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Fandom: Hetalia Prussia/Germany
Rating: K+ or T
Notes: 221 words, something I wanted to write right before I went to bed last night. I'm not sure what to call this, whether it's a ficlet or vignette or something else... But what does it matter? Hardly anyone will see this

Prussia turned over to the other side and just stared at Germany's sleeping form. He shifted closer, bare back to naked chest almost touching under the covers. Prussia's hand settled over his brother's torso, making the lightest touches and traces on his taut stomach.
"Bruder, stop it." Germany's tired voice murmured, waking up.
"Stop what?" Prussia gave a breathy whisper over Germany's shoulder, making the other man shudder.
"Stop tickling me." Germany demanded, but because of the goose bumps forming and his state of grogginess, sounded like a whine.
"I'll stop if you tell me sweet things until I fall asleep." Prussia dragged out, puffing his words out in air on Germany's skin and giving a small kiss by his cheek. Germany did not refuse but still groaned when he rotated himself to face his brother. Germany settled in the new position as he whispered monotone compliments. Prussia let him be, though, and soon Germany was starting to drift back to sleep. His words became slurred and he stopped even thinking of what to say, and Prussia could only hear snatches of his sweet voice mumble on. It wasn't until a few minutes later was Germany turning quiet, falling back to sleep. Prussia could only plant a soft kiss on his lips and hugged him closer before falling asleep as well.

I'll look into Valentine's Day fanfics.


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