams that I remember, and when I do have them, they can be rather strange, a lot of times with little logic. I always wanted to have dreams of anime, and last night I did.
I don't exactly remember it since I always seem to forget soon after waking up, but I remember one part and I'm sure it was before I woke up.

I was walking with my sister in this large building, first walking in this disgusting indoor garage like in a old shopping mall. We were going somewhere that had to do with Bleach like meeting Rukia or something. We passed these strange guys similar to the guys in Death Note I watched last night. We were going to see her sing Sakura Biyori (and I was imagining her singing it when I was in bed before sleeping) and went into the nasty looking elevator. Inside, the controls looked like my mp3 player. So the elevator went up, and we wait and waited. It soon opened to a room, and I walked out, thinking it was our stop.
I guess it wasn't, and I turned to run back in, but the doors closed, and I felt panicked. I immediately pushed the button and the door opened again. I went in and started stomping on the floor, calling my sister. I could hear her voice from the elevator right below (see, strange logic) and she told me to get out when the elevator opened again. It opened and I walked out, still panicked about separating from my sister when I heard her voice. I was on a level above ground level of the mall and I leaned over the rails to see my sister down on the ground floor.
It makes no sense since when you think of garages, they're the lowest level. So when I got out, and went into another, I should've been below my sister. Completely weird.

I also made another icon, this time Bleach related, or Rukia related. I took the scene of her collapsed on the ground after she defeated the Noveno Espada, and used the quote "Don't die alone" from the manga from Kaien. Again, I used the same brushes from Hawksmont and texture from [profile] meleada  and looked over the same icon tutorial I looked at when I made my Ed icon. Also icon of the chapter title "Death is not Goodbye". Of course I can't make good icons from the manga since I can't color them, so both are Black&White.  You may use the icons, I'd really love comments and credit if you do take it and you have to save to your own server.


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