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I have a Kindle, and I could lots of books and stuff and read whatever I want, right? I gave it a nice name (in fact, I named it after the person quoted above) I only have one book on my Kindle. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice.
Don't ask why I'm randomly reading the book, just know that I might be getting into it only for the romance.
It's a romance novel, isn't it? Are real romance novels always this slow starting? I can't even tell how many pages I've read because it's a kindle with it's tiny electronic pages. But I have to keep reading, or else I'll feel bad about no finishing a classic like this.

Tumblr has become a sort-of new cool blog for me. I've been talking about my day so much on there I can't remember what I got to say here. It's a great source for new pictures of my favorite bbs like Neuer and Özil and more. <3

I'm finally getting good luck with the campus buses again. I half to walk through a field that gets muddy like it is now in inappropriate shoes for the weather to get to the campus bus stop. It's usually faster than the regular buses and it's the only way I can catch my 2nd bus to get downtown on time for my third. For quite a while I would get there in 5 minutes of walking and easily catch the bus. But then the last couple of weeks I could see the bus waiting there while I had a few dozen yards to go and leave. It was impossible to the catch bus before.
Now, though, it gets there a minute I get there and I've gotten home in time and I'm so happy.

Also, I realized Easter is going to be hell for me. What I really want to do that weekend is to go to Anime Punch even for just one day and try my chance in seeing Brad Swaile. But I seriously don't have the money for even a Sunday pass. I'm so pathetic. It also sucks that Anime Punch is on Easter weekend. I'm not religious, but my family still forces me to go see relatives out of state and I absolutely hate it.
Not to mention my sister and I have started storing chocolate for Easter. It just occurred to me how disastrous it will be if we get anymore than that bag because of how much i will eat. I really have to learn how to control how much I eat, because just eating a second bowl of soup makes my stomach ache.

I think I finally experienced that time where you share something in fandom and people feel the need to say they don't like x couple... on something about that couple.
This person reviewed a couple of my fanfics on FF.net, no big deal. She likes this, likes that. Glad she liked some of my stuff. But then she reviews a Germancest fic of mine, and said the pairing makes them sick.
Oh. Um. OK.
Why did you read it, and why was it necessary to review saying you don't like it?
It's all I'm thinking. I have my fair share of couples I don't like in Hetalia and other stuff. If it appears in a fic I'm reading as a side couple I try to ignore it or if I start reading it and find myself not liking the couple, I exit out and move on. No need to tell the author I hated their work over my own preferences.
I reply back at the message saying, "Sorry, but I like it".
She then messages back with this little-story-of-her-life about how she learned to like yaoi in 6th grade with the help of writers and a friend of hers(?) but "I just think incest is too much wrong- It's alright if you like it, but I don't"

I look at this person's page, and apparently SHE'S 12 YEARS OLD.
Then again, she said she was Italian, German, AND PRUSSIAN.
Don't get me started on this rage-inducing topic again but let me just say that despite fans saying they've learned a lot from Hetalia about history like there was a nation called Prussia, they're still so DUMB because those who say the most ignorant things are only in the show for the yaoi and popularity.

Oh god, I don't want to think about it. It makes me feel so sad I haven't had a history class all this year.
And then it makes me wonder if I get to visit family in Germany this year.


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