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I'm pretty much done with the new layout! Yaaay! And it didn't take me a whole day, because all I did was change colors and tweak a few things. I can't say it's finished, as I could edit it a bit more, but maybe later.
You might notice the new header is of the Nordics and not the header I made before, and I can explain.
I WOULD HAVE used the header of the Axis, but I started thinking about the colors.
And then I realized how ugly it would have been with a beige header on a grey background. I didn't want to change the background either, because it would then get pretty complicated...
So I decided that all three of the headers were no good, and made more. This was one, and I really like it! Not only is it a good picture first, it has a good color palette(a bit of trouble when I was editing colors) AND it had a summer-time or spring-time feel to it. All the other pictures I found were of school or winter.
( ´∀`)

Maybe this time around I'll change the layout every so often.
Well then, off to breakfast!

(I thought I had something else to say but now I can't remember it. Might edit later if something does come up!)
EDIT: Ah, that's right! I was thinking of doing that whole "Friends Only, comment to be added"....
EDIT #2: HAPPY CANADA DAY YOU CUTE LITTLE- I forgot what I was doing...
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Terrible news! 
The US lost against Ghana today! Now they're out of the running in the World Cup. Not to mention the earlier loss Italy face not even advancing. 
Tomorrow, I gotta be ready to watch the Germany vs. England game. GERMANY'S GOTTA WIN, AND KEEP GOING!

By the way, I'm thinking it ought to be time to change the layout again... I don't quite remember how long my Bleach: Fade to Black header has been up. Maybe it's been a year aleady, I don't really know.
Ah, but what should the next header be, the next color scheme? The header will most likely be a Hetalia header, and I'll probably make myself a header, but of what characters, and the questions go on...
Right now, my list for headers are these:
  • Nordic 5
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Axis 'family' including Prussia & Romano
It should probably be something neutral, as I know I would feel slightly uncomfortable looking at something on someone's journal and they have an image that is not in my taste. 
Oh man, I'm just remembering now about the CSS of the layout... I'll have to go through the entire thing to replace all the colors with the next color scheme, and I'll probably be making some mistake with the wrong color or something.
I'm definitely not a web designer or anything, especially CSS. I learned about HTML first with its basic tags and such- which really helps now, because for every link I put in an entry, I always type out the HTML code since I have it memorized.

Anyone have reccomendations for good books to read?
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Yay for new layout!
And a big YAAAAY for the header I finally made so I can change the layout! The amazing scans of Rukia and Ichigo for the Fade to Black movie that came from the special edition DVDs that came out. The two just look AMAZING and I decided to make the header using it!
Simple things I did, only playing with colors.

The only problem is that part of the header is not showing up, and I have NO IDEA how to fix it. I'm still looking into it.

I really need to start writing more IchiRuki!

The first Bleach movie was on Adult Swim last night.
BLEGGH. I did not watch it. NO WAY IN HELL.
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I'm out of school for the summer and have no big trips planned, so I basically have the summer to do my own stuff, and chores.

I'm planning on changing the layout soon with a new header, so that means I also have to change the colors of everything. I'll be looking to see if I'll be able to do that and not mess it all up.
I also want to work on writing too. I know how lots of fanfic writers who were consistent with their stories before didn't really update during the rest of the year- I remembered some fanfics from last year!

I also have read more shoujo!
I've found one of the cutest shoujo, Koukou Debut! It has amazing art with the cutest characters, especially the main boy Yoh. I squealed and had a fangirl attack seeing him in that long school uniform coat for the Athletic Meet chapters as the head cheerleader, and then him kissing this 1st year after the 1st year accidentally kissed Haruna~! I couldn't believe how it ended!

And then I found the very popular manga Skip Beat. VERY nice. Love Tsuruga Ren and Sho, and of course Kyouko is my favorite personality- the girl who is clueless of all the guys pining for her! In fact, she seems more attracted to her close friend, Moko-san!
I'm so excited for the recent chapters, and I like this bi-weekly thing! That means not only will I have Bleach and Naruto every week, I'll have some shoujo garaunteed every other week or so, not including the other shoujo I've been reading that are irregular, but have been being scanned a couple of times a month.
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I'm trying to make a new layout, more advanced that my last one.

If the Pink Rukia-theme doesn't work, I'll just have to start from scratch on another one.

Because of the Jewish Holiday today, no school today.
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             Changed my icon again- this time found a better tutorial on making icons. You can see the tutorial right here by [personal profile] eveningsky . I took the same image of the fan art of Edward as the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland and tried making a icon of it, a little better. Finished it, but I actually wasn't going for a red-light... I pushed a button and it turned from blue-green to reddish and I was like "This looks good." So I decided to do a red color theme, but still had Wonderland in mind. The brushes I found on Deviantart that were converted into GIMP brushes were by Hawksmont on her website right here. I know it looks very, very amateur but I have no experience in using GIMP and any graphics-making and plus it was somewhat hard because the tutorial was for Photoshop so... I think you understand.
           *Edit* Finally customized my journal! Yey~~ Rukia-themed. It was hard with colors because there were only 5 colors, including black and white with 3 custom colors.
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To the title: First full week of Summer Vacation (WOAH) and well- it's Saturday.
Guess whose a lazy procrastinator who won't do anything constructive of her summer vacation time? I haven't started on the next chapter of Hinata's Story, 30 Patient Kisses, or my Bleach fanfiction. And I have two good (crappy) reasons: 1) I'm being forced to read for the summer reading program at the library and for school, and 2) I'm onto another Guild Wars phase. That's right, I play Guild Wars. I'm really a noob at it as my Mesmer/Necromancer in post-searing (I have a Monk/mesmer in pre-searing since I like it and have no other characters) is at level 15 and I just finished the quest into Kryta and I made it to Lion's Arch. Pathetic since my sister gave me the account more than a year or two ago, right? So nothing on fanfiction. You can see my last entry had a Ichiruki drabble so that's one writing piece for this week.
Next point is err.... CSS I guess? I've seen many people have these wonderful layouts made, even if it's plain borders with a background, it's still prettier then this stupid layout I'm using from LJ. I wish someone could make a layout for me or show me everything on how to make layouts and codes. I can never find a good layout.
Opinions on recent chapters of Bleach and Naruto:

I don't know what else to say... Watching Bleach dub again tonight.  Can't wait for Inuyasha (final chapter, right?) and more chapters of Tsubasa and Gokusen.And I really should start reading Soul  Eater or something...
OH YEAH. I found out Disney is able to Rick Roll us now and the remix is actually good, and I'm excited about Project Runway and Kathy Griffin on Bravo. You have seen many corners of my strange likings.


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