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First off, double chocolate chip cookies were made this morning. Only thing that gets ruined with the cookies were raisin, blegh. I really don't like raisins and my sister keeps making all of her cookies with them. It does not taste good in double chocolate chip.

Today really was eventful. I had gone to meet up with friends today at the local big shopping center in town. Our plans were to meet up and catch the new movie Insidious, and shop for dresses and such afterward. The story, however, is a long one.
We wanted to see Insidious because my friends all had a new tradition where we meet up and watch horror movies. We've been doing it for well over a year, now, and we still check out new ones to see. I think we do it because we're a pretty diverse group of loud, obnoxious girls and I don't mind watching romantic comedies I don't want to watch this and my other friend is really into musicals while my next friend would rather watch a cult classic, and another would want to watch something like Hayao Miyazaki which I don't mind at all but that usually ends not quite good. We couldn't finish Princess Mononoke (honestly I didn't really care for it) and then while watching Grave of the Fireflies we had an argument about it. Grave of a Fireflies is a fucking sad movie and two of my friends are LAUGHING and say they can't take it seriously because it's anime.
Oh yeah, while a part of my group likes anime and manga (a little too much) the other part doesn't and hates it when we talk about series and stuff.
And so on, and so on.
We could all agree on watching horror, and it's worked perfectly.

We buy our ticket for the movie and go up to the lobby. Only one person goes to get something to eat, and we wait til she pays because we want to get some good seats. Right as we are leaving to go to the room, we see fire. One of the popcorn machines practically exploded and burst into flames, setting on the sprinkler over it. People were backing away as my group actually checked it out, because it was like a train wreck where you wanted to watch the destruction. The employees start yelling at everyone to leave the lobby, but my friends think we can get away with running to our room to see the movie still.
I knew it, of course, but just as we settled down in the back row an employee comes in and tells us we have to evacuate. We leave the theater and see that the smoke is starting to fill the rest of the mall, and they're going to have everyone evacuate. We go outside and decide to peruse at the Barnes and Noble nearby and come back. When we did, however, the entire mall was closed. We asked the security guard when they would open the building again, and he said 1-2 days.
I can't believe it. We spent the money for a ticket and ALMOST made it to seeing the movie and that fire started. They said we could get reimbursed for our ticket, but that'll be after they open the mall again. And I won't go back to the place until at the earliest on the weekend. I'll just have to hope I could get a refund.

After that and the disappointing shopping, we go to my friends' favorite food place- Yagoot. It's a frozen yoghurt shop, but it's oh-so stylish and cool, which is totally great because it's a tiny store and it can really get crowded and I don't get the greatness of it. Yeah, it's frozen yoghurt with your choice of various toppings. I'm kind of hungry now, so I actually get something. I ask for a nice smoothie, pretty big in size- 20 oz. The worker asks for your name because it's one of those they slide it down and call your name stores, and on a random urge I say Darth Vader.
I don't even know why, but the guy went on cause there were a lot of people. I got my smoothie, but the cup had a cut in it, and was leaking. I was pretty pissed. I couldn't ask for a new cup, though, because we were leaving to go to another movie theater to see the movie.

So after all of that, we go to a cinema and see Insidious there. Only we get horrible seats, second row in the very front. I had to slouch in the chair to see the screen. The movie, though, was pretty good. For being PG-13, it had plenty of scary things, but it even had more to it- it also had some funny moments. Oh yes, it had some pretty scary moments...

Also, meme from [livejournal.com profile] gohstar:

Leave a comment saying "polar bears" and:
> I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
> Update your journal or just post here whatever with the answers to your questions.
> Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

She asked me these questions:

1. What's a favorite hobby of yours and why?
Horse riding because it's the only exercise I really ever get. It's also pretty fun and I have a group of people I know only related to horse riding at my barn where I sometimes work at for free rides and such. Also helps that I love animals and horses are a great addition to the list.

2. Favorite season?
Spring. It's supposed to be mild weather, which I like best. It also entails the end of classes and a break from them over the summer. I'm also usually feeling better about myself than I am in the fall because I'm used to classes and any new experiences, or I'm preparing for new stuff during the summer season.

3. Why did you join LJ?
Because of all the cool communities I lurked in soon turned into members only, so I got an LJ to be able to still read them. I also liked the idea of a place to write and such.

4. Morning or evening?
Evening- The evening has TV shows I want to watch, the updates I want to see, and the best meal. I'm settling down instead of getting ready for the day, and it has many events that happen during that time.

5. Favorite music artists?
Phoenix, Scissor Sisters, Daft Punk, Mumford & Sons, Aqua Timez, and Alexander Rybak.

Memes never continue from me


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