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Today was upsetting. I can never get anywhere on time because of somebody else. And it feels I'm the only one ever doing work, and I become so exhausted from all of my work during the week I just want to do nothing on the weekend but no even more work to do while I have assignments to work on.

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I feel shameful of myself. It feels like the only thing i accomplished today was turning in an assignment and helping my friend find an awesome picture. They wanted something funny but also smart but wasn't a meme. I found this awesome picture browsing on Cheezburger Network
funny celebrity pictures - THE KLINGON INQUISITION

Because it's hilarious.
Yeah, that's basically it. I played Pokemon, but I'm in the middle of nothing because I've explored all that I can explore before hitting up the fifth gym, but my pokemon are leveled up to fight yet. I also had a nightmare/dream last night about public transit and shootings. Urghh.
I should probably look into studying for finals this week.

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Hey, totally forgot!
Monday was my birthday! :D

Also, yes, I've started NANOWRIMO. Don't expect it, though.


Star Trek. <3

Also, I've got myself a good list of anime to watch whenever I'm in the mood for new anime. Some of what I was thinking was Eyeshield 21, Mobile Suit Gundam: Stardust Memory, Paranoi Agent, and a couple more.
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When you're a fangirl or shipper or just fan of a series, there are some people you like as a couple. Whether or not you officially ship them or just don't mind them being together. You see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

But then. )

So I'm done ranting.
It's always been a big, big, thing to me.
And I do feel kind of hypocritical that  I only like some threesomes like HungaryxAustriaxPrussia and PrussiaxGermanyxItaly ONLY IF Hungary and Prussia are interested in Austria only, and Prussia and Italy are only interest in Germany.
It's also true in Naruto and Bleach.
But not Star Trek.
Well, actually yes, since I guess I just want everyone to love Kirk.
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Everyone is fangirling about the Star Trek movie.
I saw it the night it premiered, disregarding any school dance(I don't even go to them anyway).

I'll be a little Trek-crazy until the high dies down.


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